Best time to Visit Paris-Best Season to Visit Paris | A Month by Month Guide

City of Love, Paris is one of the best tourist places, there is no particular time to visit Paris because this city always welcomes its visitors. In this blog we are going to tell you all the Best times to visit Paris, So you can decide the best time according to yourself. You might be searching for the best time to visit Paris to avoid crowds, So here is some detailed information about that.

Best Season to Visit Paris – A Month by Month Guide

1. January

Paris is also like other cities in countries where the calendar ends with Christmas and starts  New Year and it is one of the best periods of the year to take advantage of low prices in hotels and plane tickets in Paris.

As for the activities in January, you’ll have a lot of things to do, At this time the weather is quite humid and rainy, sometimes snowy so you should be covered up and prepare some waterproof shoes and a raincoat for yourself.

If you need to warm up kindly visit some museums as they are well-heated during wintertime.

Major events taking place:

  • Fashion Week
  •  Epiphany on January 6th

2. February

In February, just like January, you will have benefit from better prices on hotels, apartment hotels, apartments, and also plane tickets than during summertime. The average temperature is 2° C, but at night and early mornings, the temperature is below 0° C. This is one of the best reasons why during winter you can take walks and visit tourist attractions without being completely surrounded by tourists, therefore this is the best time to visit Paris to avoid crowds.

You should not forget that February is the month of Valentine’s Day and Paris is the city of lovers. Couples enjoy the beauty of the ‘City of Lights, also the great deals offered by many restaurants and the other events organized for Valentine’s Day.

As for the single ones and families, those who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day can eat a pasty while having a cup of coffee at a heated pavement cafe on a cold day.

Major events taking place: Candlemass, on February 2nd

    • Valentine’s Day, on February 14th
    • Lunar New Year, in January or February
    • Mardi Gras, in February or March (47 days before Easter)

3. March

March is the worst time of year to visit Paris. If spring season arrives early then it’s a glorious few weeks of clear skies and cherry blossoms but, if it’s late then March feels like a torturous.

Major events taking place:

  • Paris Half Marathon
  • Paris Marathon
  • Color Run

4. April

For decades people have been singing about the merits of April in Paris. Warm, dry weather is to be expected in the city, after months of being gray, suddenly it finds itself bursting with color.

Go to Disneyland Paris during April because the weather is much more pleasant than in the winter so you can enjoy the rides without freezing.

Major events taking place:

  • Foire du Trône

5. May

May is the peak tourist season, you should prepare your trip in advance if you wish to visit the “City of Lights”. But it’s definitely worth it because as the summer approaches the atmosphere gets more and more festive. You should go on a tour boat for some sightseeing along the river.

National holiday:

  • Labour Day, May 1st
  • Victory in Europe Day, May 8th
  • Ascension Thursday ( 40 days after Easter)
  • Pentecost, a Monday in May or June (49 days after Easter)

Major events taking place:

  • European Night of Museums

6. June

During June the atmosphere of the city is definitely festive and hotel prices peaking in June. It is the peak season of tourism so if you want to visit there, prepared your trip months and months ago so you can have a hard time finding accommodation or plane tickets for a reasonable price.

The students are done with their exams and the school holidays are right in the corner and everyone can feel it. There is a return of the sales which pleases Parisians as well as the visitors that are looking for great deals in the city. The sunsets after 10 pm which will leave more time to visit Paris.

Major events taking place:

  • Roland Garros
  • Tropical Carnival of Paris
  • Holidays
  • We Love Green
  • Fête de la musique (Music Day)
  • Movie festival

7. July

The average temperature is 21° C, however sometimes the temperature drop or rises into a heatwave. In case you are there during a heatwave as you know that not all places, shops or museums are air-conditioned in Paris, so we recommend that at least you should find air-conditioned rooms.

Also, you have to get up early in the morning for your visits and if you don’t want to spend hours queueing then please buy online tickets.

Major events taking place:

  • Bal des Pompiers (Firefighter ball)
  • Open Air Cinema Festival
  • Paris-Plages (Paris’ Beaches)

8. August

August in Paris is a strange month, it’s not really Paris anymore because all the Parisians have left it behind for country houses or beachside resorts.

If you are local left behind, it’s a great opportunity to get a seat on the metro and a bed at the Paris Plage whenever you want but for visitors, it’s much less fun. The good thing about August is that there are chances that you might get a good deal on hotel rooms.

9. September

The time for French students to go back to school,  almost all the Parisians are back home after the summer holidays. The number of tourists starts decreasing and the prices of the hotels are still quite expensive at this moment. The weather in September is still pleasant and the average temperature is about 15°C which is a nice time to visit Paris, especially if you can’t take the summer heat.

This is the time when you start to sense the smell of autumn little by little at the same time as you enjoy the last rays of the sun of summer. When the summer activities are over in September, there are other cultural and sports events that will keep you busy. The race is organized at this time which is run by women that are in support of the research of breast cancer.

Major events taking place:

  • European Heritage Days
  • La Parisienne race

10. October

In October, we reach the end of the peak season or rather the beginning of the off-season. It is the best time to visit Paris, again the prices of hotels and plane tickets remain quite high and difficult to find. The temperature is quite chillier, around 11°C. 

Major events taking place:

  • Nuit Blanche in Paris
  • Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival
  • FIAC, International Contemporary Art Fair
  • Halloween

11. November

Like March, November is a real in-between month sometimes it’s beautiful and there is nothing more wonderful than strolling. We get closer and closer to the winter also we can spot the few leaves that remain on trees as we are going deeper into fall.

It is definitely the best moment of the year to visit the famous monuments and museums of Paris since there are not many tourists in the city. You can go to any place you want without waking up at dawn, without queueing for hours, and without getting stepped on while in the museum.

Major events taking place:

  • The Big Wheel at Place de la Concorde
  • Beaujolais Nouveau

12. December

December is usually cold, wet, and always marvelous. The City of Light takes this title seriously and the winter illuminations are the best in the world. The build-up to Christmas and New Year is also characterized by a lot of food and markets.

Major events taking place:

  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve, December 31st

Here we have found the worst time of year to visit Paris

March is the worst time of year to visit Paris, because If spring season arrives then there will be a better climate but, if it’s late then March feels torturous.

If you wanted to visit with your family having kids and old people then here is the best time to visit Paris to avoid crowds.

October and February will be the best time to visit Paris in such a situation because there the crowd gets decreases.

Here we have provided you every possible time to visit Paris. This blog is going to help you a lot if you are required to know the best time to visit Paris on a budget,  Kindly go to our other blogs as well, there you will get all the traveling tips for Paris and some other related items over there. If you liked our blog please like it, comment in the below comment section, and share it.

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