Best Cities to Visit in Panama | Major Cities in Panama

Some tourists come to Panama in search of adventure, or a quality retirement destination, and some others seek to take advantage of Panama as a business destination. The cities of Panama are worth visiting.  Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here in the biggest cities in Panama, and most likely in one of its cities. The famous cities in Panama are mainly positioned along the Pan-American Highway and are the capitals of the provinces in which they are located. They serve as hubs for local government, healthcare, and commerce, for the surrounding areas, typically. Due to this availability of amenities, most popular cities in Panama are the best choice of tourists across the planet.

Best Cities to Visit in Panama

1. Panama City

Best Cities to Visit in Panama

Panama City

Panama City is known as the capital, and arguably the most popular city in Panama.  Checks all the boxes for those looking for a vibrant economy and city life. This modern city is alive and flourishing with a population of over 1.5 million in the metropolitan area. Panama City has a lot to offer including shopping, historical sites, island getaways, great restaurants, entertainment, and nightlife, for those interested in retiring here. Not to mention the benefits of good public transportation, great healthcare, and housing options.  Panama City ideal for those that want to travel because of the availability of an international airport, and reasonable flights to North America, and Europe. Panama City has long been a booming business hub for Latin America, so it is ideal for tourists looking for a business opportunity. This one of the cities in Panama to visit offers great neighborhoods, great walkability, with paths along the waterfront, and a new subway system. With bars, restaurants, casinos, and concerts nightlife are abundant in Panama City. As Panama City is at sea level, it is known to be very warm, and temperatures usually reach the high 70s F in the mornings and high 80s F during peak sunlight hours. Although hot at times during the day, the evenings are generally cooler with sea breezes.

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2. Chitre

Best Cities to Visit in Panama


Chitre has a metropolitan population of around 80,000 people and the capital of the Herrera province and a hub for the Azuero Peninsula. Only 3.5 hours from Panama City, Chitre is spread out over small hills, making it feel intimate and smaller than it is. Neighborhoods of this major city in Panama here are a mix of old and new, giving locals a great selection of housing to fit every budget. In Chitre, resident’s needs are catered for through shopping, entertainment, golfing, and restaurants. With its growing expat community and Las Tablas, which are both within an hour drive expats also settle in nearby Pedasi,  and close to the ocean. With year-round temperatures of around 80 F to 85 F and lows around 70 F, the consistency of weather is a big attraction to Chitre.

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3. Santiago

Best Cities to Visit in Panama


With a population of just over 100,000 people, this important city in Panama is located on the Pan-American Highway. Santiago is the capital of the Veraguas province. Santiago serves as the center for services that are not available in the smaller surrounding towns, such as Santa Fe, with its steady expat population, and Santa Catalina, a surfing town on the Pacific Ocean.  Santiago Mall is the largest shopping mall outside of Panama City. It is just a three-hour drive away. Santiago at an elevation of 299 feet is a bit cooler than the other cities But the same weather patterns apply to the whole country. With lower humidity, Mid-December to mid-April is a dry season. The wet season begins mid-April, lasting until mid-December with higher levels of humidity, rainfall and average temperatures in the mid-70s F.

4. David

Best Cities to Visit in Panama


David is the closest city to the border of Costa Rica and is the capital of the Chiriquí province. With a population of around 180,000 people, this best city to live in Panama is around a six-hour drive to Panama City or a 40-minute flight from the airport in David. The local economy is booming with new businesses and tourism.  Although most ex-pats in the area live in Boquete, a 40-minute drive from David, increasing numbers are making David their home. This is due to a lower cost of living, easy access to amenities, and only a 30-minute drive to the beach.  In recent years, David has seen a boom in the construction of lower-priced homes and rentals, as the real estate market targets Panamanian budgets. David is known as Panama’s warmest city with daytime temperatures in the high 80s F and low 90s F. Despite David being much warmer than the expat communities of the highlands, the tradeoff is reliable services and a booming economy.

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5. Colon

Best Cities to Visit in Panama


Colon is nestled along the Caribbean coast at the mouth of the Panama Canal. It is also Panama’s largest port city second-largest Panamanian city by land area. Colon is one of the country’s top tourist destinations surrounded by coral reefs and rain forest reserves. Fishing, surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities here.

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6. Penonome

Best Cities to Visit in Panama


Penonome, the capital of the Cocle province, is only 75 minutes from Panama City. This best city in Panama boasts a mild tropical climate all year round and features a rich indigenous history. Tourists can explore the city’s charming streets. All the streets bustle with annual festivals dedicated to oranges, sugarcane, and tomatoes. With wildlife lie on its outskirts also, a number of orchards, ranches and rolling hills rich.

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7. Portobelo

Best Cities to Visit in Panama


Christopher Columbus gave this name Portobelo which means “Beautiful Port,”. This main city in Panama is heavy in Spanish art and architecture. In Portobelo, you will love to see some several Spanish forts, the largest of which, San Jeronimo. It is said that it was used to hiding stolen Incan artifacts and boasts 18 cannons. Portobelo is home to a statue of the Black Christ and also known for the Church San Felipe.

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8. La Palma

Best Cities to Visit in Panama

La Palma

La Palma is located in Darien province. This densely populated capital city offering vacationers regular transportation to and from Panama City, top-rate travel facilities, and modern western amenities. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate La Palma’s tropical jungles, mountains, and beaches. Include canoeing, hiking, and fishing in the Tuira or Chucunaque rivers are some popular activities of this popular city in Panama.

9. Vacamonte

Best Cities to Visit in Panama


In the western portion of the country’s Pacific region, Vacamonte is a port city with a year-round maritime climate and a lush natural setting. Both commercially and for leisure, with urel, tuna, shrimp and shark among the most common game, deep-sea fishing is particularly popular here. White sand beaches and turquoise waters lure scores of sunbathers. Because of it, the city definitely deserves in tourist cities in Panama.

10. Cristobal

Best Cities to Visit in Panama


One of the beautiful cities to visit in Panama neighbors Colon, nestled on a narrow isthmus that connects Manzanillo Island with the mainland.  Panama Canal is the city’s major attractions, although visitors interested in local culture will also find a vast marketplace selling handmade goods such as jewelry, clothes, wood carvings, and baskets. January, February, and  March offer the best weather.

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