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Best Cities in Thailand to Visit | Beautiful, Famous Cities in Thailand

Best cities in Thailand is a destination with cultural heritage, from historical places to wonderful beaches, everything seems to feet together. In fact, millions of tourists visit these most popular cities in Thailand country every year. Why? Simple, Thailand has so much to offer, plus is inexpensive. You’ll have plenty of choices like visiting the temples, get lost in urban jungles or real jungles, have a moral experience with elephants or just relax on some of the planet’s beaches. Here are 12 of the must-see cities in Thailand, straightaway.

List of Cities in Thailand to be Visited

1. Koh Samui

cities in Thailand, Thailand cities to visit, best cities in Thailand

Koh Samui is a glorious tropical Island in Thailand and is a one hour flight from Bangkok. Koh Samui has a too old historical past which most of the people don’t know about. The main town in Koh Samui is Nathon being the main administrative center on Koh Samui island, which is equivalent to capital in a city. Koh Samui is a tropical island, it has lots beaches, nightlife, thousands of places to eat, night and day markets and fantastic shopping, as well as many other choices, such as cultural sights and several islands to visit that are not too far away, due to which it is one of the important cities in Thailand which must be visited.

2. Kanchanaburi

Thailand cities to visit, best cities in Thailand

Kanchanaburi is a very popular city in Thailand. It’s a quick 2.5-3 hour ride from Bangkok via train. Kanchanaburi is well known for the ‘Bridge Over the River Kwai’ which is the location of the WW2 bombing. There are other ties to WW2 history, but the thing which keeps tourists coming to this gorgeous town is the nature and the culture. Erawan Waterfalls National Park is outside of Kanchanaburi, where one can hike to the multi-leveled turquoise waterfalls. Also, you’ll get many, caves to explore, mountain ranges and even a giant rain tree. Also, there are many cultural sites, massive Buddha figures watch over the region from mountaintops. There are temples tucked in town, temples that you have to climb stair after stair to explore.

3. Ayutthaya

Thailand cities to visit, best cities in Thailand
Wat Chaiwatthanaram Temple

Since 1991, Ayutthaya has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s an absolute must-see city in Thailand and it’s easy to reach by train or bus from the capital, Bangkok. Ayutthaya held the title of capital during 1350 and 1767, then being plunder by the Burmese. There were approx 400 temples at the height of Ayutthaya’s power. You can also explore many ruins, in varying states of repair. The most popular location in Ayutthaya is the sandstone Buddha head wrapped in tree roots, which you can find at Wat Phra Mahathat.

4. Krabi

best cities in Thailand, cities to visit in Thailand, popular cities in Thailand

The Krabi in Southern Thailand has something for everyone. Getting here by plane is a breeze and there are plenty of activities to keep you interested for weeks. The town itself is too dry for tourist’s taste so the best option is to head 40 kilometers inland to Ao Nang. Here, you can rent a luxury villa and have massages and swim full day if you prefer. There are some professional companies which will take you for day trips to Phi Phi island as well as James Bond island from The Man With The Golden Gun. There are island tours too such as Four Island Tour or Hong island excursion.

5. Bangkok

most beautiful cities in Thailand, famous cities in Thailand, important cities in Thailand

Bangkok is one of the best city to visit in Thailand. The Thai capital has much to offer to all kinds of visitors, and it feels crowded at times, there’s a way to get away from people to quieter places, and also there are ways to experience a bit of local action. Among the things to do, there’s visiting all the beautiful Buddhist temples. These do get crowded at weekends, so it good to avoid Saturdays and Sundays and to go early in the morning. While visiting another thing to keep in mind is that it’s necessary to be dressed properly, with covered legs, shoulders, and chest for both men and women.

6. Sangkhlaburi

 famous cities in Thailand, important cities in Thailand

Sangkhlaburi is one of those destinations in Thailand which is the most visited cities in Thailand that should have a lot more tourists visiting it. However over six hours from Bangkok, and about three hours further west of Kanchanaburi, it still remains largely finished. The city is surrounded by marvelous waterfalls, many are unnamed stops along the side of the road. There are no entrance fees for the park and jungle. The best time to visit Sangkhlaburi is during October and March, the cool season. Western Thailand is extremely hot during summer, one of the hottest places in Southeast Asia.

7. Koh Lanta

famous cities in Thailand, important cities in Thailand

You must visit the island of Koh Lanta not only because of its Old Town, but the town in itself forms an island experience that can’t be missed. Koh Lanta Old Town is made up of the street lined with shops and restaurants. Several restaurants spread out on the piers so you can have a lovely dinner admiring the dark views of the sea. While Koh Lanta Old Town is a small Thai town with a post office and everything else you might need, it feels like a village too. There’s fish drying on a back street and a big temple hiding just a few blocks away.

8. Sukhothai

best cities in Thailand, cities to visit in Thailand, popular cities in Thailand
Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai is different from the other popular Thai cities on this list. Due to instead of being a buzzy modern Asian city, Sukhothai is an iconic Thai capital of the past. This ancient city is made up of the sprawling ruins of temples and monuments, spread over a massive area known as Sukhothai Historical Park, UNESCO world heritage site. It’s big enough that you definitely need a bicycle and at least one full day to see it all.

There is a modern and bigger city center surrounding these ancient ruins, but the popular old capital is the main event and the reason that most people visit Sukhothai. The best time to visit is Thailand’s “dry season” ie during November and February.

9. Pai

most beautiful cities in Thailand, famous cities in Thailand

If you are beautiful nature lover then you are definitely going to love Pai. Being full of aristocratic landscapes, just taking scoter and driving around can be a good experience. The best time to visit this town is probably during November and February. Pai is Thailand cities to visit, there are also several great waterfalls. Usually, you can have a bath at the waterfalls but if you visit there during the high season, they might be a quite dried out.

10. Chiang Mai

famous cities in Thailand, important cities in Thailand

When a traveler visits Thailand, they surely visit Chiang Mai no matter what. It’s the best cities in Thailand for so many reasons. One of the things tourists really loved about Chiang Mai is how green it is, you will be by the mountains, surrounded by nature. You can go hiking, eat, play with the elephants or simply visit temples. Personally, I think the best time to visit is from February to June. I have been in Chiang Mai twice, once during the rainy season, was pretty cool.

So far we maintain the list of cities in Thailand which briefly described the best cities in Thailand to visit and some of the most visited cities in Thailand. Hope you have loved reading this article about these popular cities in Thailand, and don’t forget to share your views in the comment section. If interested to know more about the travel tips and some travel information kindly head on to our other articles.


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