12 Best Beaches in Denver | Famous Beaches to Visit Near Denver, Colorado

Denver is famous for its scenic natural beauty embellished with Colorado’s rocky mountains which makes the eco-friendly Denver, famous all around the world. Hence, you are served with the most extraordinary and spectacular beaches in Denver, Colorado that have no direct channels for oceans or seas instead they are flourished with various lakes and reservoirs having the cleanest and sparkling water of Denver coming down from the melting glaciers of the mountains. Since the lakes are sometimes seasonal some of the best beaches of Denver are opened only for a short period of time hence here is the list of top beaches near Denver, Colorado along with their peak seasons to explore the beaches at their best.

List of Beaches in Denver

1. Chatfield State Park (Denver)

Best Beaches in Denver

Chatfield State Park

This beach in Denver is among the most popular destinations in metro Denver. You can bask in Colorado’s warm rays and have a spectacular view of the Denver’s Rocky Mountain foothills here. This famous beach in Denver is also a great park that offers campsites just a short walk away from Chatfield Reservoir. You can even enjoy wildlife sightings of deer, elk, and birds during summers in Denver, while hot air balloons dot the sky in the morning as the warm air becomes perfect for all the sky sporting in the clear sky of Denver. There is a well-equipped facility for hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails at this must-visit beach in Denver.

2. Cherry Creek State Park (Aurora)

Best Beaches in Denver

Cherry Creek State Park

This beach lies nearby to downtown Denver. Hence, it is among the crowded beaches near Denver, Colorado.  They provide a great spot to lounge or swim and become a perfect weekend getaway since there are lots of places to camp. These overall fun activities make it a perfect beach for families where they can enjoy the sun near the beaches and do adventurous hiking or camping along with their loved ones.

3. Ridgway State Park (Ridgway)

Best Beaches in Denver

Ridgway State Park

This beach is situated in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. These are some of the rare beaches that are actually formed by the lakes in the high altitudes of Denver’s fabulous hills. Hence, if you want to find a large and sandy beach that has calm and warm waters during the summer, this is the place. This popular beach near Denver is also perfect for families, providing even a playground for kids, and a grassy area complete with picnic tables and grills. They even have a well-maintained facility of locker rooms and outdoor showers at this Colorado beach which is a major aid when you visit these high altitudes where a lot of commodities are hard to find.

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4. Medano Creek, Great Sand Dunes National Park (Alamosa)

Best Beaches in Denver

Medano Creek

This beach is an extraordinary natural phenomenon of Denver where the tallest sand dunes of  North America, provide a way for the rivers to emerge every spring for creating this unique beach of Denver, Colorado which is actually a river beach, unlike all other lakes beaches in Colorado.

Creek disappears in late August, so the fun here has a quick season to enjoy and have a great vacation in Denver’s summers. You can do skimboarding or built sandcastles as they are the most popular activities which tourists prefer while adoring the short-lived beauty of this famous beach near Denver.

5. Grand Lake (Grand County)

Best Beaches in Denver

As the name suggests the lake creating the beach is Colorado’s largest natural lake. There are various crowded tourist zones at this beach usually in summers and people prefer to have a boardwalk and picnic tables to enjoy their sweet bright rays and warm waters of the lake near Denver. You can also meet some professional swimmers, kayakers, and fishermen at this best-known beach near Denver while enjoying the sandy shore. In fact, you must rent a boat here to explore this massive high alpine lake on your own.

6. Jackson Lake State Park (Orchard)

Best Beaches in Denver

Jackson Lake State Park

This famous beach near Denver offers an oasis in the eastern region of Colorado. The lake itself is fed from the South Platte River to provide the sparkling waves over the shoreline an adorable touch along with the extreme alpine vegetation wreathing the surroundings with their luscious greenery. They have two swimming beaches with clear shallow waters, and a lot of sand area for sandcastle building and playing frisbee in the gentle wind zone of Denver’s popular beach.

7. Confluence Park (Denver)

Best Beaches in Denver

Confluence Park

This is among the list of modern beaches in Denver which are small in size but very incredible in terms of their diversity which must be explored at least once. While you’re there besides beaches and their shoreline you can also explore the rest of Confluence Park’s flora and fauna. If your adventurous soul is still hungry feed it by a solo-kayak ride in the waters of the South Platte that can relax your mind with its soothing, serene, blue shades of water and calm air in the ambiance.

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8. Boulder Reservoir (Boulder)

Best Beaches in Denver

Boulder Reservoir

This beach near Denver provides you a spectacular location for gazing Colorado’s majestic mountains along with a better facility for various vacation trips. You can even reserve picnic areas near this beach which is perfect for large gatherings of family and friends. This famous beach near Denver, Colorado has reservoir official controls who allow rentals for the volleyball court, boats, canoes, paddle-boats, and even horseshoes and bocce. You must explore the Pearl Street Mall for casual dining in the evening near the beach.

9. Aurora Reservoir (Aurora)

Best Beaches in Denver

Aurora Reservoir

Being a reservoir you have certain limited access at this place but since its a short drive from the Denver area, a lot of tourists prefer this most-visited beach near Denver which is basically an oasis in the middle of nowhere. 

Major tourists are attracted to this reservoir beach due to its water quality which is ranked ‘the cleanest in Denver’. There are also no motorized boats allowed which makes it the ideal place to swim, fish and even scuba dive. The beach even provides an archery range as a significant sport which is hard to find at any of the beaches around the world.

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10. Dillon Reservoir (Frisco)

Best Beaches in Denver

Dillon Reservoir

The beach of this reservoir is named after the nearby town of Dillon, located in the west of Denver. This reservoir is a large body of water with approximately 25 miles of shoreline favorable for all kinds of beach activities in Denver. This is the best beach near Denver for catching rays and basking under glorious Colorado’s mountains. The beach offers a lot of water sports and sky adventures such as canoeing, kayaking, fishing, sailing, stand-up paddleboarding, and different boat tours.

11. Blue Mesa Reservoir (Gunnison)

Best Beaches in Denver

Blue Mesa Reservoir

As the name suggests the reservoir has sparkling sapphire blue water and sandy shoreline which are famous for their bustling recreational activities.

This famous beach near Denver has a very immaculate location for all the sky-diving sports in which the steep hilltops near the reservoirs serve a great area for beginning such adventurous rides. Various other pursuits include sailing, powerboating, fishing, and water skiing. Windsurfing is favored by a lot of tourists who know how to play with the high-speed winds of Denver. This reservoir also houses the largest Kokanee Salmon fishery in the country making it an angler’s paradise for all those who are desperate to explore the fauna and natural beauty of Denver.

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12. John Martin Reservoir State Park (Hasty)

Best Beaches in Denver

This is the most peaceful beach near Denver, Colorado which serves as a paradise in Colorado’s southeastern plains. It offers the best location for reserving a campsite along Lake Hasty and enjoy various water activities such as boating, waterskiing and spectacular conditions for a wide variety of wind-n-water sports to explore with the least amount of crowd due to its exclusive location. You can enjoy the mild beachy weather all throughout the summers which are usually not available on other beaches of Denver.

All the beaches of Denver are an amazing natural retreat to experience at least once in life. Their calm and relaxing weather maintains the backbone of Denver’s fabulous ecosystem which provides Denver’s beaches with sparkling lake water and well-flourished luscious greenery of alpines and other mountain flora. You must visit these beaches for having a sweet taste of Denver’s exclusive natural beauty and mild sunny summers.

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