Top 20 Foods to Try in Singapore | Famous Foods in Singapore

Singapore is a sovereign island that rules the world of tourism with its extraordinary architectures, historic sites, astonishing themed parks, and promising cuisines. Singapore is the dream city of any traveler to explore. What better than to start this fabulous journey of the interesting expedition from a healthy, delicious, and flavourful note coming straight from the best foods of Singapore. Since the whole country is bustling with an endless number of immigrants you can’t count the number of wonderful cuisines that make this country more exciting and fun to wander around. But, to experience the most traditional and subsisting vibes of Singaporean cuisines you can follow the given below guide to 20 super famous foods to eat in Singapore that you must try on your trip to this adventurous country.

List of Must-Try Foods in Singapore

1. Chili Crab

Famous Foods in Singapore

Chilli crab

This is one of the regional dishes of Singapore which screams its fame so much that your food tour can’t be complete without trying this top food of Singapore. This is an iconic Singaporean seafood dish that comprises spicy tomato, chili sauce, and crab with black pepper sauce. All of these non-related ingredients when coming together, blast the dish with a fusion of incredibly delicious flavors that you can’t imagine. You can find the best versions of this dish at Mellben Seafood restaurants which is one of the Singapore must-eat restaurants, where you can experience the most traditional and tasty dishes including chili crab and clay pot crab vermicelli soup accompanied with salted egg yolk green beans etc.

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2. Hainanese Chicken

Famous Foods in Singapore

Hainanese Chicken

This one of the most popular local Singaporean foods that every traveler must try once. Hainanese chicken is extremely succulent and simple, holding some of the extraordinary flavors bound with a garlic-chili sauce and rice which is cooked in the chicken broth of ginger and pandan leaves. offering it a unique fragrance along with super iconic taste. This dish comes from Chinese immigrants of the province of Hainan in Southern China. If you are super hungry this is the best food in Singapore to satisfy your hunger and don’t miss out to ask for its unique toppings that include cilantro and sesame oil giving it an incredible hit of flavors. Tian Tian is a popular place among locals for consuming this famous meal.

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3. Nasi Lemak

Famous Foods in Singapore

Nasi Lemak

This is a well-known Malaysian dish which is a very popular meal in Singapore. This popular food of Singapore is a very rich and creamy dish which has rice cooked under thick organic coconut milk and pandan leaf. All of this delicious meal is served along with deep-fried fish or chicken wings, grilled fish paste, fried anchovies, peanuts, eggs, cucumber slices, and sambal to complete the full course version. You might experience subtle differences in the paired up side dishes of this food. Otherwise, it’s one of the wonderful dishes to taste in Singapore. You can try this dish at Nasi Lemak Kukus which is a popular local joint and has a self-service concept.

4. Laksa

Famous Foods in Singapore


Don’t be confused with other Laksa dishes of other cities. Singaporean Katong Laksa is very distinct from other cuisines and comprises a bowl of rice noodles and seafood in a curry-like broth of coconut milk, dried shrimp, and spices. This is popular seafood to try in Singapore that originated from the Peranakans (Straits-born Chinese) in the Katong neighborhood of the country. Now, it’s cherished all throughout the country with great favoritism.

5. Ban Mian

Famous Foods in Singapore

Ban Mian

It is one of those dishes that owns a very plain and simple look and preparation but the flavors of this food in Singapore works wonders! Such a fairly simple dish, of handmade noodles that are usually rolled over from a pasta maker and they, are cooked in soup later adding the whole meal with ingredients such as minced pork, anchovies, mushrooms, and spinach. Such a healthy and affordable option for delicious food to find in Singapore is very rare. Therefore, don’t miss trying this cuisine on your regular afternoon lunchtime. Try visiting China Whampoa Homemade Noodles at Whampoa Food Centre who makes their noodles within the stall in little batches for sustaining the flavor and freshness of their Ban Mian.

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6. Char Kway Teow

Famous Foods in Singapore

Char Kway Teow

These are basically stir-fried noodles that are made from rice and it is one of those local hawker dishes which you can find almost anywhere in the foodie streets of Singapore. But, be certain that you won’t find the same taste even at the individual stall. As the Char Kway Teow is prepared by most of the owner’s plate by plate, therefore, it’s rare that you can end up with the same taste even as you go back to the same stall. But the taste of this street food is very unique and tempting. You must try this once.

