Top 10 Foods to Eat in New Delhi | Popular Foods of New Delhi

Delhi is the city of dreams for all the food lovers but the Indian influence is far more interesting to explore here than any other section. Such inspiration brings out the diversity of the best food to eat in  Delhi that you won’t stop trying.  In fact, not only the super delicious but also their availability is very accessible which also rings the bell for all light stomach consumers as the street food scene in Delhi is extremely high to give you an endless number of foods at very cheap rates. Hence I have curated a list of top 10 foods to try in Delhi, India that are super delicious and famous among the travellers.

List of Foods to Try in Delhi

1. Paranthas 

Popular Foods of New Delhi


These are one of the staple foods in northern India hence if you seek “healthy” morning in most Delhi households, or sometimes oily grilled patties then you can easily follow, a long trail of hungry college students to experience this all-time late-night snack-cum-meal parathas. Parathas are basically wheat dough sandwiches in which varied types of stuffings ranging from potatoes, cauliflower, raddish, eggs, keema, bananas to even last night’s leftover dal/lentils, are skillfully added and then rolled into a flat circular disc that can be eaten with tonnes of sauces or chutneys. These are definitely one of the most famous foods in New Delhi which is wholesome and extremely delicious.

Where to Find: Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk, whose past customers include the likes of Maharajah of Kashmir. Moolchand Parathe Wala located in South Delhi

2. Chaat

Popular Foods of New Delhi


It would be a shame if you leave Delhi and leave the signature chats. Spice alert for those who can’t take extra spiciness in their foods as this snack is all about the right balance of Indian spicy flavours. Chat is by far the best street food in Delhi which almost the entire North India can agree upon. Chandni Chowk in Delhi is undoubtedly the Street Food Capital of Delhi since the bearer of ‘best chat’ title can be acclaimed only when ‘you’ try what type of spicy balance suits your taste buds, therefore, it’s better to try from restaurants if you don’t have the habit of eating foods on streets. Chat is a fabulous combination of Potato patties mixed together with a lot of Indian spices and other crispy flakes which makes this dish super crunchy, delicious and tempting entirely. There are some landmark food haunts that really stand out in Delhi.

Where to find: UPSC building, Shahjahan Road; Bittu Tikki Wala, Karol Bagh; Daulat ki Chaat, Chandni Chowk;

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3. Butter Chicken

Popular Foods of New Delhi

butter chicken

This mail course meal is as interesting as its origin story which follows up from the time in the 1950s at a restaurant named Moti Mahal in Daryaganj which is a neighbourhood skirting from this city was well-known for its Tandoori Chicken, but once the cooks accidentally tossed the tandoori chicken pieces into a sauce consisting of butter, tomato and chicken juices and the rest you can experience the famous food of Delhi only with a starting order of ‘Butter chicken with naan or rice.

Where to Find: Moti Mahal, Daryaganj; Havemore, Pandara Road

4. Kebabs

Popular Foods of New Delhi


It might become lonesome for vegetarians but a place which was ruled by Mughals for such long years can’t sustain its typical food scene with top indo-Arabian versions of meat dishes. Delhiites must be thankful to the Mughals when it comes especially to Kebabs. As these minced meat crunchy roasted dishes are an all time favourite food in Delhi, India. There are numerous varieties to choose from but I would suggest you start from ‘seekh kebab’ that are kebabs which are rolled over steamy iron rods and roasted on a naked flaming coal tray that gives these a signature smoky flavour pairing wonderfully with the juicy kebabs.

Where to find: Alkakori Alkauser, R K Puram; Ustad Moinuddin Kebabs, Lal Kuan; Ghalib Kebab Corner, Nizamuddin; Salim’s Kebabs, Khan Market; Aap Ki Khatir, SDA

5. Chole Bhature

Popular Foods of New Delhi

chole bhature

Vegetarians, don’t worry it’s not a lonesome food scene as Indian dishes are full of diversity especially when it comes to veg cuisines. This top food of New Delhi deserves full attention therefore try it over an empty tummy I guarantee it will taste superb. Chole bhature is a super-rich, spicy and heavy combination. This is a popular Punjabi dish which is usually served for breakfast. Don’t be surprised, heavy is just another word for tasty in Punjabi sects in India. After tasting this spectacular dish you might understand why? As well. You can find this lip-smacking dish at all food joints in the morning, served piping hot with swollen bhaturas that you can pinch in the middle to take off the steam and enjoy the crispy hot cholay and bhature.

