Vietnam: Swimming and Scuba Diving bans in Nha Trang bay region

Synopsis: A recent travel update says that Vietnam: the popular scuba spot in Asia has now temporarily banned scuba. This move is taken after being concerned about the poor condition of coral due to excessive pollution and global warming. 

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Broad-ranging 3200 km of Asian coastline has many spots for International travelers to witness the crystal clear ocean water. Perhaps the sparkling coastline is the reason why people always keep Asian countries on top of their travel wish list. The sea life in these counties is astonishing and millions of people visit here every year. 

Vietnam is a famous tourist destination among travelers across the globe. People often plan vacations to Vietnam to enjoy the view of peaceful beaches, and water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. If you are about to plan a trip to Vietnam then this news will disappoint you. 

Nha Trang Bay is known as one of the best beaches in Vietnam and has been voted as the number 1 beach in Asia. But now, this beauty spot may lose its charm after the Vietnamese government banned swimming and scuba diving at several popular locations in the Nha Trang bay region. The decision was taken due to increasing pollution and global warming that directly affect the corals.

The ban was announced by the officials on Monday and it will cover five more sites in the Nha Trang Bay region. Officials said that the ban was imposed to “evaluate the condition of the sensitive area so that an appropriate plan to enact the sea conservation area” could be made. However, the ban is for a temporary period and will remain applicable until any further notice will be released by the officials. Officials will thoroughly investigate the ways to improve water quality and see the result before removing the ban. 

It has been said that the increasing tourism and pollution have caused extreme damage to the coral reefs in the Nha Trang bay region. If the situation wasn’t put on stop then the situation will cause a serious threat to the environment. 

The ministry said that water quality tests show high levels of pollutants including heavy metals, oil and grease, plastic debris, sewage, and agricultural chemicals. Also, some recent images taken by tourists clearly show that the reef has been damaged badly and got bleached due to human adulteration.

According to a report by the Vietnamese media, in 2020 more than 60% of the sea area was covered by living coral which has now shrunk to 45-50%. Evidently, climate change and rapidly increasing global warming are the reason behind this but the actions of humans are not unseen. Numbers of industrial parks have been constructed near the coastline, illegal fishing activities are being done and no proper arrangement of waste disposal has been made to-date which straightforwardly is the cause for the present condition of the corals.

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