7. Chwee Kueh

Famous Foods in Singapore

Chwee Kueh

Another very simple dish of smooth and soft steamed rice cakes that are topped with oily preserved radish. This dish holds numerous satisfying and nostalgic memories of various kids in Singapore. As this food to eat in Singapore is prepared regularly in most of the households of the country. Jian Bo at Tiong Bahru Food Centre offers one of the best Chwee Kuehs of the towns at very affordable rates. You must try this famous food in Singapore and be aware of the farts followed by such consumption of radishes!

8. Claypot Rice

Famous Foods in Singapore

Claypot Rice

One of the typical foods in Singapore that have gained fame in the entire Asian countries. This style of cooking is processed in many parts of Asian countries as well. The clay pot rice as mentioned requires the rice to be cooked within the pot itself at the serving table. This gives the rice a very aromatic earthy smell which is just mesmerizing. With appropriate control of the fire, you can prepare this food at your table in restaurants. But there are stalls that use charcoal which requires customers to wait at least 30 to 45 minutes for the rice to be ready for eating. You can include a mix of both chicken and Chinese sausages with this dish. New Lucky Claypot Rice at Holland Drive is known to serve one of the best Claypot Rice renditions around Singapore.

9. Curry Puff

Famous Foods in Singapore

Curry Puff

If you love feeding over some of the oily treats of Singapore then this is one of the top street foods to try in Singapore that is deep-fried some even bake for reducing the oil content. These are basically pastries with curried fillings of potatoes and chicken combing to provide a semi-filling treat that is made of zesty curried potatoes, chicken chunks, slices of boiled eggs, and spices. These are very delicious due to the spicy smooth filling on the inside and crunchy crust of pastry on the outside. Singapore’s famous place to try these oily treats includes Old Chang Kee eating joint.

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10. Cendol

Famous Foods in Singapore


One of a very popular and soothing sweet iced dessert of Singapore that is known for its mixture of ingredients from the signature green rice flour jelly, mixed with fresh creamy coconut milk and palm sugar. Other ingredients such as red beans, sweet corn, and Attap chee make this dessert more promising and awesome. There is a huge line of young couples outside cafes who wish to try this dish along with their partner. You can also do this at one of the famous Cendol join ABC Brickworks Food Centre.

11. Kaya Toast

Famous Foods in Singapore

Kaya toast

This dish is very simple in appearance but it’s highly consumed in Singapore food. This is one of the most famous local foods that is eaten regularly in the country. This is basically a dish that comprises sweet kaya (pandan-flavored coconut jam) and a slice of butter that is sandwiched between toasted slices of bread. This is one of the best breakfast fast foods to eat in Singapore that give quite an amazing start to your fresh mornings in this country. Typically, this is dipped in a mixture of soft-boiled eggs, pepper, and dark or light soy sauce. But you can pair it with your favorite coffee or milkshakes. You must visit Kopitiam (traditional coffee shop) to try the best Kaya Toast.

12. Satay

Famous Foods in Singapore


Another most esteemed popular street food of Singapore that you must not miss. These are one of the most eaten delights during any festival or street strolling in Singapore. Along with cheap prices, this dish is phenomenal in taste and texture. Satay is basically a delectable skewered, grilled meat, that’s typically served with ketupat or steamed rice cake to make a meal version of this dish. But you can try the skewers as well. Don’t miss to pour the peanut dip, and add healthy cucumbers and onions along with your satay. The meat variety depends on the place which ranges from chicken, beef, mutton till pork which is sold by the Chinese stall owners. A visit to the hawker center will satisfy all your desires of eating the tastiest satay in Singapore.

13. Bak Kut Teh

Famous Foods in Singapore

Bak kut Teh

The literal translation of this dish is “meat bone tea”, as it comes from the Chinese tea which is typically paired while this dish of pork rib soup is consumed. The pork bones and meat are boiled together with a delicate amount of herbs and spices to give a gentle and bland taste to this dish. Most of the places serve this famous food with tofu puffs, mushrooms, rice, and everyone’s favorite tiao (dough fritters).

