Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Vienna | Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

There are lots of adorable items that people love to take away from Vienna especially those glittery crystals and famous arts. But if you want something very unique that can fit your style and taste and that also appears classy and expensive to gift someone then you need to follow the given below guide over the 10 best things to buy from Vienna that you might not know about being an outsider. Hence these here I have curated some top souvenirs to buy in Vienna with the assistance of our travel chums who explore the places deeply and come out with some amazing things that are loved by locals and are super nostalgic to make you remember all the best memories from this Austrian city. Let’s follow up on the given below list of top 10 suggestions for a hassle-free shopping in Vienna that ends up with affordable and best takeaways from the city in your shopping bag.

List of Must-Buy Things in Vienna

1. Swarovski Crystal

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

Swarowski crystal

If you desire to bring some glittery and shiny gifts for your loved ones then the Swarovski Crystal can easily kill your show and make you the ‘knight of shining crystal’! Swarovski Crystals have been producing luxury items from their base in Wattens, Austria since the early 20th Century. Much more shine than a diamond and much lesser price than a diamond. Where can you get such deals? There are a lot of other popular things to buy in Vienna that are made by the Swarovski crystals such as a variety of bangles, bracelets, brooches and jewelry sets etc. They also sell jewelry for men which is fashioned as skull’s heads or the black onyx cufflinks at €60, skull key-rings at €110, and the Nevada Crocodile Bracelet at €250. There are far more varieties of this incredible souvenir item in Vienna, you just have to look for it.

2. Viennese Porcelain

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

Viennese Porcelain

For all the home designers looking for wonderful vintage designs in porcelain items, Vienna is always the famous destination to look at. They have perfect figurines made from Porcelain to display at home or tableware for your next lovely dinner party. You can show off antique arts through different kitchenware or home decor items through these Viennese Porcelains. It’s said that the old Viennese figures are still made from molds created in the Marie Antoinette period of 1750. Just your favorites, about what to buy in Vienna? that is super classy and even owns the touch of vintage royal designs from the 1700s.

3. Sachertorte

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna


There are a lot of travelers who are looking for some unique treats that they can take back home. So what are the best things to buy in Vienna? That you can eat happily eat with your loved ones. If you haven’t heard of this famous Sachertorte chocolate cake which was invented in Vienna in 1832. This chocolate explosion is the tremendous Austrian-sugar delicacy you can give someone in and outside of Austria. This is a chocolate cake made with layers of cream and chocolate stuffed together meticulously and then the whole cake is covered in chocolate along with decorating icings of thick cream. From being a true Viennese specialty, the “original” cakes come in various sizes and are packed beautifully to make ideal gifts. Therefore, do not miss this famous thing to buy in Vienna especially when you need something really special and edible.

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4. Viennese Wine

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

Viennese Wine

For all the drinking connoisseurs, Vienna is already in their hit list. Not for any serious damage but for the city’s wine-growing history that dates back to around 750BC. You can easily guess the intricacy with which Viennese are able to prepare wines that are just awesome. These things to buy in Vienna never go out of time and even the municipal authorities own one of the biggest and best vineyards titled Weingut Cobenzl. You can look for such stores. Otherwise, find the best wines at the WienWein brand, which features wines from six leading Viennese vineyards.

5. Lobmeyr Glass

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

Lobmeyr Glass

No wonder how painful it is to carry any glass item while traveling! But after all, everyone loves glass products due to their shiny and transparent vibrant colors. A family business founded in 1823 was titled as J. L. Lobmeyr. This business bombed later and has existed in Vienna for six generations. They made their mark through the love of material and emotional response towards their extraordinary glass products. They even created the chandeliers for the Vienna State Opera and co-founded the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. You can find all sorts of unique and limited edition lighting, crystal, and jewelry items at Lobmeyr, including drinking sets, vases, paperweights, and tumblers. These must-buy things in Vienna are the best companions when you want to enlighten your shady rooms with shiny colorful lights of Lobmeyr Glass.

6. Austrian Dirndl Dress

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

Austrian Dirndl Dress

If you want to create more in-depth nostalgic memories for your Vienna trips then why not buy the typical clothing of Austrian culture in Vienna? Well, these uniforms of Austrians servants in the 19th century is now a statement piece which perfectly combines tradition with modern fashion for Viennese people and curious travelers. There are lots of beautiful clothing styles for both men and women that you can try. These top things to buy from Vienna might not be as useful as other products but this can totally remind you, of their fun culture and your adventurous trips here. You can wear your dirndl artfully accessorized with hats from Bittner or silk scarves from the Viennese silk weaver Flemish. All of them come together is a perfect manner.

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7. Camile Boyer Products

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

Camile Boyer Products

Unlike other souvenirs to buy in Vienna, this is a famous brand named Camile Boyer whose shop at Lindengasse 25/2 offers a range of locally-made products from Austrian fashion and accessory designers that can definitely give your styling a whole new Austrian touch. These products can range from handbags to the smallest of accessories which, in a uniquely designed retail space make your attire more engaging. They are expecting to expand their collection for more male eyewear. The spectacle frames are made of acetate plates and prevent tension with the glass. This is one of the best souvenirs to buy in Vienna if you can’t make up your mind about shopping for anything from Vienna.

8. Viennese Tea and Coffee

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

Viennese Tea and Coffee

Who doesn’t love different varieties of tea and coffee from different cities? Such gifts are always memorable because the person you are gifting is going to use them every morning! Such day to day essentials makeup for an amazing useful souvenir. Therefore, you must visit two Viennese institutions, namely Demmers Teahaus and Julius Meinl for buying the best quality of tea from Vienna. Demmers sell varieties of black, chamomile and peppermint tea in lightweight tin packages to delight in all manner of designs and styles. These styled gift packs are the top souvenirs to buy from Vienna especially when you want your loved ones to remember this city every morning(weird but what’s wrong in re-living your adventures again?).

9. Ludwig Reiter Leather Goods

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

Ludwig Reiter Leather Goods

This is the best thing to buy in Vienna for any man who is crazy about shoes(which almost all men are!). These wondrous items are Ludwig Reiter’s productions who create Goodyear welted shoes in the classical Viennese style. With a retail presence in Vienna at Mölkersteig 1, they successfully made the majority of their flexibly-sewn shoes, books, and cases in their Vienna factory. Such an authentic gist that if treated well can last for several years and sustain your tempting vintage look giving the male wearer a certain classic bygone feel as if befitting noir movie characters into the real world.

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10. Gustav Klimt Art

Famous Things to Buy in Vienna

Gustav Klimt Art

Art lovers just love this icon and some even worship him for his sensuous art. Such a world of Viennese artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) holds one of the key representatives of Jugendstil painting style, which emerged in the late 19th century in the form of his most famous work “Der Kuss” (“The Kiss”), 1908. These sensuous paintings are now the epitome of tempting art styles. In Vienna, you can find a number of gift products bearing motifs of Gustav Klimt’s art that is just the perfect pair for any couple and loved ones to shop.

Hope you enjoyed the article and gained the idea about what to buy in Vienna? According to different tastes or varied budget boundaries. Vienna is definitely the ‘the city of art’ and you can find tonnes of creative options to impress your loved ones back at home with such lovely souvenirs to buy from Vienna, Austria. But if you still face any trouble while shopping in Vienna just ping us in the comment sections below we will try our best! In fact, you can also book a bunch of interesting rides from our travel website or through our latest Adequate travel application available exclusively on PlayStore. Enjoy your rides and ‘let your memory be your travel bag’.

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