Famous Monuments of Belgium  | Most Visited Monuments in Belgium

Belgium is packed full of sights although it is small. Range from 14th-century guildhalls,  the elegant Grand Place to the early 20th-century Art Nouveau townhomes of Victor Horta, UNESCO-acclaimed sites in the capital city of Brussels surrounding. The famous monuments of Belgium are worth visiting. With its perfectly-preserved medieval streets rimming tranquil canals Bruges is a major attraction for tourists that lure flocks of travelers each year. With many of the continent’s most important events played out across its countryside, this small nation has been right at the forefront of Europe’s history. Napoleon met his match at the battle of Waterloo, it was in Belgium and during both the First and Second World Wars, Belgium found itself thrust into the frontline. So not spending so much time in the briefing we must head to one of the historical monuments in Belgium: 

Monuments List of Belgium

1. La Grand Place

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

The geographic and historic heart of Brussels, La Grand Place is the central as well as one of the most memorable squares in Europe. This lively cobbled square ensemble in Belgium and part of the most beautiful seventeenth-century architecture. In 1695 the French army destroyed most buildings housed in La Grand Place and bombarded Brussels. Except the Town HallThey were all rebuilt. Because of its war history, it is known as one of the war monuments in Belgium.

2. Manneken Pis

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

The Manneken Pis has become a symbol of Brussels, with a long and storied history and dimensions. These all made it an attraction that can easily pass unnoticed for the majority of tourists. The Manneken Pis is one of the most representative, loved symbols and monuments in Brussels Belgium was designed in 1388, originally serving as the means by which many Bruxellois received water. It is a little bronze statue that speaks to a little bare kid peeing into a wellspring’s bowl and measures 50 cm. Between rue de L’Étuve and rue Chene,  It is located in the old part of town, next to the Grand Place.

3. Atomium

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

This enormous 102-meter tall sculpture of an atom has become the image of the Belgian capital designed as the symbol and principal pavilion of the Brussels World Fair in 1958.  The Atomium is for Brussels has prestige like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Landmarks that were designed to awe the inhabitants and visitors and to surprise the World Fair exhibition and that have become the most important symbols of each country and were at first severely criticized. It is one of the famous monuments in Brussels, Belgium. The main attraction of the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair and Atomium was the main pavilion. 

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4. Le Palais de Justice

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

Le Palais de Justice is one of the largest and most impressive buildings in the whole of Europe and famous monuments in Belgium. It is currently the most important court building in Belgium. The building is visible from most parts of the town due to its sheer size; 160 by 150 meters and a total ground surface of 26,000 m² and its location on the high Town of Brussels. It is considered one of the most famous monuments in Belgium. Where the main entrance to the building is located, the best views of Brussels are found on Poelaert Square. 

5. Royal Palace of Brussels

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

The Royal Palace of Brussels remains the headquarters of the Belgian constitutional monarchy: found next to the Park of Brussels, although it’s been more than a century since the Belgian royal family lived in it. The Royal Palace of Brussels is one of the most famous buildings in the Belgian capital, located on the south side of the Parc de Bruxelles (Brussels Park) in the high part of town. This important monument in Belgium is called in French the Palais Royal de Bruxelles.

6. Parc du Cinquantenaire

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

The Cinquantenaire and its park area too often overlooked tourist attractions with a triumphal arch dominated by a bronze chariot reminiscent of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. the Palace of  Cinquantenaire is one of the most representative buildings and top monuments in Belgium, from an architectural point of view. The Palace is easily recognizable because it houses a triumphal arch with a bronze chariot in the center of the arch and located on the east of the Cinquantenaire Park (Parc du Cinquantenaire) and, very similar to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

7. Brussels Cathedral

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

Officially called the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, the Brussels Cathedral is one of the most important monuments in Brussels Belgium.  One of the most important landmarks in Brussels is the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula also called Cathédrale Saint-Michel et Sainte-Gudule.  At the beginning of the thirteenth century, it was built in a Gothic style on the foundations of a Romanesque church established in the eleventh century. It took 300 hundred years to complete the actual cathedral. Because between 1983 and 1989. It is perfectly conserved and was completely restored.

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8. Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

Constructed in the Art Deco style, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is 89 meters tall and 167 long: measurements which make it the fifth largest church in the world. In the neighborhood of Koekelberg, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sacré-Coeur Basilica) Located in the outskirts of Brussels and it is an architectural masterpiece from the twentieth century. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Belgian independence, the church was established. The temple was completed many years later in 1971 but King Leopold II lays down the first stone in 1905 to construction being stopped during World War I and World War II. It is considered as one of the religious monuments in Belgium.

9. Église Notre Dame du Sablon

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

Notre Dame du Sablon has been a site of pilgrimage since the middle ages built-in a Gothic style similar to the Cathedral. Founded during the fifteenth century, L’église (Church) Notre Dame du Sablon is a remarkable Late Gothic church, although on the same site there was once a small chapel founded in 1304 and commissioned by the archers of the city. Built-in the same style and found in the upper town of Brussels as the Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula, and is one of the most beautiful monuments in Belgium.

10. Parc de Bruxelles

Monuments in Belgium, landmarks of Belgium

The Royal Park, also known as  Parc de Bruxelles is one of the principal leisure spaces used by the residents of the city.  It is one of the world war monuments in Belgium. The largest urban park in the center of Brussels, the Royal Park is also known as the Parc de Bruxelles (Brussels Park): it is where many Belgians and foreigners go to relax and go for a stroll but not comparable in size to Hyde Park in London nor Central Park in New York.

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So far we have discussed the best monuments in Belgium, which contains the proper information regarding all the top monuments in Belgium. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Belgium then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about Belgium.

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