What to Buy in Taipei Taiwan | Best Things to Buy in Taipei

There are various local markets in Taipei that are selling some of the weirdest items that you buy as a gift but end up in total loss after buying only one-pieces due to their extra high prices. Along with that some of the famous things to buy in Taipei are so authentic that you might not know about being an outsider to the city but here I suggest you the best souvenirs that are super local and budget-friendly. Even some of the top things to buy in Taipei are very cheap and useful for your house collections. Therefore, for smart shopping in Taipei follow our list of top 10 things that you can buy in Taipei at very affordable prices.

List of Things to Buy in Taipei

1. A-Po Iron Eggs

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

There are a lot of packed items you can see in the local markets of Taipei, but what is best to buy in Taipei? When you have to take it back to your home town and there are no troubles regarding its expiry dates. I suggest you try this egg-based dish from Taiwan which originated in the Tamsui District of New Taipei City. These are actually hard-boiled eggs that have been braised and dried through various processes to make the eggs chewy, small and full of flavor. Some say it’s an acquired taste but who doesn’t like eggs and yeah please don’t play around with its name as A porn eggs, as A-Po is the nickname for brand Apotiedan in Taipei.

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2. Ali Mountain (Ali shan) Tea

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

China is always the signature place for trying the best tea in the world, so what better thing to buy in Taipei which is the capital city of the Republic of China(Taiwan). These tea leaves grown in the high Ali Mountain in Chiayi are the most sought-after and recommended by tea enthusiasts all over the world. These teas are premium oolong tea that is highly regarded for its floral and creamy character. You can buy the best of such tea in the markets located in Maokong while getting a full first-hand experience of making your own tea.

3. Pineapple Cakes

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

These cakes are the remark of Japanese rule being taken off from this city which started from just a simple pineapple trade of exports and import along with its cultivation in Taipei later, leading to the huge intake of this tropical food in a lot of foods of Taipei. Further, the pineapple cakes became the leading dessert loved by all the  Taiwanese people in Taipei. You will find this as one of the best souvenirs to buy in Taipei due to their perfect packaging and heavy international demands.

4. Mochi

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

Another top snack to buy from Taipei is the gooey mochis. These are pronounced as ‘muah chee’ and are particularly famous in the Hualien city of Taiwan. Their preparation proceeds from the fresh rice ball dessert that is later steamed or boiled in water. You can find a lot of flavors in this which are intricately filled inside this rice dumpling. It’s one of the top things to buy in Taipei that can be easily found almost anywhere in Taipei, and take them back for your relatives and friends. You can find the best mochi at Food shops in Ximending, Jiufen, and Shifen.

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5. Nougat Bars

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

There are a lot of small treats in Taipei that are easily available in every store and have very good packaging that you can take anywhere in the world without any food leakage issues. Like other sweet treats, this is also the gooey goodness of Taiwan’s peanut that you can get when you struggle with what to buy in Taipei. Especially for your little kids, that’s healthy and doesn’t harm their health.  You can get the fresh and best nougat bars from shops like Sugar & Spice which are very famous for these tiny treats.

6. Castella Sponge Cake

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

If you ever browsed these cake making videos I am sure you’ll be fascinated with their size and how soft they look. These are plain cheesecake which is baked in huge pans in rectangular shapes then later you can get small pieces of these cakes for your transit. It’s also fun to watch bakers make the Castella, which starts out as a big slab of cake. These famous things to buy in Taipei are very entertaining and yummy so do try them and bring them back for your loved ones. Try buying these from the Shilin Night Market.

7. Mini Sky Lanterns

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

The lanterns are the most typical Taiwanese thing you can have but the mini versions of such beautiful lanterns are another best souvenir you can buy in Taipei that is popular among a lot of travelers. You can also take these things with you, for lightening your hometown skies. Shifen is the place where most of Taipei releases sky lanterns during special festivals like Chinese New Year. In fact, the sky lanterns are more environmentally friendly than bursting crackers or wasting money in expensive house lightings. Just try to buy these lanterns from the Souvenir shops in Shifen that have the best variety of Mini Sky lanterns in Taipei.

8. Pottery

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

A place which is filled with colorful tea culture, it’s not difficult to imagine that they will have the best teapot collection made from various kinds of clay. You can buy these pottery sets either for your home or for gifting someone. They always prove to be the popular thing to buy in Taipei Taiwan that can be gifted and collected for one’s own personal home use. You can find the best pottery art at Jiufen where you can even learn to make your own too(only the guarantee for their shape and decor will be transient!).

9. Cute Pens

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

If you are one of those old souls who still prefer to write with pens rather than typing over laptops, then this is the perfect thing to buy in Taipei for your personal use. These are super cute pens that are decorated and fitted inside different bodies of famous movie characters or flowers that may seem like a part of pen stand decor if you keep them normally inside the stand with the lid closed. They come in many designs to fit all types of personalities. The best places for shopping for these cute pens are the markets of Ximending, Jiufen, or Shifen.

10. Chun Cui He drinks

 Best Things to Buy in Taipei

These are some of the famous bottled beverage brands from Taiwan that are extravagantly in trend and lie on the top favorite list of Taiwanese drinks for men. The drinks are a common sight in convenience stores with plenty of flavors available, ranging from milk tea to Sumiyaki (roasted coffee). You can choose your flavor to take back home like this a must-buy thing in Taipei after the heavy barbecued dinner parties.

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I hope you liked these top 10 famous things to buy in Taipei, Taiwan that are very popular among locals and tourists. You don’t have to spend extra over these items as all of them are easily available at local stores. So don’t wonder what is famous to buy in Taipei? Just follow a par list of entities and choose what suits you best. Head on to our other blogs for finding more interesting places to explore in this city.

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