Top Cities to Visit In Liberia | Best Cities in Liberia to Visit 

Founded by freed slaves, you could say Liberia was built on the darker histories of the 18th and 19th centuries. But Liberia also signified a newfound liberation for the returned victims of the Slave Trade. The beautiful cities in Liberia is worth visiting not only its beaches but also for culture. Currently, the major cities in Liberia are under infrastructural development to steer them forward and expand the economy of Liberia following the ravages of wars in the country. It meant a nostos to the homeland, and a country to govern all of its own. Today Liberia bears the scars of multiple civil wars, coups, political revolutions, and power struggles, not to mention the disastrous Ebola outbreak of more recent years.  That said, things are seemingly back on track here, and there’s certainly no denying the utter beauty to be found along the shimmering golden stretches of Atlantic coast, at the roaring surf spots and between the dense, chimp-peppered jungles of the island. Read this full article on best cities in Liberia to visit and know more: 

List of Cities to Visit in Liberia

1. Monrovia

Cities to Visit in Liberia, Major Cities in Liberia

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Monrovia is the capital and one of the largest cities in Liberia. This amazing country is located within Montserrado County along the Atlantic coast.  By the American Colonisation Society, Monrovia was established in 1822 as a settlement for the black slaves from America. Drawing heavy influence from the Americans, the returned black American former slaves were the significant control over the cultural and political spheres of the city.  After the Second World War, indigenous Liberians settled in the city to exploit job opportunities. Monrovia has a trade-based economy and has the largest artificial port in West Africa. \

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2. Gbarnga

Cities to Visit in Liberia, Major Cities in Liberia

With a population of 45,835 Gbarnga is the second most populous city in Liberia.  As the administrative capital, Gbarnga serves Bong County. The city served as a battlefront for the National Patriotic Front of Liberia during the First Liberian Civil War. With learning institutions such as the Cuttington University and the St. Martin’s Catholic High School, The city is the leading educational center in Liberia. The major occupation of this in this city to visit in Liberia is poultry farming which forms the major items of trade. This city has also a rubber factory that processes latex into crumb rubber.

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3. Kakata

Cities to Visit in Liberia, Major Cities in Liberia

Having a population of 33,945 Kakata serves as the capital of Margibi County.  The city is located within the rubber cultivation belt. The economy of this top city in Liberia is primarily based on rubber production, diamond prospecting. and subsistence rice farming.  Including the Booker Washington Institute established in 1929 and the Kakata Teacher’s Training Institute, the city has several academic institutions. The C.H. Rennie Hospital, communication centers such as the Radio Kakata and Atlantic radio are the other social facilities you will find here in this city. With traders from various cities of Liberia exchanging their produce here in the city which is an important trading market.

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4. Bensonville

Cities to Visit in Liberia, Major Cities in Liberia

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With a population of 33,188 people, the Bensonville is the capital of Montserrado County. For the surrounding agricultural areas, Bensonville is an important commercial center and serves as the marketplace. This one of the best cities in Liberia formerly existed as a production area for rice, furniture, paints and processed fish until the activities were disrupted by the civil war in the ’90s. The city’s growth is largely influenced by its closeness to Monrovia.

5. Buchanan

Cities to Visit in Liberia, Major Cities in Liberia

Buchanan known as one of the top major cities in Liberia is located around just three hours ride by rumbling bush taxi south out of the capital at Monrovia. This amazing seaside city is a fine introduction to the coastal character of this part of West Africa. The beaches are all undeveloped to the T, with swaying palm trees and groups of local children playing in the shallows. while others will hit the city itself, Many opt to camp here seeking out one of the few guesthouses that lurk between the frenetic markets and streets. You will love to find here beach bars to enjoy that are nestled between the crumbling bamboo shacks along the shore.

6. Zwedru

Cities to Visit in Liberia, Major Cities in Liberia

With just 23,000 people making Zwedru their home, and a whopping seven-hour drive separating the spot from the country’s capital on the coast, this far-flung county seat might not seem like the best place to add to that Liberia itinerary. However, Zwedru has a number of interesting features that you simply won’t find in the more trodden reaches of the west. For starters to tourists, it still retains something of an earthy, industrial vibe, thanks to its fledging logging enterprises definitely deserves in beautiful cities in Liberia.

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Most of the cities in Liberia have been listed among the most beautiful cities in Liberia. The slow development is largely influenced by the 14-year civil war in Liberia as well as corruption, economic mismanagement, large national debts, and poor infrastructural development. Other important Liberian cities include Harper, Voinjama, Harper, Buchanan, Zwedru, Greenville, and New Yekepa.

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