Top 10 Foods to Try in Beijing, China | Famous Foods of Beijing

You can experience the best of juicy treats in Beijing. This city in China is the best place to explore foods but when you dwell into its cultural vibes you can have a taste of more myriad flavours from their traditional heritage that end up with some of the best foods in Beijing. You might feel sometimes baffled due to such numerous options in their cuisines that’s why you might wonder what food to eat in Beijing? Therefore, you can follow the given below guide of incredible cuisines that cover all kinds of foods offered in this city. You can’t miss such tremendous flavourful Chinese cuisines that have evolved into tastier versions of themselves. The soothing aroma of foods in this city can easily make you realise there is nothing more tempting than the famous foods to try in Beijing. So, here I have curated a list of the top 10 foods of Beijing that you must not miss on your trip.

List of Must-Try Foods in Beijing

1. Beijing Roast Duck

Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Beijing Roast Duck

One of the most traditional and famous foods in Beijing that are consumed by a lot of locals and travellers with delightful drinks. This cuisine is also famous with the name of Peking Duck, and it is one of the top dishes you must try in Beijing. A finely roasted duck with an esteemed thin, crispy skin, and juicy meat inside, this dish can show you wonders in one bite for sure. Such an authentic version of the dish serving mostly skin and little meat in Beijing are some of the favourite dishes of every resident.

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2. Bao Du

Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Bao Du

The literal translation of this dish is ‘Boiled Lamb Tripe’. It is a famous local snack in Beijing that people usually eat. If you are searching for halal food in Beijing then this is your best option. This dish is prepared from lamb’s tripe that is cleaned, cut into pieces and then cooked in boiling water. The resulting dish is super crispy and delicious. It is often served with sesame sauce, vinegar, chilli oil, soy sauce, spring onion and other seasonings. You can try your version and tell us in the comment sections which seasoning is your favourite from Beijing’s collection?

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3. Jiaozi — Chinese Dumplings

Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Jiaozi — Chinese Dumplings

These are the famous dumplings for which the entire Asian world is bewitched! After all, who doesn’t like dumplings? Jiaozi is one of the famous foods to try in Beijing that can be found anywhere across the city. These dumplings being rolled and filled according to your preferences of filling are some of the best treats you can have in Beijing. A plate of Jiaozi with soy sauce, vinegar and chilli dip is some of the tremendous  Northern Chinese cuisines that you can find in Beijing.

4. Chao Ganer

Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Chao Ganer

You might feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning if you are not a meat enthusiast because most of the dishes in Chinese cuisines of Beijing include all kinds of meats, in fact, own very weird parts of the animal’s body that are not usually consumed anywhere else in the world. But their preparation makes it even more delicious and desirable. Chao Ganer or Fried Liver is a popular eatery in Beijing. This dish is usually prepared from the pork’s livers and intestines. The meat is finely sauteed with garlic, starch, soy, garlic, bone soup and other ingredients. Yaoji Chaogan Restaurant near Drum Tower is one of the best places to enjoy this popular food in Beijing.

5. Jing Jiang Rousi

Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Jing Jiang Rousi

This cuisine translates to ‘Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce’. Since a large population of Beijing consumes pork meat you can’t get away with their top dishes which generally includes pork in one way or another. The sliced pork cooked in a sweet bean sauce is served with soybean wraps. Such a delicious delicacy is hard to miss in Beijing. Jingjiang Rousi is a necessary component of any authentic Beijing dining experience that you must not miss especially when you have to try out the best food to eat in Beijing.

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6. Zhajiang Mian

Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Zhajiang Mian

This is a traditional Beijing cuisine that is sometimes simply referred to as ‘Beijing noodles’.After all, you are in a Chinese city you can’t leave without trying out one of the topmost foods? If you wonder these are some unhealthy spicy noodles you order from those American restaurants every night then it’s not! In fact, these constitute some of the top foods of Beijing that owns various vegetables which vary over their seasonal availability in the city. It is an ideal lunchtime snack for visitors who are short on time due to their gradual errands as this dish is usually ready in seconds after you order. No more waiting in a long line!

7. Mongolian Hotpot

 Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Mongolian Hotpot

Hotpot is some of the significant eating orders that you can see in most of the Asian countries. In this, the food is prepared on your table at the time of eating in a heated hotpot which has various delicious juicy vegetables dipped in a thick soup. This incredible food to eat in Beijing involves a large amount of lamb, various varieties of meats, vegetables and bread as well. All these items are sliced thin to ensure they cook quickly and evenly in the hotpot. If you are sitting around a large pot of boiling soup just enjoy the freshness and aromatic flavours of Beijing at their very form through different hotpots.

8. Wan Dou Huang

 Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Wan Dou Huang

Some of the most favourite springtime foods in Beijing. This is a zesty food that can be smelled from a distance as its savoury flavours are hard to ignore. This is basically a  cake that is prepared by mixing green peas puree into a cake batter to create a green-tinted cake. This cake is some of the best offerings if you are visiting someone’s home in Beijing. It has both a nice look and a nice taste. Along with that, vendors sometimes pack it in beautiful coverings as well if you insist.

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9. Dry Wok Potato Wedges

Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Dry Wok Potato Wedges

The literal translation of this super amazing dish is  ‘dry wok potato wedges’. You can consider it as the Chinese version of french fries that people love to feed on during the evenings. This is one of the most popular foods of Beijing that offers diners a fairly accurate idea of what to expect.

The slices of potato, crispy pork and chillies simmer in an iron pot sat atop an open flame to give you the best smoky cuisines. These are best enjoyed during the colder months but are popular with locals all year round.

10. Dou Shier

Best foods to Eat in Beijing, Foods of Beijing

Dou Shier

The traditional Bean Soup in Beijing which is hard to deny when you can smell its deliciousness from within a distinctive distance. The soup is greyish green, mellow, sour and slightly sweet in taste. These flavours are not everyone’s favourite but if you once like it, it’s hard to stop. Local Beijing citizens have a special preference for it which you can watch on your own while feeding in an open restaurant.This is a must-try food in Beijing.

Hope you enjoyed these top 10 foods of Beijing that are super juicy and delicious. You can find the above-mentioned foods in the local restaurants as well, therefore, try taking care of your diet because the famous food of Beijing is always rich in protein and extra fat. Besides your, there are a lot of packed items that you can enjoy in Beijing for that keep following our blogs and head on to our other travel guides. You can comment in the sections below about any query you have regarding travel. Do try out our latest Adequate travel app available on play store now for more exciting features.

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