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These monuments of Sydney are not only distinctive structures on the Sydney urban landscape but also can assist tourists and newcomers find their bearings as they explore the city. A number of these monuments in Sydney have become iconic symbols of Sydney. It is also home to some of the world’s noteworthy monuments not only is Australia a land rich with gorgeous landscapes, unique wildlife, and sunny beaches. Here are some interesting monuments in Sydney that will be worth visiting if you plan on visiting Australia. With a number being known the world over Australian monuments don’t come much bigger or more famous than those of Sydney. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are of course amongst the most famous historical monuments in Sydney, let’s have a look on it: 

List of Monuments in Sydney

1. Sydney Opera House 

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

The Sydney Opera house is, in fact, one of the most distinct 20th-century buildings in the world, a marvel and feat of great engineering and architecture. Synonymous with Australia, the Opera House is located on the eastern headland of Circular Quay and is renowned throughout the world for its path-breaking design. This most popular monument in Sydney has also found it a place in the UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites. A variety of cultural performances, tours, and dining options, the Sydney Opera House offers.  The Australian Ballet and Opera Australia have regular performances over here, with up to 1500 taking place every year. You can decide to investigate the notable fascination all alone or can pick one of the guided visits (some of which may even take you to the behind the stage). The term of these visits is 1-2 hours, roughly.

2. AMP Tower 

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Namely the Centrepoint, the Westfield Centrepoint, the Sydney Tower and more recently, the Tower EyeThe AMP Tower has a number of different titles, following its acquisition by Merlin Entertainments in 2011. It is one of the national monuments in Sydney. This freestanding structure is certainly hard to miss, standing at more than 980 feet / 300 meters high above the city. The Tower Eye offers some of the best possible panoramic views of the cityscape from its popular observation deck with high-speed elevators and regular guided tours. A recently opened 4D cinema, and numerous touchscreens, also on this floor is a gift shop. For dining with a view, you can choose between two revolving restaurants, with the buffet choice being especially popular and serving close to 200,000 diners each year.

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3. Anzac War Memorial

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

The Anzac War Memorial is a noticeable milestone in the Central Business District and recalls those from the First Australian Imperial Force, who lost their lives in the First World War. Being situated on the southern side of Hyde Park and erected in the 1930s, this memorial comprises a museum, a statue and also the Pool of Remembrance. It is counted in one of the famous monuments in Sydney. 

4. The Cenotaph

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

On centrally located Martin Place, the Cenotaph is a moving monument that commemorates Australia’s sacrifices in war. This important monument in Sydney has become a major annual event in the city and a dawn service is held here every year on April 25th. The adjacent to the Cenotaph, the Commonwealth Bank Building serves as a useful point of reference.

5. Central Railway Station

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

First opened around 100 years ago, the important Central Railway Station, in the early 20th century. This best monument in Sydney serves as a busy transport hub that has led the way in train travel throughout Australia and also features impressive architecture, including an eye-catching clock tower.

6. Customs House

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Customs House, in the Circular Quay area, has recently been completely renovated and restored. This most visited monument in Sydney originally built in the mid-1840s and later expanded some 40 years later, this building boasts a vast interior, which is used for many major festivals and exhibitions. Other attractions include the onsite bar, which has awesome views of Sydney harbor and plays host to various musical events in the evenings.

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7. Cadman’s Cottage

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Cadman’s Cottage was built in 1816 and now it is actually the oldest house in the entire city. Once the home of the last government coxswain, John Cadman, this ancient monument in Sydney is now home to the offices of the Sydney Harbour National Park Information Centre.  Now Cadman’s Cottage has become a major tourist attraction of Sydney.

8. Parliament House

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Sydney’s breathtaking Parliament House was built in 1816 and now it is almost identical to the nearby Mint Building. You will love to see here elegant architecture, a sandstone facade, a number of important collections and two storeys, verandahs. The public gallery is only open on days when parliament is in session going on. This popular monument in Sydney was originally built as the northern wing of the Rum Hospital, the building has been used by the Legislative Council since 1829.

9. Elizabeth Bay House 

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

The Elizabeth Bay House was built in 1839 and was known for many years as the ‘finest house of the colony’Close to Beare Park and on the easterly outskirts of the city. The house features a number of interesting exhibitions, many authentic period features, antique furniture, and glorious neoclassical architecture recently restored to its former glory by the Heritage Trust. The Arthur McElhorne Reserve may also be of interest, it is just next door to it.