Where to Find: Sitaram Diwan Chand, Paharganj; Chache Di Hatti Kamla Nagar

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6. Biryani

Popular Foods of New Delhi


One of the favourite dishes of the Mughal Emperors that travelled across whole India and dichotomised into Northern and Southern versions. Biryani has stood the test of time and is today enjoyed all over India. You might wonder what a rice dish mixed with meat pieces can taste like? But Biryani is much more than that. Be it a poultry or lamb dish it will be mouth-watering. One of the most desirable versions of popular food in New Delhi, India is ‘Dum Biryani’ which is prepared in an earthen pot and the lid is sealed with dough so that all the yummy flavours and aromas are tightly soaked in beautiful rice grains and the juicy meat together. These pots are served hot on a table where you tear out the film of though to get the very first aroma of soothing delicious biryani. Ahh! Even now I ‘m hungry!

Where to Find: Dum Pukht in ITC Maurya; Al Kakori Al Kauser, R K Puram, Deez Biryani & Kebabs

7. Nihari

Popular Foods of New Delhi


Another royal dish from the collection of Mughals which is quintessentially the signature of Mughal dynasty joining the food scene in Delhi and Lucknow. You get a similar welcome when you enter Old Delhi(or Old Lucknow/Chowk) and walk into the serpentine lanes, the breeze of simmering smoky beef meat mesmerises your sense of smell and drool starts forming in your mouth with such deliciousness in the air. Inadvertently, you can’t help but be drawn to the aroma of one of the region’s signature delicacies, the Nihari.

Where to Find: Bara Hindu Rao area; Karim’s near Jama Masjid

8. Momos

Popular Foods of New Delhi


Irrespective of being a popular Cantonese delicacy this Indian snack is prepared umpteen number of styles that can blow your mind but not your taste buds.  Whether it’s the office break, birthday or even cocktail parties you can find these Indian versions of dumplings served to steam hot from the steamers. Being available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options you can enjoy this must-try food in Delhi with the fiery-red sauce that you can not miss at all! As if momos is Batman, then ‘red chutney'(locally called in India) is the Robin!

Where to Find: Kamla Nagar Market; Nagaland Food Stall in Dilli Haat;  Sikkim House, Panchsheel Marg; Cafe Brown Sugar, GK market

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9. Desserts

Popular Foods of New Delhi


A place which never ceases to amaze you in both the kinds of cuisines. how will it pull back in desserts after all. Extensive variety of desserts are offered at various times of the meal. As there’s a common tradition of embracing the ends of the meals with sweets in the entire country. Whether those are morning picks of piping-hot Jalebis or after lunch lip-smacking Rabri Falooda everything bursts a plethora of sugary tones on your palate. Such innovative ice-cream versions of Kulfis in flavours like Custard Apple, Tamarind and Aam Papad are just tremendous hits at any time of the hour. While on occasions you can find along with famous food to try in New Delhi ,the delicious ‘Motichoor Ladoo’ made from pure desi ghee makes your whole day full of sweet and juicy moments.

Where to Find: Giani di Hatti, Chandni Chowk; Old and Famous Jalebi Wala in Chandni Chowk who has served celebrities like Late Raj Kapoor and Indira Gandhi

10. Paani Poori

Popular Foods of New Delhi

paani poori

Well, it’s already illustrious all over the world for being the “surprise spice snack” which in major Bollywood movies is served to foreigners who after consuming this run for water or their lives. But don’t worry it’s just an exaggerated version of what real Pani Pooris are. These crispy cups filled with sweet and savoury water mixed with diverse spices gives you a perfect crunch after consuming all the genres of flavours. More precisely you can find it almost at every chat corner but some go specific with their choices and open the stall with uncountable numbers of water flavours. The crispy cups are locally referred to as ‘gol gappe’ or ‘puchki’. You even get a last taste neutraliser which is usually sweet or bland puchki with lemon and beans sprinkled over it.

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Hope you enjoyed such a great food tour of New Delhi that not only lists the famous food varieties but also signifies the most visited shops or hotspot in Delhi serving you the best versions of these dishes. You can comment if you have any more suggestions and head to our other blogs for more engaging info like these.

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