A Route Guide to Reach the Buda Castle, Budapest

Buda Castle is the heart of the Budapest Castle District and is surrounded by historical monuments, Museums, and spectacular views. But how to reach Buda Castle may confuse you a lot. It is one of the most magnificent symbols in Hungary and was previously called the Royal Castle because it was inhabited by the Kings and Queens of Hungary. Budapest Historical Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery, and the Széchényi National Library all are housed in Buda Castle. In this article, we tell you about one of the best route guides to reach Buda Castle in Budapest.

Complete Route Guide to Reach


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The castle already saw its first day back in the 13th century when King Bela IV began construction. But it has been destroyed and rebuilt three times over the years. In the 1400s, the castle was fortified and further developed on behalf of King Sigismund. He needed a majestic palace to show himself strongly as ruler, and when it was finished he chose Buda Castle to be his abode. After the reign of King Sigismund, Mattias Corvinus continued to build, but now in a more Renaissance style. Today, however, there is hardly anything left of the Renaissance. In the 16th century during the Ottoman era, statues were captured and brought to Constantinople by the sultan. However, the palace did not change until 1529, when the Ottomans wreaked havoc on Buda castle. During the Ottoman era, the castle began to rot more or less since they used it as a storage facility. The medieval castle was largely destroyed during the great siege of 1686. The oldest surviving parts date back to the 1300s, but the large Baroque palace, which today characterizes the site, was built in the mid-18th century from 1749 to 1769. During the Middle Ages, Buda Castle was said to be the largest gothic palace. At the height of the castle, there are also a number of historical statues such as the well of Mattias, the statue of Turul (a large bird from Hungarian mythology), and Prince’s Eugene on his horse. Inside the castle, a number of medieval rooms were rebuilt, but these are not original since the interior was largely destroyed during World War II.

Route Guide to Reach Buda Castle

The Castle District Municipality has temporarily limited tour bus traffic due to the reconstruction. During this period only 8 tour buses will be allowed in the Castle at any one time. for a period of 10 minutes. period of the head. So from the most exciting to the most adventurous, we have gathered alternative routes to reach Buda Castle!

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By Walk

There are various ways to reach the top of Buda Castle. One of the most comfortable routes is walking from Széll Kálmán Square to Bécsi kapu (Vienna Gate); this means a little over 15-minute walk to Matthias Church. Another option is to walk the steps starting from Aprod Street, between the Semmelweis Museum of Medical History and the Aranyszarvas Restaurant. The most exciting way to reach the Castle from Castle Garden Bazaar is the elevator or escalator.

By Funicular

a trip to the Buda Castle, Complete Route Guide to Visiting the Buda Castle, Best Route to the Buda Castle

By Funicular

The funicular (sikló in Hungarian)is the most spectacular and at the same time the shortest way to get to the Buda Castle. The funicular was originally steam-powered, but today it is operated in a pendulum-like manner: this means that the cars start at the same time, head up, head down. This is not a fast vehicle, but this is what makes this type of vehicle so attractive: we can enjoy a perfect panoramic view of the Danube Bank and the pests of the Hungarian capital while traveling with it.

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By Elevator

There are more lifts we can choose from. The oldest starts from Dózsa György Square and reaches up to the Széchényi Library. There is also a lift in the Castle Garden Bazaar, and last summer three new ones were opened by Murad pasha Bastion, by the School Stairs (Iskola lépcső), and by Gránit Stairs (Gránit lépcső). The last three are operating between 0-24.

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By TukTuk and Taxi

While the taxi is obvious, TukTuk needs a little explanation. The second is a small three-wheeled Cabrio with a driver and two seats behind. It is motile, like a scooter, and comfortable, like a chaise. The Budapest TukTuk gives you the opportunity to see every corner of Budapest come to life: your driver is also your personal guide following your interests, temperament, and speed, let us give you the memorable experience you are looking for.

By Bus

a trip to the Buda Castle, Complete Route Guide to Visiting the Buda Castle, Best Route to the Buda Castle

By Bus

You may need to change the bus depending on where you start in Budapest. Bus number 16 departs directly from Deak Ferenc ter. Buy tickets in advance and it will take 13 minutes to reach your destination, Buda Castle.


Segway is a two-wheeled urban vehicle. It is strong enough to climb up to Castle Hill and you can also maneuver with it in the narrow bends of the serpentine. It also deals with smaller steps. There are guided tours of a segway castle, starting from the city center.

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Budapest is a great place for cyclists, and while cycling uphill to the Castle requires some effort, it’s well worth the effort as you just need to roll down. An electric bike is a good alternative version for those looking for a more comfortable solution.

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