Latest Updates on Rwanda Travel 2021 | Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

Rwanda is the melting pot of cultures and ich African History that always keeps the travelers under the awe of its journey. Rwanda is nestled in the Great Rift Valley, which lies at the convergence of the African Great Lakes region and Eastern Africa. Along with incredible places to visit in Rwanda, which is enriched with natural beauty and extraordinary tourist attractions, its capital city Kigali delegates an ode to all the terrible past & suffering to Rwanda’s people who went through the horryifing times of genocide and much more. To get the more engaging travel updates of Rwanda follow along here and chill out at the super soothing 5 safe tourist destinations of Rwanda to visit during Covid-19 without any hustle. 

Updates on Rwanda Tourism Guidelines

  • Passengers have to fill a Health Declaration Form before departure at
  • Passengers arriving or departing through Rwanda must possess a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken almost 72 hours before departure.
  • The PCR test results are not mandatory for passengers younger than 5 years of age.
  • Passengers arriving in Rwanda are subjected to the COVID-19 PCR test and suggested to quarantine for up to 24 hours until the result is ready.
  • Airline crew handling the foreign flights must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken almost 14 days before arrival.
  • You can also go through the finer details for arrival & departure guidelines provided by the Government of Rwanda on
  • After quarantine of up to 24 hours at the designated hotel of the passenger, whilst waiting for the results of a second COVID-19 test.

List of Places in Rwanda to Visit

1. Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda’s best places to visit,place to visit in Rwanda, popular tourist destination in Rwanda

Volcano national Park

Volcanoes National Park is one of the most visited places in Rwanda. This park is immensely famous for its Gorilla families which are explored via various activities including trekking, or hiking onto the Volcanoes National Park forested regions. This park also possesses a unique location where it shares the border with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Such an atmosphere provides a home to numerous critically endangered mountain gorillas. The trekking usually lasts between 4-8 hours, out of which the major time is consumed in passing through the mystical bamboo forests, wild meadows, and swampy areas. Don’t worry about safety as there are experienced guides to protect and voyage across the gorilla group. The daily trekking costs almost $1,500 for single permits.

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2. Lake Kivu

Rwanda’s best places to visit,place to visit in Rwanda, popular tourist destination in Rwanda

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is the super popular tourist destination in Rwanda that is renowned for its mind-blowing adventures & relaxing atmosphere. This Lake is a 2,700-square-kilometer, emerald-green oasis, which is surrounded by misty mountains & luscious green forests. In fact, Kivu is Rwanda’s largest lake which is infused with adorable waterfront, sandy beaches, and stunning resorts. This peaceful town will surely restore all the mess which has been bothering you since the start of the pandemic. For nature lovers, a stunning sunset kayak trip with a singing fisherman on Lake Kivu will set this entire tour in a perfect nostalgic package that they can always cherish.

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3. Gorilla Guardians Village

Rwanda’s best places to visit,place to visit in Rwanda, popular tourist destination in Rwanda

gorilla guardians Village

Gorilla Guardians Village is situated at the well-known Volcanoes National Park. This village is the prime spot to experience the classic Rwandan culture. The inhabitants of this village are reformed poachers who, now cherish & maintain their living without harming the animals. As, the non-profit firms have provided the aid of cultural exploration & tourism in which the visitors get the chance to try their hand at Rwanda’s most famous crafts while in turn, the villagers receive the financial help from tourism. Such an arrangement keeps, both the villagers and tourists always welcoming. In fact you can bring back the hand-made baskets, arrows, and grind grains as a mark of souvenirs from this trip. This is amongst the interesting places to visit in Rwanda that you must not miss!

4. Kigali Genocide Memorial

Rwanda’s best places to visit,place to visit in Rwanda, popular tourist destination in Rwanda

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Kigali Genocide Memorial is the top destination to explore in Rwanda as it upholds amongst the most significant events of Rwanda’s history. This place to visit in Rwanda Kigali might lead you towards the supremely horrific genocide that resulted in the demise of 800,000 people in just 100 days in Rwanda. The country suffered a lot due to this devastating massacre. Learning about this terrible event at the Kigali Genocide Memorial would surely serve as an ode to those who left this life. There’s also a horrifying museum that covers the timeline of the 1994 genocide through umpteen halls of photographs, artifacts, and information. Whereas, for the strong-hearted, there is an emotionally mind-bending Children’s Room that is dedicated to the youngest victims of the genocide. 

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5. King’s Palace Museum

Rwanda’s best places to visit,place to visit in Rwanda, popular tourist destination in Rwanda

King’s Palace Museum

King’s Palace Museum is another historical gem of Rwanda that showcases a replica of a king’s palace from the 15th century. It comprises a thatched roof, royal hut, and fresh milk hut. You can also explore the colonial-style home which was once the residence of King Mutara III Rudahigwa in the mid 20th century here. It is the ideal example of an incredible architectural design that is fabulously striking & blends Rwandan patterns with European-style furniture. You can meet the star of the museum just outside titled as Inyambo (sacred cows)  statue and its staggeringly large horns. For sure, this nice place to visit in Rwanda will settle firmly in your memorable memories.

Essential Things to Pack 

Rwanda’s best places to visit,place to visit in Rwanda,

essentials to pack

  • Sunscreen, hats, summer vacation clothing, water shoes, insect repellants(Rwanda’s mosquitoes to worry about!) & reusable water bottles, water cleansing filters.
  • In First aid kids, apart from casual meds for a loose motion or usual fever, this time you must not miss an ASTM-certified surgical mask along with a cloth mask(to practice the double masking technique) & well-adjusted sets of sanitizers for personal protection.

Hope you all are on board with this exhilarating adventure for spending your vacations at Rwanda’s best places to visit during Covid-19. Such vacation will surely ease your stress & add loads of adventure after a devastatingly depressing time of pandemic last year. Don’t let the hard times tame you with their low energies. Enjoy some of the latest updates on Rwanda Tourism and a list of the 5 best holiday places in Rwanda to explore this year in 2021. For more engaging & updated travelogues like these please keep visiting the Adequate Travel Blog. Till then be safe & enjoy the sunny side of life in Rwanda!

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