Most Visited Monuments in Zambia l Famous Monuments in Zambia

Zambia is definitely a novel place to be and a remarkable sight to see. With a trove of deep-rooted traditions and celebrated cultures, a visit to the monuments in Zambia departs from the humdrum sightseeing tours to bring you an enriching experience of scenic colonial buildings. Lusaka is Zambia’s capital city, the country’s most populous city, and the most important commercial center and continues to flourish more than ever. Surrender yourself to the infectious energy of the locals, coated in the beautiful tongue of the Zambian language, as you embark on this journey. Here is one of the top monuments in Zambia:

List of Monuments in Zambia

1. Nachikufu Cave

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

Nachikufu Cave

Showcasing the stunning configuration of life from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, the Nachikufu Cave features some of Zambia’s most interesting rock arts and paintings. This historical landmark in Zambia is located in the forest of Brachystegia and features semi-naturalistic paintings and schematic paintings featuring two elephants, an antelope, and two human figures armed with bows. This mpika cave depicts some of the country’s most interesting rock paintings and is the site of an on-site museum that showcases an impressive sequence from the Stone Age in northern Zambia 18,000 years ago to the recent Iron Age.

Address: Nachikufu Cave, Zambia

2. Livingstone Museum

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

Livingstone Museum

Formerly known as the David Livingstone Memorial Museum, the Livingstone Museum is the largest and oldest museum in Zambia. It is located in Livingstone, near Victoria Falls. The historical place in Zambia offers a collection of relics that tell the story of local history and prehistory, including musical instruments, photographs, and personal belongings of David Livingstone, a Scottish Congregationalist pioneer medical missionary and explorer.

Address: Plot 567, Mosi-Oa-Tunya Road, Livingstone, Zambia

3. Niamkolo Church

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

Niamkolo Church

This church appears to have been built in 1895 for the missionary society in London, and it happens to be the earliest stone church left around Zambia. This famous monument in Zambia was actually built on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, on the east side of the city of Mpulungu. Access to the church garden is free 24 hours a day, although visitors are kindly requested not to enter the church and only view it from the outside.

Address: Niamkolo Church, Mpulungu, Zambia

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4. Fort Monze

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

Fort Monze

The Monze Fortress in western Monze is one of the many forts that have spread throughout the country and were once used by the colonizers as police stations. Inside the structure is a cemetery of colonial police officers who were in charge of the fort. The historical site is classified as a national monument of Zambia. The fort is 60 square meters, with significantly sloping, grass-covered, clay fortifications and several huts that served as police cells and living quarters.

Address: Fort Monze, Monze, Zambia

5. Chambeshi Monument

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

Chambeshi Monument

The monument is located next to the Great North Road, north of the Chambeshi River, about 100 km south of Kasama. This popular monument in Zambia consists of a large concrete stand with a German cannon and a stone column on top, with two plaques: one commemorating the English-language event and the other in honor of the soldiers fighting in the Bemba War. On the north Great North road heading north on the left side of the road, after the Chambeshi bridge, there is a sign. A road leads to the monument and the caretaker of the monument meets you to show you the way.

Address: Chambeshi Monument, Kasama, Zambia

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6. NSALU Cave & Rock Painting

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

NSALU Cave & Rock Painting

This historical landmark in Zambia is located next to the Great North Road, a 30 km drive north of Kanona from the Serenje district. The patterned prints date back nearly 12,000 years and are 20 meters wide, 8 meters high, and 20 meters deep at Mount NSALU. Research shows that these caves were initially inhabitants of the Middle Ages, who later handed them over to the inhabitants of the Late Stone Age, for example, based on objects taken there in 1949. A quick ride through the caves led by a caveman shows different patterned paintings with yellow grids or lines, others of several kinds. This collection of rock paintings found there surpasses those found in any other part of Zambia. The explanation of these types of paintings, however, is inexplicable and inexplicable. The site is usually closed, but the paintings can also be viewed outside the gate. 

Address: NSALU Cave & Rock Painting, Zambia.

7. Von Lettow Vorbeck Memorial

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

Von Lettow Vorbeck Memorial

As you crosse the Chambeshi River bridge on the main road from Mpika to Kasama, you would discover the place that marks the site where General Von Lettow Vorbeck, the leader of German forces in East Africa, agreed to take a ceasefire in the course of World War II. You will find a monument to the German army’s breaking ammunition at the same place. This one of the oldest monuments in Zambia is an iconic symbol of Zambian history. 

Address: Von Lettow Vorbeck Memorial, Kasama, Zambia

8. Copperbelt Museum

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

Copperbelt Museum

The Copperbelt Museum in Ndola, northern Zambia, is always busy with local and foreign visitors who learn about the country’s copper mining. It is full of remains collected hundreds of years ago. The museum also has a gift shop full of souvenirs. This cultural monument in Zambia is protected by the Heritage Department of the country.

Address: Buteko Ave, Ndola, Zambia

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9. Lunsemfa Wonder Gorge    

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

Lunsemfa Wonder Gorge

Lunsemfa Wonder Gorge, 160 km from Mkushi Boma, is 6 miles south of Lunsemfwa Power Station. This ancient monument in Zambia offers one of the most gorgeous scenery you will ever find in Zambia; the confluence of the Lunsemfwa River and the Mkushi River. The two rivers cut 300-meter narrow gorges into the Karroo sedimentary rocks and offer spectacular views of natural phenomena.

Address: Kabwe, Mkushi District, Zambia

10. Source of the Zambezi 

Monuments in Zambia, Famous Monuments of Zambia

Source of the Zambezi

This important monument in Zambia is surrounded by a rich forest of Miombó and a Muslim forest strip. The area is rich in biodiversity, with nearly 200 species of birds and mammals, including the tree Pangolin, the long-legged rat, the red-tailed monkey, and the African palm civet. The Source of the Zambezi is located approximately 34 miles (54 kilometers) from Mwinilunga along a dirt road that is being developed. The best way to reach the source would be to take a taxi from Mwinilunga or drive a four-wheel-drive private vehicle. There is a sign along the Mwinilunga-Ikilenge road indicating a turn to the source. A campsite is available on site.

Address: Source of the Zambezi, Mwinilunga, Zambia

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