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14. Sambal Stingray

Famous Foods in Singapore

Sambal Stingray

This can be a very new experience for a lot of people as even the non-vegetarians don’t eat stingray in their regular lives. But, if you are really looking for jaw-dropping street food in Singapore then you must try Sambal. The stingray is finely cooked with spicy sambal paste made from chili peppers, belacan (shrimp paste), shallots, and spices. Such a great combination of seafood wonders yields the best flavors in your meal. If you find this dish really out of your league you can balance it with the salty chinchalok or cincalok, a dipping sauce made of fermented krill/shrimp, lime, and chili. Chomp Chomp Food Centre is the top place that serves thousands of tourists every day with their delicious yet weird dish.

15. Wanton Mee

Famous Foods in Singapore

Wanton Mee

The wanton noodle dish is a Hong Kong influenced cuisine that is consumed in great amounts in Singapore. But besides other countries, Singapore’s version is typically eaten ‘dry’, drenched with some light sweet sauce, slices of pork char siew, and wonton dumplings filled with pork. There is also a small bowl of soup on the side which is usually enjoyed with this famous slurpy dish of Singapore.

16. Curry Fish Head

Famous Foods in Singapore

curry fish head

As, whenever the title of ‘Curry’ adds in any cuisines Indian influence comes straight to mind which is what happened here! This is a South Indian food that was heavily influenced by various ethnicities in Singapore as well later on. The main feature of this dish is the Half-headed or the whole headed red snapper fish which is added and cooked precisely. It is stewed in curry with assorted vegetables like lady’s finger (okra) and brinjal. The juiciest and creamy meat of fish combines wonderfully with the curry veggies and spices. This is a must-try food in Singapore.

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17. Oyster Omelette

Famous Foods in Singapore

Oyster omelet

Besides being a great hit in Singapore this is also popular among Taiwan’s night markets. Singapore’s food is one of the simplest and most eaten dishes on any street. Made with potato starch this dish is usually mixed and added with the frying egg to give a thicker and fuller texture-cum-taste to your boring everyday omelet. There are some variants who serve a  version without the starch and is priced slightly higher due to the usage of more eggs. Normally, you can eat these as served but some food joints also provide vinegar chili exclusively to make this incredible food to try in Singapore more desirable.

18. Hokkien Prawn Mee

Famous Foods in Singapore

Hokkien Prawn Mee

If you are a fan of seafood dishes then this is one of the top combinations of fried egg noodles and rice noodles which is cooked on a slow flame in a rich prawn stock having cubes of fried pork fat, prawns, fish cake and squid. This meal to eat in Singapore holds almost all the best seafood from Singapore that everyone loves to eat.

19. Fried Carrot Cake

Famous Foods in Singapore

Fried Carrot Cake

After all, when you are trying the best street food in Singapore then you can’t avoid fried items no matter how hard you try. These cakes are made from eggs, preserved radish (chai poh), and white radish flour cake, which resembles a ‘white carrot’, thus giving rise to the dish name for being the carrot. Singapore’s street food is popular in both countries including Malaysia. There are two variants of this dish, one includes the ‘black’ version, and the other holds the crispy version with the cake fried on top of a beaten egg to create a tremendous crackling crust.

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20. Tau Huay

Famous Foods in Singapore

Tau Huay

Ending, this street food tour of Singapore on a very sweet and simple note. Tau Huay is a famous Chinese dessert made with beancurd tofu that is sweetened with sugar syrup. These are some of the traditional type dishes, that are very soft, slightly grainy, and soaks in syrup to be eaten together. While the new versions are smoother and can incorporate pretty much any flavor like mango, melon, or sesame.

Hope you enjoyed this list of top 20 foods to try in Singapore that you can manage to eat under a limited budget and the taste is super delicious and awesome. There are a lot of less oily and healthier options in street foods of Singapore but the real fun lies in trying them all irrespective of worrying about your diets. Singapore is a fun and adventurous country. Try breaking some rules of your diet and enjoy these fabulous fast foods from street food joints of the country. For more information, you can head on to our other blogs or just ask any of your travel queries through the comment section below mentions.

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