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Each city has its own iconic monuments that have been either due to their greatness or intriguing stories behind them and lingering in people’s minds. Dating back to China’s Spring and Autumn period (771 to 476 BC ), Shanghai is a fish-village-turned-metropolitan city. The monuments in Shanghai mainly epitomize the colonial buildings set up in the early 1900s and the modern and futuristic monuments in Shanghai China constructed in the late 1900s and early 2000s, for the massive city construction in Shanghai, the two main periods. My Top 10 historical monuments in Shanghai reflect the best architectural landmarks in these two periods. 

Lost of Monuments in Shanghai 

1. Shanghai Tower

monuments in Shanghai, historical monuments in Shanghai

You must pay a visit to this 128-storied skyscraper when you are in Shanghai. It is the second tallest building in the world and one of the most famous monuments in Shanghai. The world’s fastest elevators here will skyrocket you up to the top at a speed of 46 mph. At the top observation deck at a height of 562 m, it is the world’s highest that lets you take in a sweeping view of the city. The entire experience of having a 360-degree glimpse of one of the world’s most important financial hubs at such a height is mind-blowing and should not be missed.

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2. Oriental Pearl TV Tower

monuments in Shanghai China, famous monuments in Shanghai, important monuments in Shanghai

Standing 468 meters / 1,535 feet tall, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of Asia’s highest structures. For spectacular views of the city, tourists can scale the tower. On the ground floor, there is a shopping area, café, and an international city exhibit. Impressive panoramic views of the city, on clear days, can be had from the upper levels of this tower, which are no less than 263 meters / 862 feet high. The photo opportunities are excellent here in this most famous monument in Shanghai

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3. Shanghai World Financial Center

monuments in Shanghai, national monuments in Shanghai, popular monuments in Shanghai

The Shanghai World Financial Center opened to the public in 2008 ushered in the rise of Shanghai as a global commercial powerhouse to the world. This historical monument in Shanghai hosts the offices of a number of international financial companies with a grand total of 101 floors. It is owing to its distinctive shape and is also referred to as “the bottle opener ” tower.

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4. Longhua Temple

most famous monuments in Shanghai, ancient monuments in Shanghai, old monuments in Shanghai

The Longhua Temple is a tranquil and charming Buddhist temple built during the Song dynasty (960 – 1279 AD). This monument in Shanghai has stood the test of time. Dedicated to Maitreya Buddha, it is the most authentic temple complex in Shanghai that still preserves the original architectural elements of the time period when it was built. The blossoming of peaches in the widespread gardens here, Every year. This popular monument in Shanghai is observed by many local and overseas visitors


5. China Art Museum

monuments in Shanghai, historical monuments in Shanghai, monuments in Shanghai China

Also known as the China Art Palace, this exceptional museum houses exhibits and artworks that showcase the history and evolution of Shanghai. This national monument in Shanghai has five floors. It is one of the largest and most iconic museums in Asia. To make the most of your visit here, it is recommended that you pick up an audio guide.

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6. People’s Square

famous monuments in Shanghai, important monuments in Shanghai, monuments in Shanghai

People’s Square is a huge public square enclosed by government buildings. A real urban park, People’s Square is home to the impressive Shanghai Museum and offers plenty of pruned greenery which is located at its very heart. The subway station and an underground shopping mall located where there is also a 320-square-meter water fountain. It is one of the old monuments in Shanghai. This is a perfect spot for people-watching since so many people are attracted to the square. Kite-flying is also popular around People’s Square and kites are available at a number of nearby shops


7. Jinmao Tower

national monuments in Shanghai, popular monuments in Shanghai, most famous monuments in Shanghai

The Jinmao Tower is one of Shanghai’s most famous modern landmarks currently the tallest building within the whole of the People’s Republic of China and dominates much of the city’s waterfront. It is one of the iconic monuments in Shanghai. The tower over 420 meters / 1,380 feet in height was completed in 1999 and boasts a superb observation deck on its 88th floor.

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8. Hengshan Community Church

national monuments in Shanghai, popular monuments in Shanghai, most famous monuments in Shanghai

This is the best-known of Shanghai’s Protestant churches among foreign residents was founded in 1925 and also known as the International Church. This ancient monument in Shanghai is still in use. The grounds blend in well with the upmarket colonial-style shopping district, beautiful ivy-covered English-style structure on the outskirts of the French


9. Yuyuan Garden

monuments in Shanghai, historical monuments in Shanghai, monuments in Shanghai China

Yuyuan Garden or Yu Garden encompasses a rockery with cliffs and caves located in the old city of Shanghai. A chamber of ten thousand flowers, enchanting ponds, and three big halls. During the Ming dynasty (1368-1644 AD)It was built and still has its elements of the design intact. It is counted in one of the beautiful monuments in Shanghai. The high spot of the museum was exquisitely carved for the Emperor of the Song Dynasty and it is the Jade Rock which is a huge striking boulder with 72 holes.

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10. The Paramount

monuments in Shanghai, historical monuments in Shanghai, monuments in Shanghai China

Back in the 1930s and 1940s in Shanghai, this Art Deco style dance hall and nightclub were all the rage. It is considered one of the top monuments in Shanghai. With decors similar to the older one and gives you a glimpse of the vintage era Shanghai elite, the Paramount has been revamped. With older and younger folks dancing the night away live bands perform every night here


11. Shanghai’s Library

monuments in Shanghai, historical monuments in Shanghai, monuments in Shanghai China

This fairly new library is one of the ten largest on the planet. Seating over 3,000 readers, it contains in excess of 13 million books, newspapers, journals, rare Western books, correspondences, family trees and stone inscriptions. Shanghai Library also ranks as one of the city’s ten symbolic cultural historical buildings in Shanghai. The library, technologically pioneering also offers online services for surfing the Internet or checking your email.

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12. Temple of the Town God

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Every Chinese city had its own Temple of the Town God, at one time the central place for Taoists. The temple, which had developed into more of a marketplace, was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. It is one of the best monuments in Shanghai. With worshippers praying before the statues of Huo Guang (a local military hero) in the front hall, the temple’s central courtyard in Shanghai is typically packed, and the town god in the back


13. Shikumen Open House Museum

monuments in Shanghai, historical monuments in Shanghai, monuments in Shanghai China

If you want to experience the time to live in a Shikumen (stone-gate house) home, this museum takes you a hundred years back. With the traditional architecture of the 19th century, the museum has three stories. You can find hanging clothes, old framed photos, ladies’ makeup, and other vintage items here to give you an authentic feel of life in 1920s Shanghai. The museum is open till 10:30 pm and located in the Xintiandi area. Make sure you fully explore this interesting place to learn about life in ancient Shanghai when you are here


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So far we have discussed the best monuments in Shanghai, which contains the proper information regarding all the top monuments in Shanghai. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Shanghai then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about Shanghai.

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