10. Fort Denison

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Fort Denison is a small, fortified island located off Mrs. Macquarie’s Point. The fort now features guided tours of its historic prison cells, previously simply known as Pinchgut, a cannon museum and a particularly popular café, with some of the best views around. It is counted in one of the monuments to see in Sydney.

11. Government House

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Government House was built in the mid-19th century and has played host to visiting royalty from all over the world, dominating the western headland of Farm Cove. The building features splendid Gothic-style architecture, antique furniture, elaborate decorations, and many impressive period features and it is located within the Central Business District. Regular guided tours are available every 30 minutes. 

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12. State Library of New South Wales

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

The city’s State Library of New South Wales is to be discovered remaining alongside Parliament House and has gotten even more a social place than a basic library, housing in excess of five million books, journals, artifacts and important historical documents. Throughout the year, the library also hosts a number of temporary exhibitions. It is close to both the InterContinental Hotel and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

13. Old Government House

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Located on the far western side of the city and within Parramatta Park, the Old Government House is over 200 years old, making it one of the most historic sites in Sydney. Built as a country retreat for early governors, the house sits at the top of a hill, overlooking the Parramatta River, and is now home to an interesting museum. Close by you will get the Parramatta Stadium and the War Memorial Swimming Centre.

14. Rose Seidler House

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Built by world-famous architect Harry Seidler in 1948 and located roughly 40 minutes to the north, next to North Turramurra, the Rose Seidler House is situated on the Upper North Shore. This overwhelming present-day building highlights fabulous perspectives on the encompassing bushland and the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and accompanies contemporary furnishings and ordinary occasional occasions, each year during August such as the extremely popular Fifties Fair celebrated.

15. Rouse Hill Estate

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

The Rouse Hill Estate has been home to six generations of occupants dating back to the early 19th century. Now this one of the top monuments in Sydney owned and managed by the Historic Houses Trust, this grand neoclassical sandstone house was originally built by laboring convicts.

16. Susannah Place

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Within the Rocks district, where it comprises a wonderful row of tiny terrace houses dating from the mid-19th century, Susannah Place resides there. Susannah Place also features a traditional corner shop selling many authentic period items, remaining one of the few examples of the modest housing in this area of the city.

17. Sydney Hospital and Eye Hospital 

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Sydney Hospital and Eye Hospital is located alongside the Parliament House, which serves as the oldest hospital in the whole of Australia and was founded in 1788, is located on this spot since 1811. The hospital is centered around a courtyard and was home to some of the earliest professional nurses and doctors in the history of the country with an imposing sandstone facade and traditional Victorian architecture.

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18. Town Hall 

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Another noteworthy landmark and iconic monument in Sydney in the city center, the Town Hall stands directly across from the Queen Victoria Building and right next to St. Andrew’s Cathedral.  Along with crystal chandeliers, stained-glass ceiling panels, and an enormous pipe organ, the hall features an elaborate interior with much ornate Victorian decoration. Until they moved to the Sydney Opera House in the 1970s, the resident grand Centennial Hall was originally the home of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It is now used for large meetings, concerts, and local events.

19. Vaucluse House

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

A list of monuments in Sydney is incomplete without it. The historic estate of Vaucluse House stands on one side of Vaucluse Park located some 15 minutes to the east and dates back to the early part of the 18th century, which were later extended by Australian explorer William Charles Wentworth – widely acknowledged as the father of the Australian constitution. The house was originally built for Sir Henry Brown Hayes, considered to be a ‘troublesome individual’ by the Governor of New South Wales, who was keen to see Hayes living outside of the city center. 

20. Victoria Barracks

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

This historic monuments to see in Sydney, late-Georgian complex took seven years to build and houses the oldest surviving army barracks in Australia. The work was supervised by Major George Barney, commanding the Royal Engineers, and incorporates sandstone quarried on the site. Free guided tours are undertaken by volunteers once a week and comprise a 30-minute band presentation, a one-hour tour of the complex and an optional visit to the Army Museum. The latter focuses upon the history of the armed forces in New South Wales and displays such objects as weaponry, costumes, and paper artifacts.

21. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

Monuments in Sydney, landmarks of Sydney

Without a doubt, Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is one of the best vantage points and one of the popular historic monuments in Sydney. Both tourists and locals, it is a major point of interest. To enjoy panoramic views of the Harbor, this chair is basically was cut out of a sandstone rock for Governor Lachlan Macquarie’s wife. The location of this monument is right next to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Mrs. Macquarie’s Point. The best thing about this is it offers magnificent views of the Sydney Harbour and the coast.

So far we have discussed the best monuments in Sydney, which contains the proper information regarding all the top monuments in Sydney. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Sydney then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about Sydney.

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