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When it comes to monuments in San Francisco, there is certainly no other single structure that symbolizes the city quite like the Golden Gate Bridge. This iconic bridge is without question the most photographed sight in San Francisco spanning the North American strait named the Golden Gate, appearing on endless city postcards. San Francisco has one fascinating history from the Spanish Mission to the great Golden Gate. The 11 listed here are all officially registered as California Historical monuments and they’re all worth a visit while there are several historical monuments in San Francisco.

Monuments to See in San Francisco

1. Golden Gate Bridge

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge

When the sun sets at the end of the day, the night-time illuminations give the bridge a whole new character. This bridge features a busy six-lane road that often suffers from congestion problems, although if you are simply wishing to take a close-up look. It is one of the important monuments in San Francisco. Enjoying the strategically placed lookout points and panoramas of the by pedestrians are able to walk along the sides.  For those looking for the ultimate views, there is also a visitor center and, helicopter and kayaking tours are available.

2. Fisherman’s Wharf

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Fisherman’s Wharf

Tourists are certainly much to do here frequently flock to Pier 39. Along with an amusement arcade and various attractions, visitors will find a cluster of shops and eateries, such as both the Aquarium of the Bay and the Marine Mammal Center. From the pier, you can enjoy good views of many city landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Angel Island. It is one of the best monuments in San Francisco.  Congregating around Seal Rock, Californian sea lions have long been associated with San Francisco Bay.

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3. Pioneer’s Monument

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Pioneer’s Monument

Pioneer’s Monument is situated on Alamo Square and is a tall landmark in the city. Depicting some of the earliest pioneers in California, the monument includes sketches at the base, such as Sir Francis Drake. These days, a top monument in San Francisco is remarkable to learn that it was one of the only freestanding structures in the entire city to be left standing after the powerful earthquake in 1906.

4. Fort Point National Historic Site

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Fort Point National Historic Site

Being rebuilt in the 1860s, this grand fort began its life in the late 18th century offering some spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Although it was never actually involved in any battle this high lookout point was originally fitted with 126 cannons. One of the most interesting facts is that this national monument in San Francisco featured in the famous 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film, Vertigo.

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5. City Hall

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
City Hall

Although just seven years later the original San Francisco City Hall was completed in 1899. This particular building and many other devastating earthquakes swept. To coincide with the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, the present-day City Hall was built between 1913 and 1915. The building was designed by two leading architects from Paris and itself is impressive.  It is considered in one of the iconic monuments in San Francisco. The large dome was actually based on which is on the top of the building of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome’s Vatican City and is currently the world’s fifth-largest. Some of the city’s most famous events have taken place here over the years.

6. Coit Tower

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Coit Tower

The Coit Tower is situated on Telegraph Hill, within Pioneer Park, where it dates all the way back to 1932. This most visited monument in San Francisco stands out in the area and at the top are some of the best panoramic views of San Francisco and the bay in the whole city. Erected in 1993, the Coit Tower measures in at some 210 feet / 64 meters. Dating back to 1957, standing at the very base is a large bronze of Christopher Columbus. Following a sizeable donation by the local Italian-American community, this statue was created.

7. Congregation Emanu-El

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Congregation Emanu-El

At the top of the temple, the Congregation Emanu-El features an enormous dome  Built-in the mid-1920s and just a stroll away from both the Presidio Terrace and the Presidio Golf Course, this grand synagogue has glorious stained-glass windows and is, without doubt, one of the more unusual monuments in San Francisco. The temple is actually North Carolina’s biggest Reform synagogue and is clearly visible on the city’s skyline.

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8. Admission Day Monument 

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Admission Day Monument

The Admission Day Monument also is known as the Native Sons Monument and the Phelan Fountain was erected to celebrate California’s 1850 admission to the Union. By San Francisco Mayor James D. Phelan for $12,000, it was commissioned. It was sculpted by Californian Douglas Tilden, like the Mechanics Monument located nearby. On September 9 in 1897, This monument of San Francisco was unveiled on California Admission Day.

9. Abraham Lincoln Monument

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Abraham Lincoln Monument

It’s a marvelous depiction of the great former American President Abraham Lincoln. With dignity and firm resolve, this popular monument in San Francisco shows him in a thoughtful demeanor. It sculptured by the Armenian-American artist Haig Patigian dates from 1926. It was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and replaced an earlier one.

10. Portals of the Past

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Portals of the Past

A surprising story to tell that each corner in San Francisco has. Each Saturday, Gary Kamiya’s “Entryways of the Past” will recount to one of those lost stories, utilizing a particular area to enlighten San Francisco’s phenomenal history – from the days when goliath mammoths meandered through what is presently North Beach, to the Gold Rush wooziness, the website franticness, and history. It is one of the ancient monuments in San Francisco.   

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11. Pulgas Water Temple

 Famous Monuments in San Francisco
Pulgas Water Temple

Built-in 1938, the temple honors the consummation of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct which carries water to Crystal Springs Reservoir from the Sierras 150 miles away. This is one of just three such temples in the U.S., displayed after those raised close to channels and conduits by the antiquated Greeks. A list of monuments in San Francisco is incomplete without it. Pulgas Water Temple is situated around a one-half mile south of the Cañada Road trailhead. To arrive, take Interstate 280 to the Edgewood Road exit. Continue west on Edgewood Road to Cañada Road, at that point north on Cañada Road roughly two miles to the temple.


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