Chopper services to Kedarnath Dham will remain functional during the monsoon

Synopsis: The Himalayan company will continue the chopper services to Kedarnath Dham even after 30 June and Aryan Aviation will extend its chopper service. Earlier, all Helicopter companies stopped their Heli services during monsoon season. 

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According to reports, pilgrims visiting Kedarnath Dham can now take advantage of chopper services even in monsoon season. The Himalayan Heli is a famous Helicopter charter service that will now provide helicopter service to Kedarnath Dham even during the monsoon season. Along with this, Aryan Aviation also decided to extend its chopper service during monsoon to provide utmost comfort to the pilgrims. 

Dilip Jawalkar, Secretary of Tourism and Civil Aviation in reference to the statement provided by the aviation companies said that previously chopper services to Kedarnath Dham were usually discontinued during monsoon season. However, this year the state is ready to benefit more pilgrims this year.

Reports said that, during this monsoon, Aryan Aviation has decided to extend their chopper service till July 5. Moreover, the famous Himalayan Heli will continue with their chopper services throughout the month provided the weather is ideal for flying.

Presently there are nine companies providing chopper services to the Kedarnath Dham from different locations in Uttrakhand including Phata, Guptkashi, and Sirsi (Rudraprayag district). These companies altogether decided to continue the service in this monsoon season. The decision has been taken to facilitate pilgrims’ journey to the revered shrine of Kedarnath Dham.

Himalayan Heli operates around 30-40 shuttles a day that benefits 200 to 250 pilgrims every day if the weather is suitable for flying. After the decision to continue the services, the company is ready to benefit more pilgrims in the month of July. The choppers will carry around 1,000 passengers daily in this extended period.

Pilgrims who are planning to visit Kedarnath Dham through a chopper have to register themself on the official website and complete their booking before arrival. While booking tickets, pilgrims have to specify their date and time slot. Once the booking is confirmed, take a printout of the ticket along with a valid ID proof to take advantage of the chopper service. Digital tickets will likely not be accepted.

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