Top 10 Best Cities in Azerbaijan | Major Cities in Azerbaijan

Some of the explorers think that the magnificence of a traveling country lies in the capital cities. Anyway obvious it might be, there are unexplored cities and towns areas – separated from the capital city – which shouldn’t be ignored in your get-away and Azerbaijan major cities and towns are one of them. Despite lots of individuals never thought for venturing out to this region of the world, Azerbaijan is known for delivering a fulfilling adventure. Long periods of history consolidate with profoundly rooted conventions. The best places to visit in Azerbaijan offer assorted variety in wildlife, culture, experiences and landscapes. Mentioned below is our top 10 cities in Azerbaijan which are must to visit on your vacation to this nation.

Cities to Visit in Azerbaijan

1. Baku

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and is one of the best cities in Azerbaijan. The medieval Icheri Sheher with the baffling Maiden Tower frames its point of convergence. A late nineteenth century Inner City with design styles from the Russian Empire and a cutting edge horizon complete the layered appearance of this city. Main features incorporate Bake Boulevard embracing the Caspian Sea, Flame Towers and the shopping locale along Nizami Street. Not exclusively will guests discover a determination of lodgings to suit any spending limit yet a wide assortment of cafés, bars and restaurants are accessible as well.

2. Qabala

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


Qabala is around 225 kilometers away from Baku city. It is also called Gabala is an old city in Azerbaijan with an ancient and rich history. Having been a capital city of Albania for a long time previously, the city has various recorded and social landmarks of various times. The town has lovely well-developed infrastructure, recreation sites, breathtaking nature and all around created foundation drawing in a large number of voyager’s every year. Different attractions in this city incorporate the picturesque villages, famous Chestnut forest, river valleys and Russian forest and some more. Qabala is one of the Azerbaijan major cities.

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3. Ganja

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


The origin of acclaimed twelfth-century writer, Nizami Ganjavi, draws in generally couple of sightseers contrasted with Baku. Be that as it may, make the 370-kilometers trip venture from the capital, taking around four and a half hours, to encounter this historical city. Rather, a rich history going back to the sixth century alongside churches, house built from bottles awaits, caravanserai and ancient mosques.

4. Shaki

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


The clean Shaki city ought to be your next authentic and magnificent spot to visit in the wake of visiting Baku and other cities. It is an alluring old city with stunning traveling destinations like the Upper and Lower Caravansaries both of the eighteenth century, Old Fortress, the Gelersen-Gorersen post of the fifteenth century which nobody could seize. Voyagers likewise appreciate the nearby Shaki’s dish called Piti which is a flavorful dinner. The food is prepared in ceramic for around 10 hours. So you can purchase time strolling in the excellent avenues of this town before you come to appreciate the feast.

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5. Quba

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


Anybody searching to encounter ancient mountain villages, pristine landscapes and drench themselves in Caucasus culture ought to consider Quba. The social focus found 170 km from Baku in the upper east will, in general, be incorporated into the top spots to visit in Azerbaijan. Sat at more than 600 meters above ocean level on the inclines of the Shahdag Mountain, the district has fresh and natural air while overflowing with culture. Regular excellence in the Greater Caucasus Mountains scenes, waterfalls  Tenghi Canyon are only a couple of the features. Quba is one of the famous cities in Azerbaijan.

6. Shamakhi

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


Another place for exploring the history of this country: Shamakhi. Bragging a history over two centuries and lodging the previous Shirvan Empire’s capital, the community merits the drive of around three hours from Baku. Medieval archeological remnants and the disintegrating Gulistan Fortress that goes back right around a thousand years make intriguing destinations. The area is truly a hotspot for floor covering weaving just as being the origin of a few Azeri writers.

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7. Mərdəkan

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


Appreciate the beautiful scenes of Mardakan town which is a municipality and settlement Khazar raion of Baku. This metropolitan town is an attractions site for some guests because of its manors with watchtowers. The palaces have two keeps and these towers are a general chain of different towers and posts above Absheron promontory. Different focal points incorporate the museum and house of Sergei Yesenin, the Tuba 15th century Shakha Mosque, the mid-year grave and house of the oil head honcho Zeynalabdin Taghiyev.

8. Naftalan

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


Naftalan is one of the top 10 cities in Azerbaijan.Not commonly incorporated into the manual’s top spots to visit in Azerbaijan however worth a unique notice. The community of Naftalan close Ganja offers a strange kind of spa treatment. Accepted to go back over 1,000 years and promoted by the Soviets, Azerbaijanis today visit the spa to shower in raw petroleum. Some think washing in this exceptional evaluation of oil has medical advantages including neurological issues and treating skin disorders. Brave voyagers can attempt this experience for themselves.

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9. Lankaran

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


Traveling south from Baku along the Caspian Sea towards Iran uncovers the sluggish hotel town of Lankaran. With Neolithic starting points and a significant lot of coastline, Lankaran is one of the neighborhood’s preferred spots to visit in Azerbaijan. Walk around the town and visit the Lighthouse, Lankaran Fortress, Heydar Aliyev Memorial Park and the Old Prison. Shoreline darlings are prescribed to head a couple of km’s south to Kanarmesha while enthusiasts of the outside can take a multi-day outing to the Ghizil-Agaj State Reserve. The second houses in excess of 200 types of boars, wolves and birds. It is one of the best towns in Azerbaijan.

10. Nakhchivan

best towns in Azerbaijan, cities to visit in Azerbaijan.


Regardless of whether you’re visiting Nakhchivan for a couple of days or are a locality, Nakhchivan is certain to have something new for you. This city offers a lot of attractions to its visitors to choose from like Goris Hotel Halidzor Fortress, Marakan Protected Area, Karahunj, Noravank Monastery, Tatev Monastery, Ughtasar Petroglyphs, Areni-1 Cave and Diana Hotel all of this mentioned attraction are worth to visit on your trip to this nation.

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So far we have discussed the top cities in Azerbaijan which are must to visit on your trip to this beautiful nation as all of these cities in Azerbaijan offers a lot of things to do in their territory. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about this country.

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