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Cities in Cyprus are so beautiful. Cyprus is a tiny island has a grand history. Cyprus’ enviable position has made it a prized possession for all who rose to power in the Eastern Mediterranean, coveted by empires across the centuries. People still flock here today, but it’s now to seek out the island’s beaches rather than to gain power and glory. Travelers who are interested in more than sun and sand, you’re in for a treat. Cyprus has archaeological sites like fine Byzantine churches, monasteries, and museums galore. Cyprus is also a wonderful place to go hiking, with an incredible wealth of unique fauna and flora. Cyprus is so small that you can easily base yourself in one town and head out on day trips from there. 

Cyprus City List

1. Limassol

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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Limassol is a city that is situated on the southern coast of Cyprus and counted in the
best cities in Cyprus. Limassol is known for the centuries-old Limassol Castle. It is home to the Cyprus Medieval Museum. The collection of pottery and tombstones you will love to read here in this museum. Tourist comes here mostly for Prokymea Sculpture Park. This park is situated on the seafront.  You would love to see here sculptures by Cypriot, Greek and international artists. To the northeast of the city, there is a museum called the Limassol Archaeological Museum, It exhibits artifacts from the Neolithic to the Roman periods.

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2. Nicosia

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and the best cities to visit in Cyprus. The Turkis and Greek Cypriot communities of Nicosia segregated into the north and south of the city respectively in early 1964, following the fighting of the Cyprus crisis of 1963–64 that broke out in the city. This separation became a militarized border between the  Northern Cyprus Nicosia and the Republic of Cyprus. Today North Nicosia is known as the capital of Northern Cyprus. It is state-recognized only by Turkey, which is considered to be occupied Cypriot territory by the international community.

3. Paphos 

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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The shimmering, seaside jewel in the Cypriot crown, Paphos hugs the lapping cobalt of the Mediterranean on the breezy south-western haunch of the island. It is considered in popular cities in Cyprus. Pretty and tourist-friendly in the extreme, the developed center here also known locally as Kato Paphos comes complete with palm-shaded esplanades and bubbling al fresco seafood joints. Bobbing fishing boats add to the Grecian flavor, while broadsides of the crumbling Turkic Paphos Fortress, the stone archways of Saranta Kolones it is a medieval Byzantine castle that crowns the dock, a famous 2nd-century Odeon and the glistening sands of the municipal Alykes Beach are also all major draws. You can’t miss definitely.

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4. Pissouri

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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Pissouri is nestled neatly between two major cities of Cyprus Limassol and Paphos. Pissouri oozes laid-back Mediterranean vibes and authentic Cypriot character from its small clutch of tavernas and rustic whitewashed homes. Pissouri is still largely untouched by the onset of mass tourism. The terracotta-topped village of Pissouri is host to local farmers and winemakers. It also boasts one sun-splashed central plaza also called Pissouri Square and regular celebrations of island heritage. And you will love to see there’s a beach too a half-pebble, half-sand stretch that arches its way below the rugged cliffs of the south coast just a short jaunt from the town proper.

5. Larnaca

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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The Cyprus city list is incomplete without Larnaca. It is the third-largest in the country of Cyprus. Larnaca is likely that travelers landing in Cyprus will touch down first in Larnaca International Airport, while those who opt to make a beeline for the city itself are in for a medley of medieval relics and ancient sites and bustling, built-up seaside promenades, and pretty churches, visit the best cities in Chad. I will suggest you before exploring the minarets and mosque domes of the Hala Sultan Tekke start with a tour of the hallowed Church of Saint Lazarus.  And once the culture’s checked, Lanarca’s sun-kissed Phoinikoudes Beach beckons with its sea of colorful sun umbrellas and lines of fasolaki that is black bean and lamb stew, touting tavernas.

6. Kyrenia

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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Kyrenia is forged by the Peloponnesian Greeks, it is fresh from the Trojan wars no less. Kyrenia is one of the most enchanting and ancient top 10 cities in Cyprus on the entire north coast. The city can be found hugging a shimmering blue harbor on the edge of the rugged Kyrenia mountain range, and tourists now flit between the aromatic mezze and kebap joints here, people enjoying and watching the sight of salt-washed kaiki, a traditional fishing boats bobbing out at sea. You can not miss the formidable rises of the Kyrenia Castle that dominates the eastern end of the harbor, a sturdy bulwark of Byzantine stone that has made this town such a tactical possession over the centuries.

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7. Agros

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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Cascading down the pine-dotted hillsides of the rugged Troodos Mountains in the very heart of central Cyprus, Agros’ whitewashed homes and red-tiled roofs shimmer a brilliant white against the Mediterranean sun, with hikers and bikers eager to hit the trails around town and foodies in search of the earthy smoked pork fillets and lamb cuts that are famed in these hills. What’s more, roses are one of the region’s main exports, and Agros locals are renowned for their production of rosewater, which is sold in roadside stalls and boutiques throughout the streets and cities to visit in Cyprus.

8. Polis

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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Polis is beautiful town situated on the panhandle where you love to see the rugged wilds of the Akamas Peninsula bend into the northern coast, Polis is a sun-splashed seaside and laid-back town that draws tourists mainly domestic ones with the promise of an unhurried and authentic holiday. It’s enfolded by sweeping ridges of dusty coastal rocks and eucalyptus trees that offer an old town center of low-rise buildings clad in stone, where you get a chance to enjoy small beer bars rub shoulders with the ubiquitous souvenir stalls. Other draws include the string of secluded beaches that run along the coast to the west and the interesting array of Attic ceramics at the Polis Archaeological Museum.

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9. Famagusta

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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Famagusta, known in the beautiful cities in Cyprus. It is a culturally rich city situated on the eastern end of Cyprus. Famagusta is a city of more than 40,000 people that boasts a buzzing port and a history that goes back all the way to the time when the rulers of Ptolemaic Egypt held sway in this section of the Med. Now hailed as one of the most enchanting walled cities in southern Europe, its medieval heart. This is where you will find the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and its curious Gothic edifices that belie its erstwhile moniker: the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. 

10. Protaras

best cities in Cyprus, top cities in Cyprus

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Protaras is the favorite city in Cyprus among tourists. It is a package holidayer’s dream, something like the sober side of Ayia Napa. The town shines and simmers against the deep blue hues of the Mediterranean Sea. The beaches are crowned by the much-lauded Fig Tree Bay, peppered with sun loungers, slope softly down to the lapping shores, volleyball courts, and the occasional concession stand. The main attraction you would love to enjoy is crystalline swimming pools line the boardwalk along the coast, bicycles click past and international eateries offer mezze next to pizza and fries. Then there’s the pull of the waters here, with dive outfits operating out the town extolling the fantastic visibility and kaleidoscope of parrotfish, shipwrecks, and corals below the surface.

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