Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Beijing, China | Famous Things to Buy in Beijing

There are various local markets in Beijing that are selling some of the amazing items that you can buy as a gift for your loved one back at home. Along with that some of the popular things to buy in Beijing there are so many antiques that are authentic and classy to take away as presents. Even some of the top things to buy in Beijing are very cheap and useful for your house collections. So, don’t lose a chance of grabbing these incredible deals. For smart shopping in Beijing, you must know what to buy from Beijing? Which is meticulously suggested in the given below list of the top 10 things that you can buy in Beijing at very affordable prices. Be more budget-friendly with these useful and admirable things in Beijing.

List of Must-Buy Things in Beijing

1. Chinese Tea

Must-Buy Things in Beijing

Chinese Tea

The whole world is influenced by the famous tea concoction of Chinese people. This is one of the best souvenirs to buy in Beijing that are even highly favorite among the tourists. There are numerous convenience stores and groceries in the city if you are looking for special teas. You can try Maliandao Tea Market which consists of streets and indoor markets dedicated to selling a plethora of tea varieties. There are numerous vendors in this area so make sure to look around first before making a heavy purchase. Some of the must-try tea varieties are Iron Goddess, Dahongpao, and Dragon Well.

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2. Freshwater Pearls

Must-Buy Things in Beijing

Freshwater Pearls

Pear has been some of the significant parts of accessories in Beijing for a very long time. The outdoor markets offer some of the best prices in the city. These pearls are fresh and very refined. For the best deals, shop on the 3rd floor of Pearl Market (Hongqiao Market). You might need someone skilled in bargaining if you are really aiming for these top things to buy in Beijing. The merchants there might quote a steeper price so you must know how much you’re willing to pay for an item, and then bargain hard.

3. Leather goods

Must-Buy Things in Beijing

Leather goods

Beijing’s markets are overflowing with leather goods. These are some of the best accessories that never go out of trend and are shiny for long years. Leather wears off rarely that’s why you must not worry about what to buy in Beijing? If you know the best shopping grounds for buying various leather goods such as wallets, belts, handbags, and shoes. Just be careful about different counterfeit items that are being sold at markets as some merchants do sell fake leather so please inspect the merchandise before buying it. Rest, if you land up with a good deal you are sorted for years.

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4. Electronics

Must-Buy Things in Beijing


Chinese industry has been booming with all the electronic stuff they manufacture and export in different countries. They sell some of the most extensive range of computers, music players, digital cameras, mobile phones, and accessories that are being sold at Beijing’s markets and shopping malls. If you wish to get some of the best things to buy in Beijing for someone then Beijing is the best place to be. No wonder this city is called the ultimate paradise for those who love electronics. For finding good quality products that are classy and yet affordable you can visit the Zhongguancun region and it will provide you, the best electronics you desire under your suggested budget boundaries.

5. Silk products

Must-Buy Things in Beijing

Silk products

These are some of the top products that the Chinese industry has been nailing from 1000s of generations. There are a lot of these famous things to buy from Beijing that are worth bringing back home. Among travelers, silk products are very famous. For the best quality silk fabrics and traditional silk clothing, you must prefer Ruifuxiang from Beijing. The various famous shop is located in Dashilan Street, Xicheng District. You can find exquisite qipao (traditional Chinese one-piece dresses) at very affordable prices if you visit the shops in these regions.

6. Painted Snuff Glass Bottles

Must-Buy Things in Beijing

Painted Snuff Glass Bottles

For all the cutlery enthusiasts who love to collect different cutlery items from famous cities can look for these snuff glasses in Beijing. These are one of the top souvenirs to buy in Beijing and people love to take them back as precious presents for their loved ones. These can be used as pretty ornaments glorifying your home decor. But, such painted snuff bottles were once used as containers of powdered tobacco during the Ming and Qing dynasties. You can find lots of wonderful Caricatures, calligraphy, and landscapes painted on the inside or outside of these snuff glass bottles. 

7. Cloisonne

Must-Buy Things in Beijing


Another porcelain item that you must not miss to buy from Beijing is Cloisonne. These decors are super classy and make a statement in living spaces. The Cloisonne vases are hugely famous among vase collectors. These vases carry many features including colorful, eye-catching patterns, depictions of birds, dragons, fish, flowers, and mythical figures usually painted in enamel. Such things to buy in Beijing get expensive as you keep increasing their quality. There are several markets and stores that sell Cloisonne vases in Beijing, but many tourists love purchasing their urns from the Huairou Cloisonne Factory Gift Shop.

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8. Jade

Must-Buy Things in Beijing


Jade has been in Chinese traditions for a very long time. There are long antiques found from ancient times that are made from Jade. Chinese Jade carvings and jewelry make for an excellent gift. These famous souvenirs to buy in Beijing have a tonne of places where you can purchase these items. You can try out the refined products from Panjiayuan Antique Market first, as this is where you’ll likely find the widest range and best deals on jade. Other markets nearby this place also own varieties of items but I prefer you to find it at the former shopping place.

9. Lacquerware

Must-Buy Things in Beijing


With other expensive items, manufactured from gold and silver lacquerware products are the most desirable accessories. There are lots of versions available in the market. You can find decorative and Feng Shui items for your living room made lacquerware, while others feature cute mascot characters from ancient Chinese mythology. Your best bet for tracking down these items is in the Panjiayuan Antique Market. These items cost between 24 Yuan (3.50 USD) to 179 Yuan (26 USD) which can change depending on the type and size of lacquerware.

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10. Chinese Traditional Medicines

Must-Buy Things in Beijing

Chinese Traditional Medicines

There are long tales that claim that Chinese medicines cure the incurable. Well, you can try on your own by getting these must-buy things from Beijing. Tong Ren Tang is one of China’s largest pharmaceutical companies which was founded back in 1669. Along with selling some of the greatest herbal remedies they also offer acupuncture, massages, reflexology, T’ai chi, and Qigong at their medical centers. The price of these items ranges approx. 62 Yuan (9 USD) for 100 grams of Reishi Spore tea powder, there is a lot of other concoction and powders that you can buy from a proper consultation at this company.

Hope you liked these top 10 things to buy in Beijing, China that is very popular among locals and tourists. You don’t have to spend extra over these items as all of them are easily available at local stores. So don’t wonder what is famous to buy in Beijing? Just follow a par list of entities and choose what suits you best. Head on to our other blogs for finding more interesting places to explore in this city.

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