Water Parks in San Francisco, Aqua Parks in San Francisco

Best Water Parks in San Francisco, California | Popular Amusement Parks in San Francisco

Aquaparks in San Francisco are probably the most coveted and in-demand tourist destinations in the city. These water parks are spectacular and also give you an experience of a lifetime. You can spend your time enjoying the startling water attractions available in the parks, irrespective of the age. You can discover numerous indoor water parks in San Francisco with fun rides for kids and rides for the adventurous teenagers that even adults can appreciate. Further away, in these water parks of South Bay or the East Bay, you will be greeted by the traditional summertime merriment and enjoyment. Just a few days spring and summer will be knocking on the doors and winter will be over. To start the summer with a journey to an amusement park in San Francisco would be a decision you won’t regret. As these parks can be is undeniably able to add a little fervor to your get-away. Helping you to find out the best San Francisco water parks we have prepared a list.

List of Water Parks in San Francisco 

1. Antioch Water Park

Water Parks in San Francisco, Aqua Parks in San Francisco

You can relish the waterslide, pool rentals, water park buyouts, and a 3-hour minimum buyout in the park from the month of May and through the month of September. No climbing is allowed inside the park and edibles are allowed only at least 6 feet away from the pools and slides while visiting the park you should remember. There are certain restrictions on clothes too. While visiting this water park San Francisco CA park, one can wear traditional swimwear but not provocative attire, cut-offs gym, and street clothes. Even metal ornamentation or basketball shorts are also prohibited. Snorkels face fins and masks and are also not permitted. It remains open daily through August 6 and weekends through September 3rd.

Address: Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA, USA

2. The Wave

Water Parks in San Francisco, Aqua Parks in San Francisco

This newly opened water park has an aquatics complex that is situated in the East Bay city of Dublin featuring a broad and wide theme walk. This water park around San Francisco has six stunning slides water tower. The park is comprised of is an indoor swimming pool, an open-air sports pool, waterslide barbican, and splash zone coupled with water play highlights. In addition to it, there is a climbable play structure, kiddy slides, an ample amount of space on the boardwalk, sundeck and grasslands for you and your family. Notable is that visitors under the age of 13 should be accompanied and also supervised by 17 years or older individuals. The recreation center stays open day by day from June 3 to August 13. From August 19 to September 24 this water park is open on ends of the week as it were.

Address: Central Pkwy, Dublin, CA

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3. Boomerang Bay Water Park at Great America

Water Parks in San Francisco, Aqua Parks in San Francisco

Boomerang Bay is another popular water park in the San Francisco bay area that we have added to the list of top parks of San Francisco. California’s ‘Great America’ amusement park is a wonderful place for fun. With a large number of attractive features, Boomerang Bay Water Park will certainly provide you. The park has a huge wave pool, tube body slides, a 4-person raft slide, and a lazy river including splash areas for kids of all ages. It is based on an Australian theme. One can also ride or sit right behind the wheel of a class Barney Oldfield Speedway antique car. 

Address: Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA

4. Aqua Adventure Water Park

Water Parks in San Francisco, Aqua Parks in San Francisco

Aqua Adventure Water Park is situated in the ‘East Bay’ city of Fremont. This best water parks in San Francisco offers it is a selection of water slides on the ‘Fortress of Fun’, which is a climbing structure. This Water Park is planned to give a wide extent of intuitive water exercises and experiences for individuals of each age gathering. A day camp, sensational oceanic exercises, artworks, expressions, and different water games and sports can likewise be appreciated right now. Aqua Adventure Water Park is located at ‘Paseo Padre Parkway’, Fremont, CA, and remains open daily from in June, July, and August and even during weekends in May and September.

Address: Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont, CA

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5. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Water Parks in San Francisco, Aqua Parks in San Francisco

Northern California’s biggest, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is the most thrilling water park located in Concord. Six Flags Lies near marine, Hurricane Harbor is also the closest water park. This best water park in San Francisco bay area encompasses a family amusement that offers an excess of 35 top-notch water attractions is built on a 30-acre land. Among the water sports of the park BreakPoint Plunge, the sixty-story Tornado ad Hurricane and the relaxing Breaker Beach Wave Pool are prevalent amid visitors. 

Address: Waterworld Parkway, Concord, CA

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6. Raging Waters

Water Parks in San Francisco, Aqua Parks in San Francisco

Founded in the year 1975, Raging Waters is certainly one of the most beautiful parks of all time. It is counted in one of the water parks near San Francisco California. With extraordinary family-friendly surroundings, Raging Waters is fun for people of all ages. Some super exciting water slides, a 350000-gallon wave pool are there for you and your family. The lazy river is a great place to lounge and soak up the warm Californian sunshine while the water rides promise plenty of exhilarating thrills. It remains open daily from 10 am to 5 pm through the month of June and through the middle of August, weekends of the middle of August and September.

Address: White Rd, San Jose, CA

So far we have discussed the water parks in San Francisco area. I hope you gathered some information related to it. If you are planning your trip to San Francisco then kindly go through our other articles as well which will be quite beneficial for you. Please share your views regarding the content explained above and liked it too.

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