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The trip to Australia is not completed until you have experienced the nightlife in its urban cities. The quest for places to enjoy the after-hour nightlife in Australia is minimal because the urban places are full of bars, nightclubs, live music venues, theme parks, open-air cinemas, restaurants, strip clubs, comedy gigs, games, theater performances, and many more. 

A trip to Australia allows you to discover different aspects of your life and enjoy every bit of your moment. From wildlife sanctuary to jazz clubs and live music venues, this country awaits you for adventurous trips and awesome nightlife experiences. Keeping the nightlife activities in mind, we have listed the top 8 cities to experience never-forgetting Australian nightlife.  

List of top cities to enjoy the nightlife in Australia

1. Sydney, New South Wales



Of course, Sydney has to be at the top of this list because it is filled with different opera shows, clubs, lounges, karaoke bars, and many other entertainment places to hang out. After a long day of work, local people in Sydney head towards the nightclubs or restaurants with their friends and loved ones.

Plan your first night in Grasshopper bar for a full night of booze and entertainment. Its unique design and thrilling alleyway are what attract the people. You can define its beauty as love at first sight. Once you have adored the beauty of this bar, the next interesting thing is jazzy wine and late-night dinner venues. 

Another stop could be Chinese Laundry for long night dance and music. The low ceiling, crowded area, packed dance floors and loud music is all you need to party hard till morning. These two are some of the best nightclubs in Sydney. 

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Average cost per person: $1,955 for a week

Best time to visit: March to May & September to November

2. Melbourne, Victoria


Melbourne, Australia

The coolest and glamorous city of Australia is Melbourne and is the hotspot of some of the best nightclubs in Australia. The city is filled with rooftop bars, strip clubs, gay bars, and many other luxurious clubs. You can easily find these fascinating clubs and bars in Australia but how about a sophisticated place with rich Aussie wine? If you want to enjoy quiet and luxurious nightlife visit Embla or Bar Library. The second option is La Di Da for the party animals. Cheap drinks, DJ night, and a packed dance floor are what you will experience in such Melbourne nightclubs.  

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Average cost per person: $1,735 for a week

Best time to travel: March to May & September to October

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3. Brisbane, Queensland


Brisbane, Australia

After the sunset, the change in the euro in this city is quite evitable. The people in Brisbane are far from sleep. For the night owls, Brisbane offers some of the best places to party like crazy. You can start your nightlife journey with Fortitude Valley. With the magnificent nightfall, the streets of Fortitude Valley are full of nightclub beats, laughter, and live bands. Don’t forget to bring an id scanner to enter one of the venues otherwise you won’t be allowed after 10 pm. The Tivoli, The Zoo, The Princess Theater, and The Triffid are the best live music venues to experience platonic music.  

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Average cost to visit: $1,634 for a week

Best time to travel: March to May

4. Perth, Western Australia


TWR Bar, Perth, Australia

The largest city in Australia yet the isolated place across the continent. Its location makes it one of the most beautiful places with splendid scenery. The mild weather, unspoiled natural atmosphere, clear waters, beautiful beaches, and friendly local people make this city one of the top places to enjoy the nightlife in Australia. The nightlife in Perth is the amalgamation of jazz bars, rooftop clubs, live concerts, pubs, and beautiful restaurants. The Grosvenor, OBH, and the Cottesloe Hotel are some of the cheap and best nightclubs you can visit. Not to mention, the Sunday Sessions in these bars that offer ‘happy hour’ and provide special discounts on their venues. 

Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Average cost to visit: $1,934 for a week

Best time to travel: September to November

5. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Goal Coast, Australia

Goal Coast, Australia

Do you know SkyPoint is the tallest skyscraper? The Surfer’s Paradise beach is the hottest place to visit when you visit Gold Coast. This beach contains a plethora of bars, clubs, theme parks, restaurants, and SkyPoint. The viewpoint from the 77th floor with Aussie wine is a must-not-miss opportunity. Skypoint Observation Deck opens until 10 pm on Saturday. 

Another party place where you can have a blast at nightlife is Melba’s On The Park. The menu in Melba’s is full of mouth-watering foods and drinks. It is the one-stop entertainment spot on Gold Coast.      

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Average cost to visit: $2,418 for a week

Best time to travel: From mid-May to November

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6. Cairns, Queensland

Carins, Australia

Cairns, Australia

Cairns is another bay city where you can enjoy your nightlife the way you always dreamt of. A simple backpack is enough to have a wild Cairns nightlife. The city has plenty of great restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hostels. Allow us to tell you the plan to enjoy the best nightlife in Cairns. Book Gilligan’s Backpackers resort and indulge yourself in the exciting atmosphere. You can either choose to stay or simply give a visit and enjoy the party all night dancing and singing. 

Location: Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Average cost to visit: $576 for a week

Best time to travel: April and May & September and October

7. Outback, Queensland, Australia

Outback, Australia

Outback, Australia

The shaky and dingy roads of Outback might not justify the word ‘nightlife’ but the bars in the deserted areas are worth checking out. The Daly Waters pub is the favorite haunt for the locals and tourists. The atmosphere in the Daly is quite lively and interesting to witness. Many tourists leave their treasures like driving licenses and of course women’s undergarments. Want to experience a cold breeze at the bay, just find the lonely spot and spend your night. Or you can book a resort to spend the night in warm beds. Outback is undoubtedly one of the best places for nightlife in Australia. 

Location: Outback, Queensland, Australia

Average cost to visit: $1,781 for a week

Best time to travel: April and May & September and October

8. Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Darwin, Australia

Darwin, Australia

Darwin is hot and humid and is famous for its drinking culture. Mitchell Street is the city center and hotspot of many pubs and nightclubs. Darwin Ski Club is a residence of friendly people and is close to the Art Gallery and Museum. The breathtaking beaches and aesthetic enlightened buildings at night are just mesmerizing. The Precinct Tavern, the Tap on Mitchell, Opium, Discovery Nightclub are some of the best nightclubs and bars to visit. The Darwin nightlife offers the best nightlife experiences.

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Average cost to visit: $1,143 for a week

Best time to travel: May to October

In this article, we have listed the best way to enjoy your nightlife in 8 Australian cities. We have included plenty of different spots where you can visit with your friends, family, or even alone. If you happen to live in one of the cities mentioned above, comment down below and share with us more amazing places in your city to spend an exciting nightlife. 

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