Best Chinese Restaurants in Venice | Chinese Food in Venice

Chinese dishes are popular everywhere throughout the world, there dim Sum and seafood are very popular dishes. With a long history, various styles and dazzling cooking, one of a kind highlights Chinese food is one imperative constituent piece of Chinese culture. There are several Chinese restaurants in Venice where we can go for Lunch and  Supper. Chinese conventional dishes are well known for shading, fragrance, taste, and appearance.

The Best 10 Chinese Restaurants in Venice

1. Giardino Di Giada

 Famous Chinese Restaurants in Venice, Top Chinese Restaurants in Venice

Giardino Di Giada

This place is known for its yummy food and extraordinary service. It is a standout amongst the best Chinese eatery in Venice. If you’re exhausted with Italian nourishment and searching for an option that is other than pizza, pasta or bread, at that point this a place for you. The staff of the Restaurant is inviting the place is clean as well and the costs are likewise reasonable.

Address: Calle Dei Boteri San Polo, 1659 | Sestiere San Polo, 30125 Venice, Italy

2. Ristorante Cinese Al Leon D’Oro

 Best Chinese Restaurants in Venice, Famous Chinese Restaurants in Venice

Ristorante Cinese Al Leon D’Oro

In the event that you are searching for something spicy n hot nourishment after indulging in a lot of pizza’s, n pasta’s this a correct place to go and have some spicy n hot Chinese food!. The service of the restaurant is very good and quick.their house fried rice dish is very famous and delicious. It is definitely one of the Top Chinese restaurants in Venice.

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Address: Rio Tera de la Maddalena Cannaregio, 2345 | Sestiere Cannaregio, 30121 Venice, Italy

3. Wok N’Go Srl

 Chinese Restaurants in Venice, Best Chinese Restaurants in Venice

Wok N’Go Srl

A little restaurant where you get the opportunity to pick what you need in your bowl! A different idea and phenomenal taste. The best dishes are the egg noodles and the lemongrass sauce. The place is quite busy, the service is very fast. If you want to taste food with your choosable items like first choose pasta, then ingredients, meat, and last your sauce.

Address: Calle de la Bissa San Marco 5464-5465, 30124, Venice, Italy.

4. Dragone D’oriente Srl

 Chinese Restaurants in Venice, Best Chinese Restaurants in Venice

Dragone D’oriente Srl

It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Venice known for its very friendly service. Walking is recommended from San Marco to reach this place. There hot and sour soup, seafood fried rice and Prawns fried rice are very delicious, everything is fresh here, the service is very quick, presentation of dishes are also nice and the price is decent.

Address:1053, Sestriere S Marco, 30124, Venice, Italy

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5. Nanchino

 Chinese Restaurants in Venice, Best Chinese Restaurants in Venice


Nanchino is one of the top Chinese restaurants in Venice, The nourishment was delicious and the cost was unbeatable. Their popular dishes are Cantonese Fried Rice, Shrimp Fried Rice, and Tomato Fried Eggs. The staffs are tremendously decent and well friendly. If you want to try the Chinese authentic food at a reasonable price then this is the place for you

Address: Sestiere Castello, 3958, Venice, Italy

6. Orient Express

 Chinese Restaurants in Venice, Best Chinese Restaurants in Venice

Orient Express

The beef curry, spring rolls, duck and egg fried are one of the best dishes available in this restaurant. When you visit there you will see many Chinese eating their foods, by this you can assume that this is one the Famous Chinese restaurant in Venice and when you try the food you will not get disappointed.,The chef is great and the service is speedy also.

Address: Rio Tera Lista di Spagna Cannaregio,189, 30121, Venice, Italy

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7. Tian Jin

 Chinese Restaurants in Venice, Best Chinese Restaurants in Venice

Tian Jin

On the off chance that you might want something different other than pasta then you should try this place. The staff is friendly and they serve great quality Chinese dishes. the absolute most loved dish is anatra con curry, duck with fresh skin in a light gentle curry sauce. The food is extraordinary, the cost is incredible, it’s especially decent sitting outside. What’s more the woman in control is lovely.

Address: S.Polo Ruga Rialto, 649, 30125, Venice, Italy

8.La Grande Cina

 Chinese Restaurants in Venice, Best Chinese Restaurants in Venice

La Grande Cina

Try not to be a pit off by the way that there isn’t a menu in the window. Sustenance is great and sensibly priced. Amicable staff, made to feel welcome. Flawless place unquestionably needs to visit while in Venice, it can get really busy so best to come in the first part of the day Prevalent with local people for takeaway. Portion size is a bit small yet it is sensible according to the cost.

Address: Via Perasto 8, 30126 Venice, Italy

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9. Shanghai Venice

Best Chinese Restaurants in Venice, Famous Chinese Restaurants in Venice


Shanghai Chinese restaurant in Venice is one of the best restaurants know for its quality, Service and reasonable price. If you want to try out some of the best seafood available in Venice then this is the place for you. Their fish is very fresh and tender, the atmosphere of the spot is very well.

Address: Calle Priuli, 101, Cannaregio, 20121 Venice, Italy

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Here are top picks for the best Chinese Restaurants in Venice where you can go whenever you want to take a break from Pizza, Pasta, and bread. In these restaurants, you can eat the best dim sum, seafood, and other Chinese dishes with good service, quality, and sensible price listing. If you want to know more about Venice You can read our other blogs also it will definitely useful and informative for you. Hope you liked our post please share our views about this in the comment section and share this article so that it would be useful for others too.

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