Best 8 Water Parks in Venice Italy | Top Aqua Parks in Venice

Venice, of course, has plenty of nice coastal beaches as well as beautiful lakes like Lake Garda, where swimming in water with a pleasant temperature is possible during the whole summer season. You will find some of the best water parks in Venice. However, kids and teenagers sometimes want a bit extra water fun and the answer to that is, of course, a visit to an aqua park in Venice with water slides, artificial rivers, and other fun stuff. In Italy there are more than 100 water parks in various sizes, so no matter where you are spending your holiday, you should have fairly easy access to water parks. Some of the most popular aqua parks in Venice are:

List of Water Parks in Venice Italy

1. Aquafollie The Family Water Park Caorle

Water Parks in Venice, Aqua Parks in Venice Ital

If you bought the tickets online, it may cheap rather than a window. There is plenty to do and you stayed all day without a problem. The park provided a number of slides, kids area, volleyball, water aerobics, wave machine and plenty of sunbeds (for hire but with a helpful lockable storage box). It is considered as one of the best parks near Venice, Italy. There are a number of food offerings including ice cream stalls and a restaurant that served pizza, burgers, nuggets, coffee and cold drinks for a reasonable price although some may prefer to bring their own food which isn’t a problem.

Address: Viale Aldo Moro 1, 30021, Caorle, Italy. 

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2. Caribe Bay

Water Parks in Venice, Aqua Parks in Venice Ital

 If you visited Caribe Bay within August and we had an absolutely brilliant day. You may opt to hire a couple of sun loungers around the wave pool and it was a good base to leave our belongings and explore the park. Everything is controlled via RFID wristbands so you don’t have to worry about carrying money around with you, which worked really well. Everything is stored on the wristband and you pay upon your exit of the park. This can get a little crowded if you’re visiting in peak season but was only around a 10-minute wait. Visit this best aqua parks in Venice towards the end of August and wait times for the rides were no more than 20-30 minutes. The park is clean and really well maintained.

Address: Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 15/A, 30016 Lido di Jesolo VE, Italy. 

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3. Aquaestate

Water Parks in Venice, Aqua Parks in Venice Ital

If you want a relaxing day away from all of the touristy places in Venice just book a ticket for Aquaestate. The ticket is worth €30 for a couple. The place is quite big with many areas to sit, €5 for 2 sunbeds and a parasol which was great, You can also get the sun-facing area. The couple-friendly facilities make this best water park in Venice for couples.  The water slides aren’t huge but enjoyable, the lockers could be a lot bigger to store all your things but for keys, wallets, and phones they do the job, the park is extremely clean with many bar areas for food and drinks, they have a cafe inside also.

Address: Via Aurelio De Pol, 5, 30033 Noale VE, Italy

4. Bagni Europa & Acquaparco Idrofollie

Water Parks in Venice, Aqua Parks in Venice Ital

This is a mix of a water park with pools and slides and a beach with a bar. The entrance to the pool for over 12s was €9.50, a reasonable pool and kept the kids entertained for a few hours. The beach charges were €5 per chair/bed/umbrella. Also €5 to park for the whole day. It is undoubtedly considered one of the most popular water parks in Venice. The beach was clean, attendants were helpful. Toilet cubicles were large enough to change in and clean albeit they were the hole in the floor type.

Address: Lungomare Adriatico, 30015 Sottomarina VE, Italy.

5. Parco Giochi Gomma Piuma

Water Parks in Venice, Aqua Parks in Venice Ital

This small amusement area contains inflatables, fairground rides, go-karts, little bumper boats, etc. All suitable for children up to about the age of 10  Rides take tokens which can be bought at a kiosk. Although the inflatable area costs 4 tokens, the children get a stamp and can return as many times as they like during that visit and this as quite a big area with a range of ‘bouncy’ attractions. This park is considered as one of the best aqua parks in Venice for children. The park opens each day from 8 – 11.30. It is situated on the main street at Piazza Brescia in Venice. If you have young children then it may a good place to pass a few hours in the evening.

Address: Lungofrigido Levante, 54100 Marina di Massa MS, Italy. 

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6. New Jesolandia

Water Parks in Venice, Aqua Parks in Venice Ital

This popular aqua park in Venice is a good size and the location of it is away from the main strip of the city.  It is a waterpark cum amusement park. There are more mosquitoes here because of the location but it wasn’t a big problem with the generous use of insect repellant. It has a good collection of rides for small kids and a few great rides for teenagers and adults. The entrance is free and you pay for each ride separately. For more comfortability, you can pick up some money off vouchers at Tourist information. We spent an hour there and had a great time. It could be very expensive if you wanted to do all the rides.

Address: Via Roma Destr, 30016, Jesolo, Italy.

7. Luna Park

Water Parks in Venice, Aqua Parks in Venice Ital

If you are looking for top crowded water parks in Venice, just don’t forget to get to Luna Park. Every year just before Christmas time, a caravan of trucks on barges make their way towards Venice. They unload along the riva close to the Giardini, and like magic, a carnival is born. It’s probably the least likely thing you would expect to see here in Venice, but, there it is. A carnival such as this is called Luna Park in Italian. The weather has been quite foggy for the last several weeks, typical weather here in Venice. If you live anywhere in the city where you do not regularly get to the Via Garibaldi area, you would never even know Luna Park is in operation. It doesn’t seem to get much traffic either. So grab your kids, head on down to the river between Via Garibaldi and Giardini. Spend a few Euro, have some fun. 

Address: Via Traghetto, 28, 30021 Caorle VE, Italy.


8. Camping Union Lido Aquapark Laguna

Water Parks in Venice, Aqua Parks in Venice Ital

It’s like you’re on a beach. Sand, water and wells. But you’re not a beach. You’re in a water park. The new water slides (one is made like ice cream) are very good. But often you have to wait a little bit, especially for the ice cream water slide. All in one it could be perfect, but you may hurt yourself because the tarpaulin looked outside. It is one of the nicest places to stay and famous water parks in Venice with lots of possibilities to spend free time for everyone. 

Address: Via Fausta, 228, 30013 Cavallino-Treporti VE, Italy. 

So far we have discussed the most popular water parks in Venice. I hope you might have gathered some information related to it. If you are planning your trip to Venice then kindly go through our other articles as well which will be quite beneficial for you. Please share your views regarding the content explained above and liked it too.

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