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Rome Best Street Food | Street Food Spot in Rome

The concept of street food in Rome isn’t new. In recent decades, pizza by the slice joints and supplì vendors have thrived in holes-in-the-wall all over town. But in the past few years, the number of street food spot in Rome selling economical snacks advertised as “street food,” “Cibo di Strada,” and the phonetic “strit fud” has boomed. For a variety of economic reasons, food trucks aren’t common in Rome.  Here’s what (and where) to eat in Rome.

List of All The Famous Street Food in Rome

1. Porchetta

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The towns of Ariccia and Marino southeast of Rome are popular for their deboned, rolled, and roasted pork belly and loin. When done properly, the bound pork rolls are cooked properly at a low temperature to maintain moisture and maximize flavor. Unfortunately, these days industrial porchetta production predominates Rome, and few historic places remain committed to quality. But some shops in town sell sliced, savory porchetta of note.

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Where to Get It:

Panificio Bonci sells the best porchetta in town. It’s made by famed pork butcher at his shop in Marino.

2. Polpette di Bollito

Rome street food, street food in Rome

Polpette di bollito are disks of simmered pulled beef. The patties best street foods in Rome and are formed, breaded, and fried. The snack rise as a way for home cooks and restaurants to use leftover meat scraps, which they bind with egg and breadcrumbs.

These days, polpette di bollito have vanished from Roman menus, but they still served at trattorias like Cesare al Casaletto, Terre e Domus, and Flavio al Velavevodetto. The best polpette are sold for €2 a piece by Sergio Esposito, a former butcher, at his food stall in the Testaccio Market.

Where to get it:

Mordi e Vai, Closes around 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday; closed Sunday.

3. Pizza al Taglio

street food in Rome, street food spot in Rome, street foods to eat in Rome

In Italy, pizza appears in an infinite variety of forms. The most common Roman style is pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice). The dough is placed in rectangular iron pans, topped, and baked. Then the slices are reheated and sold by weight. By design, it is a cheap snack, so to keep prices down, most places save some ingredients. There is a small street food spot in Rome but growing number of places that balance quality and profit.

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Where to get it:

Pizzarium, Avoid visiting during lunch between 12:30 and 2 p.m. The shop closes in the afternoon on Sundays but reopens in the evening.

4. Supplì

street food spot in Rome, street foods to eat in Rome

Locals tell that supplì, fried rice balls, were introduced by the French during the reign of Napoleon. Regardless of origins, this elongated croquette is among the best Rome street foods. Not to be confused with spherical arancini, Roman supplì feature seasoned rice packed around a bit of mozzarella, which melts when the whole supplì is deep fried. The classic rice flavorings are meat sauce or ground pork with gizzards, but the recent pizza by the slice shops have offered different twists, even occasionally swapping out rice for pasta.

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Where to get it:

Supplizio: Try the potato and croquettes, too.

5. Pizza Co’ La Mortaza

Rome street food, street food in Rome, street food spot in Rome

Pizza co’ la Mortaza, is a bologna sandwich, is among the most classic Roman snacks. Pizza Bianca which is a local flatbread is cut open and filled with a few thin slices of mortadella. The sandwich is best street foods in Rome when the pizza is straight out of the oven and the mortadella melts into the steaming bread.

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