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England is captivating, unconventional, unendingly entrancing and offers famous monuments in England. In England, normal wonders, lush National Parks and country vistas that are asking to be upfront on a postcard, you can explore the width and broadness of the modest isle while finding fantasies, legends, and customs, palaces, remnants and milestones with hidden histories. It’s the place where there is Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, The Beatles, and an iconic Royal Family, however, it is a nation that is stuck its past. So if you are planning to explore this city then kindly head towards the most visited monuments in England.

Monuments List in England

1. Buckingham Palace, London

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official HQ is a top tourist spot in England. From watching the changing of the guard to catching a glimpse of the royals on the balcony at state occasions. Originally a townhouse built by the Duke of Buckingham in 1703, it was first acquired by royalty in 1761 when George III bought it for his wife Queen Charlotte. The architect John Nash transform this grand palace, but George died before he could move in.  The first monarch to live in was Queen Victoria.

2. Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

No matter how many times you see the mighty circle of stones rising from the Salisbury Plain, you’ll always be awestruck by them. The most famous historic monument in England.  In the late Neolithic period in around 2500 BC, it was destroyed. Stonehenge is now part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with nearby Avebury. The mystery of how and why the enormous sarsen stones and smaller bluestones were transported and erected here has fascinated people for centuries and will continue to.

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3. Tower Bridge, London

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

The fairy-tale turrets on the bridge that stretches from the Tower of London to the Shad Thames on the South Bank have made it one of London’s most recognizable structures. It was built in the late 1800s and top historical monuments in England, it’s open to both cars and pedestrians. Nowadays there’s a museum in the towers and you can visit the Victorian engine rooms as well as admire the views from its high-level walkways including a glass section. Seeing the bridge open for barges is quite a sight. For more London landmarks, check out our guide here.

4. Blackpool Tower, Blackpool

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

Overlooking Lancashire’s most famous seaside seafront since 1894, this 518-foot structure has become a much-loved icon of a glorious bygone era. Blackpool Tower is inspired by the Eiffel tower and was designed by Victorian architect Frank Matcham. It’s also home to the magnificent Blackpool Tower Ballroom and monuments of England. Take a behind-the-scenes heritage tour or hit the dance floor at a daily tea dance.

5. St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

St Paul’s Cathedral, historic sites in England a beacon of London’s enduring spirit.  During the Blitz, Sir Christopher Wren’s graceful cathedral famously stood strong. The original Gothic cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666 then Wren’s domed structure replaced. Inside, you can climb up 259 steps to the Whispering Gallery within the dome’s interior, or dare to venture up to the Golden Gallery on the outside for sensational city views. Don’t forget to duck down to the crypt to see the resting place of Wren himself. Explore more of London with our Adequatetravel’s guide.

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6. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh 

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

Edinburgh Castle, historic sites in England is standing high above the historic city of Edinburgh. On the volcanic plug, it is known as Castle Rock. This Castle Rock mighty fortress is one of Scotland’s most visited attractions and rightly so. It was built during the 12th century by David I, son of Saint Margaret of Scotland, and was the main Scottish Royal residence until the union of the crowns in 1603. It later became a prison and HQ for military ceremonies.

7. The Houses of Parliament, London

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

The Houses of Parliament is the political epicenter of England. It is considered as one of the most famous historical sites in England. It was sat here in some form since the 11th century when Danish King Cnut built a palace on the river. In its 900-year history, it has been the site of infamous trials (William Wallace and Sir Thomas More), survived the notorious the gunfire plot, and be the focus of pivotal political rallies such as those by the Suffragette Movement.  After a huge fire destroyed the previous palace in 1834 the current Palace of Westminster was designed by architect Sir Charles Barry.

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8. Tower of London, London

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

If walls could talk this ancient stronghold Tower of London would have us all aquiver. Steeped in tales of death, torture, and bloodthirsty intent, this is where the Princes in the Tower disappeared under the reign of Richard III and Anne of Boleyn met her grisly end. Dare to enter the Bloody Tower, see Traitor’s Gate where Tudor prisoners were brought by barge, chat to the beefeaters also known as Yeoman Warders who still guard the grounds, learn about the legend of the ravens and ogle at the Crown Jewels.It is a popular Monuments of England.

9. Hampton Court Palace, London

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

Hampton Court Palace, famous landmarks in England is situated on banks of the Thames in west London. This beautiful palace originally the home of Cardinal Wolsey in the early 16th century than Henry transformed it into a grand Tudor palace. Get a glimpse of what life was like in his court in the tapestry-clad Great Hall and discover the lavish banquets they feasted on in the brilliantly restored Great Kitchens, read about the Famous Monuments in Indonesia. At one point, they served up to 1,600 meals a day. The gorgeous gardens including the Great Vine and the Maze.

10. The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

The striking circular dome of the Radcliffe Camera building is arguably the most distinctive, in a city stuffed with historic buildings. It was built by the architect James Gibbs between 1737 and 1749 to house a new scientific library and historical places in England country. Today it’s the main reading room of the Bodleian Library.

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11. Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

One of England’s greatest architectural treasures and one of the world’s tallest Gothic structures, Lincoln’s lofty cathedral is a must-see. Yet another legacy of William the Conqueror, it was consecrated in 1092. The later addition of a central spire in 1311 made it the tallest building in the world until 1549 when the spire collapsed.

12. York Minster, York

Historical monuments in England, England monuments

Ancient laneways of York, soaring above the twisting, this grand Gothic structure is northern Europe’s largest medieval cathedral. York Minister is known as a top tourist spot in England. The York Minster is especially renowned for its remarkable windows including the vast Great East Window, which dates back to 1405 and is the world’s largest example of medieval stained glass. It’s well worth clambering up the Minster’s mighty tower too for a remarkable perspective on the picturesque Yorkshire city.

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