Discover What Budapest is Famous For? | What Budapest is Known For?

Budapest is a beautiful city in Hungary whose glass is completely filled with exotic places and exclusive fashion. Budapest is famous for its incredible architectural designs and fashion sense all over the world that is evident in culture from the very beginning of ancient times. There are tonnes of adorable monuments that are standing firm from more than 100 years and hold some mesmerising designs that can’t be even structured today by the help of modern designers. If you wonder what is Budapest best known for? Follow the given below list of the top 8 reasons that mention its entire historic landmarks along with other distinct extraordinary entities. There are various Fun Things To Do in Budapest which you also consider in your visit.

List of Reasons Budapest is Famous

1. Best music

What Budapest is Known For?

best music

The Jewish District of Budapest, besides being a notorious party district, also happens to be home to one of the best music scenes in Europe,” For visitors taking their first steps onto Budapest’s music scene, Bihari recommends Szimpla Kert – the city’s most iconic ruin bar.

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2. Architectural History

What Budapest is Known For?

Architectural History

Epochs of Budapest’s architecture all crammed into a tight space, charming classical European streets” cheek by jowl with Brutalist blocks of flats from the 1970s, and an eclectic mix of structures dating from the 1990s, who won’t be stunned after watching the iconic parliament building.

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3. Danube Promenade

What Budapest is Known For?

danube promenade

Danube walkway goes from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Chain Bridge, and is perfect for those who want a short, but interesting walk. Promenading along the Danube is a great way to see many of the most famous sights in the capital.Danube is also perfect for a river cruise, there’s a fun dinner cruise and folk show (with gypsy music)

4. Extraordinary Museums

What Budapest is Known For?

Extraordinary Museums

Invisible Exhibition aims to give visitors the chance to experience what life is like for people who are completely blind. A registered blind guide will take you on a tour through various different artificially created environments (garden, supermarket, bar etc) which are in completely dark rooms. House of Terror holds exhibitions about the successive Fascist and Communist regimes which ruled Hungary during the 20th Century. The building itself was the former headquarters of the Fascist Arrow Cross party, and the building was subsequently used as a prison and torture venue by the State Security services of Hungary.

5. Cathedral and Synagogue

What Budapest is Known For?

Cathedral and Synagogue

Dohany Street synagogue is currently one of the largest in the world outside of Israel, despite the fact that Hungary’s Jewish population was significantly depleted during World War II. The interior and the garden were restored in the 1990’s, with much of the funding coming from the Hungarian Jewish diaspora population worldwide. St. Stephen basilica is one of the most important religious buildings in Hungary, and visitors to the reliquary can see the (reported) right hand of Stephen, first King of Hungary.

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6. Flea Markets

What Budapest is Known For?

Flea Markets

Flea market is a great place to find a bargain., Ecseri Flea Market is a place  to pick up a variety of different treasures. Stalls sell everything from retro clothing, through to memorabilia from the Communist era. Great Market Hall in central Budapest is Budapest’s most famous marketplace.

7. Funiculars

What Budapest is Known For?


Funicular, which first opened in 1870, at this city where Budapest owns the second oldest funicular of its kind in the world. Buda Castle Hill Funicular helps to raise the carriages up and down the hill. The funicular is the fastest way to get to the top of Castle Hill, and is exceedingly popular because of its panoramic views out across the Danube.

8. Parks and Water spas

What Budapest is Known For?

Parks and Water spas

City Park is a wonderful leisure facility for the citizens of Budapest and includes sports facilities, swimming baths, and a boating lake. During the winter months, the boating lake is transformed into one of Europe’s largest ice rinks Gellert’s baths, is One of the grandest spas in the city includes an open-air pool (which turns into a wave pool), an effervescent swimming pool, a Finnish sauna, and a range of other saunas and plunge pools.

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Hope you enjoyed these top 11 reasons that make all Budapest’s famous places to visit even more tempting and desirable. It’s incredible to see the epic monuments in person that played a crucial role in the development of the entire civilisation. But there are more Budapest’s famous landmarks that can impress those who are not history geeks and love to enjoy the places in the present. I hope you liked this article, and you can head on to other blogs for knowing more about this interesting city. Feel free to ask us in the comment sections below as well.

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