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Colombia is a new nation which started to attract visitors from all over the world, not only for his attractive places but visitors love to dine in this nation as some best innovative eateries continue to cherish their customers with their mouth-watering dishes. Don’t miss to visit some of these best restaurants in Colombia on your trip to this nation as all of these places are very famous among locals and visitors for there innovative dishes and extraordinary services.

Restaurants to Visit in Colombia

1. Andrés Carne de Res

unique restaurants in Colombia, Restaurants to Visit in Colombia

Andres Carne de Res

This eateries amazing vibe is the main reason why visitors are coming back to this eatery again and again. The 75-page menu of works of art like ceviches and arepas, and pages of succulent steaks are thoroughly overpowering; al trapo is prescribed in the event that you need some assistance narrowing things down. Andrés has truly increased its sustenance quality recently – as it included in the list of San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2017, positioning 49th – however, it’s the dreamlike design and decor contrivances that really captivate.

Address:Calle 82 No 12-21|Zona Rosa,Bogota,Colombia

2. Abasto

unique restaurants in Colombia, Restaurants to Visit in Colombia


Circular corn cakes, Arepas, are a Colombian eating staple found all through the city. Abasto’s main area in Usaquén — an inviting neighborhood that has an outside flea market on Sundays — is the perfect breakfast spot to test various kinds of arepas made with fixings from nearby ranchers markets. Additionally, don’t forget to try their Putumayo palm hearts just as the anta Rosa de Cabal chorizos and the granadilla juice. Abasto is one of the famous restaurants in Colombia.

Address:Carrera 6 119b 52|Usaquén, Cerca al Mercado de las pulgas.,Bogota,Colombia

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3. Mondongo’s

unique restaurants in Colombia, Restaurants to Visit in Colombia


Ensure you burn some serious calories before visiting both of the two Mondongos in Medellín, every one of them drawing a lively crowd of local diners and offering generous portions of traditional Colombian food. Meat lover should try the house specialty of sopa de mondongo,  fried giant plantain, a healthy tripe soup presented with avocado, arepas and lemon, a Colombian corn cake. For the best involvement, visit at the time of lunch on Sunday when the eateries atmosphere is electric and jam-packed with Colombians. As the place normally stays jam-packed so don’t forget to come early to get a seat here.

Address:Cl. 10 ##38-38, MedellĂ­n, Antioquia,Colombia

4. Leo

unique restaurants in Colombia, Restaurants to Visit in Colombia


Cook Leo Espinosa is the man who is behind this creative Colombian high-end food. The main 12-course tasting menu matched with artisanal beverages and wine is a belt-extricating, multihour venture through outlandish regional fixings, a large number of which are disregarded by most Colombian kitchens. A supper here is just out of the world, with striking flavors and bold colors not at all like those of anything recently plated. In the year of 2018, Leo crawled into the lofty World’s Best Restaurants list at No 99 is the one and only restaurant in this list from Colombia. It is one of the unique restaurants in Colombia.

Address:Calle 27B #6-75, Pasaje Mompox, Centro Internacional,Bogotá,Colombia

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5. Restaurante El Tambor

unique restaurants in Colombia, Restaurants to Visit in Colombia

Restaurante El Tambor

On ends of the week, Bogotanos like to take off to the wide open for a long lunch and for some fresh air. Half an hour outside from the central Bogotá, El Tambor is kind of an upscale piqueteadero, easygoing roadside eateries spend significant time in barbecued meats devoured by the platterful. In the open air seating is huge wooden stumps and sections of land of grass for leaning back while you snack on a gala of chorizo, morcilla, grilled  pork and beef, guacamole, yuca, arepas, smoky grilled corn, potatoes, sweet plantains, chunchullo, chicharrones, longaniza, and loads of beer to help drive through everything. There are three areas, however, the La Calera branch is by a wide margin the most famous.

Address:Km 12 Via Bogota, La Calera,Colombia

6. El Herbario

unique restaurants in Colombia, Restaurants to Visit in Colombia

El Herbario

For a progressively healthy lunch choice, El Herbario is a popular diner that puts an accentuation on top-notch vegetable-based dishes. These incorporate generous green salads, grilled legumes with goat’s cheese and tasty soups each dispersed with a decent fistful of fresh herbs. Those needing something somewhat more considerable will locate a broad choice of fish and seafood dishes. Set in a roomy distribution center like a corridor, the furnishing is classy and contemporary with high roofs, wooden seating and metallic trimmings. The floor-to-roof wine divider is loaded with wonderful choices.

Address:#1030, Cra. 43d, MedellĂ­n,Antioquia,Colombia

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7. Platillos Voladores

unique restaurants in Colombia, Restaurants to Visit in Colombia

Platillos Voladores

Cali’s top-notch food experience, Platillos Voladores offers a varied and interesting menu of wonderfully introduced gourmet dishes that element a heavenly interchange of European, Asian and Afro-Colombian impacts and generally nearby fixings. Mains run the extent from tofu in the green curry to ceviche mixto and Mexican sopa de tortilla. Dinners are served either inside in some cooled lounge areas or outside in the garden area and pair your meal with a huge collection of the wine list and don’t forget to book your tickets in advance.

Address:Av. 3 Norte # 7-19, Cali,Valle del Cauca,Colombia

8. Julia

Culinary expert Daniel Castaño, who administers a few of Bogotá’s coolest eateries, spent a portion of his profession closeby gourmet specialist Mario Batali in New York. After much experimentation, Castaño, at last, made the mixture he yearned for, and his pizzas are viewed as a portion of the capital’s ideal. He gets a kick out of the chance to top them with bison mozzarella and a sauce he makes from the San Marzano-style tomatoes he develops solely for his eateries. Julia is one of the top restaurants in Colombia.

Address:Carrera 5 69 A -19,Bogota 110231,Colombiz

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9. In Situ

unique restaurants in Colombia, Restaurants to Visit in Colombia

In Situ

Encompassed by lavish greenery in the core of Medellín’s botanic nurseries, In Situ rules for the city’s most tastefully appealing dinner. Housed in a cutting edge and moderate manner, all glass paneling, and white concrete, the eatery’s inside glimmers with starched white tablecloths and polished wine glasses where visitors can sit and watch out onto the plant enclosures. The menu highlights a wide exhibit of dishes that give a cutting edge bend to exemplary Colombian flavors with strengths including pesto-stuffed chicken, salmon tartare and racks of smoked pork.

Address:Calle 73 51d 14 |Jardín Botanico,Medellin 050010,Colombia

10. Pajares Salinas

unique restaurants in Colombia, Restaurants to Visit in Colombia

Pajares Salinas

This high-end food foundation is ruling in this nation from more than 60 years. What’s increasingly wonderful is the manner by which the exemplary Spanish eatery has kept up such brilliant gauges for service and food. Begin with a couple of tapas from the menu and proceed onward to the lamb chops, paella, or cochinillo. This formal lounge area draws in the city’s world-class, everybody from legislators to famous people.

Address:Cra. 10 ##96-08, Bogotá,Cundinamarca,Colombia

So far we have discussed the top 10 restaurants in Colombia where you can dine with your friends and family to enjoy your meal. All of these eateries serve the delicious food and some of them has a huge collection of wine which you can pair with your meal to enjoy your meal. Hope you liked our post, kindly visit our other blogs also if you want to know more about Colombia.

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