Top 10 Beaches of Switzerland | Best Beaches to Visit in Switzerland

This city is world-famous for its tourism and scenic snow-covered mountains. You might address Switzerland is all about watches and chocolates but this city is the heart of the most natural beaches as well. You can enjoy a fully relaxing retreat at these famous beaches in Switzerland that you might not find anywhere in the world. There are a lot of destinations in Switzerland that just seem like an excerpt from an art book. What better vacation you can have rather than spending it at the most favorite tourist destination? that is appreciated for all of its natural beauty and breath-taking adventures. You must explore its serene beaches along with its nearby souvenirs shops and restaurants. Here it is, the list of 10 incredible top beaches in Switzerland that is perfect to enjoy the best sunny vacations.

List of Beaches in Switzerland

1. Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen , Zurich

Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland

Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen , Zurich

If you are traveling around this country and you want to experience some leisure time near the lakes and sand then this popular beach in Switzerland is the first choice to go ahead. Strandbad Tiefenbrunne lies near Lake Zurich in Switzerland. This beach is a public bathing spot that features diving boards, a floating platform, and a shallow lake water pool. You might not have to worry about any essential amenities as all of them are easily available near the beach. Take it from sunbathing spots till allowing you to enter the water without cutting or muddying your feet they manage all of it. You can explore the nearby bars and restaurants offering refreshments.

Address: Bellerivestrasse 200, 8008 ZĂĽrich, Switzerland

2. Lido di Lugano, Lugano

Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland

Lido di Lugano, Lugano

You might be amazed to see the perfect location of this beach which seems like any artist painted beautiful scenery having luscious rolling hills at the back and a turquoise bay at the front. This is one of the best-known beaches in Switzerland you can enjoy at all times of the year. This is also a public swimming pool complex that manages visitors of all ages. You get an Olympic-sized pool with several lanes, spectator stands, and diving platforms of varying heights to hone out your swimming skills along with volleyball courts, and soccer fields for slightly grounded games to enjoy near the beaches. It’s such a nice atmosphere due to the Grassy lawns, palm trees, and sandy beachfront all at your disposal. An Art Deco-styled building serves meals and refreshments. 

Address: Bellerivestrasse 200, 8008 ZĂĽrich, Switzerland

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3. Bains des Paquis, Geneva

Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland

Bains des Paquis, Geneva

This is one of the most spectacular beaches in Switzerland that has Geneva’s famous Jet d’eau from Bains des Paquis, a public bath area. One certain additional quality that you won’t find in other beaches here is they provide a relaxing time in the sauna or rejuvenating bathe in the hammams that just opens your senses. You can also treat yourself with a complete massage, Soak up some sun on the beach, relax in the sauna, treat yourself to a massage, or bathe in the hammam, water polo and tai-chi lessons are also available indulging in the fondue, considered by many to be some of the best around.

Address: Quai du Mont-Blanc 30, 1201 Genève, Switzerland

4. Baby Plage

Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland

Baby Plage

If you are traveling with your family then this is one of the most particularly family-friendly best beaches in Switzerland you must explore. You might even find tire swings to make your kids busy in their fun on the beach. You can even make yourself fit and follow up a jungle gym along with breathing the freshest air in a grassy park. You will get the entry free all year-round, and it’s open all the time around the year.

Address: Quai Gustave-Ador, 1208 Genève, Switzerland

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5. Jonction

Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland


A very beautiful beach in Switzerland where the rivers Arve and Rhone meet together to create this amazing natural ambiance which is super relaxing and refreshing. It’s far away from the city to ensure you some peace and quiet time with your loved ones. You’ll find plenty of trees and scenic nature that just adds up the beauty of this incredible top beach of Switzerland. 

Address: Sentier des Saules 28, 1205 Genève, Switzerland

6. Yvonand Beaches

Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland

Yvonand Beaches

This beach is situated near the largest lake in Switzerland that is Lake Neuchatel. You can enjoy the beaches at Yvonand on Switzerland’s western edge that owns such a tempting vibe. You might not find only one beach, in fact, you end up with a smattering of small beaches and natural bays that offer clear, turquoise waters and fine, white sand all in one place. These are also one of the most-visited beaches of Switzerland as they are shallow and administer low-current, which makes them kid-friendly.

Address: Cheseaux-Noréaz, Switzerland

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7. Lake Thun Beaches

Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland

Lake Thun Beaches

This spectacular beach is very famous for its views in the world. Lake Thun sits just north of the Swiss Alps between the towns of Thun and Interlaken that makes these beaches in Interlaken Switzerland breathtaking in their views. You get amazing facilities of the swimming spots and peaceful shores on Lake Thun that just go with the vibes of a perfect honeymoon trip for any couple.

Address: Switzerland Near Alpine regions

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8. Geneve Plage

 Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland

Geneve Plage

The is considered one of the biggest beaches of Switzerland nearby Lake Geneva. Such a wide area gives this beach the liberty to own the biggest swimming area as well. You are also offered with swimming pools with slides and high dives here that makes it a perfect beach destination for all the adventurous souls who love to have fun under the sunny weather and sandy grounds. The entry fee for adults is $7.50 and for children, they take around $3.75. This is a must-visit beach in Switzerland if you love to explore adventurous beach activities.

Address: Port-Noir, Quai de Cologny 5, 1223 Cologny, Switzerland

9. Seebad Eich, Eich

 Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland

Seebad Eich, Eich

Seebad Eich offers you swimming and recreational zones along its shores. With the lush green lawns and colorful umbrellas having oak lounge chairs you just can’t leave this amazing relaxing place. You can get all of these items for rent to sit back in the sun or you can just enjoy in the shade of the plentiful trees nearby the beach. Most of Switzerland’s beaches are really scenic and beautiful hence don’t forget to carry your Cannon or DSLR camera and sunscreen. You will get some fabulous clicks without any extra effort here. You can also check out the restaurant by the lake and don’t worry if you forgot certain essentials you get dressing rooms, showers, and lockers along with free parking at this beach. 

Address: Seestrasse 23, 6205 Eich, Switzerland

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10. Ufschotti Park, Lucerne

Beaches in Switzerland, Best Beaches to visit in Switzerland

Ufschotti Park, Lucerne

The first look of this beach in Switzerland is no way near to any beachy vibes. In fact, this place looks like it boasts a spacious lakefront lawn complemented with a well-maintained sandy shoreline. But the most amazing feature of this famous beach in Switzerland is that you get a beach-cum-garden where you can either bask under the sun or bring a picnic and relax on the soft grass under the shade of tall trees. On a clear sunny day, you can also join along with other bathing enthusiasts in swimming.

Address: Seestrasse 23, 6205 Eich, Switzerland

I hope you liked the above-mentioned top 10 beaches in Switzerland that are filled with nature and give you a perfect retreat to have the best vacations ever. Switzerland is known all around the world for its heavy tourism but you won’t feel such chaos at the beaches of Switzerland as they manage a lot of people every year. So do try these destinations to make your vacations more romantic and fun. And don’t forget to share and comment. There’s a new Adequate travel app we have launched recently, you can check it out on the play store to enjoy more interesting features reckon to travel.

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