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There are thousands of reasons to say no to a trip but one inevitable reason is enough to confirm the trip. Europe has multiple places that remain on the priority list of globe toddlers but the charm of Greece is unmatchable. The pristine beaches of Greece with the gorgeous mainland will definitely give you goosebumps even in an image. So it is truly worth it to visit this European country and spend a long vacation here and explore all the famous islands in Greece. If you are a true traveler then the distance of 2437 km or maybe more from Europe to Greece will not be an issue for you. You can easily reach Greece and explore all the beautiful islands in Greece to create the best memories for a lifetime. 

Greece in Europe is a country where you will never get bored. Apart from the astonishing mainland, there are thousands of little islands on the Greece boundary that will leave you amazed with its charm. So, make sure to include Greece in your list if you love the serene islands. Greece Has nearly 227 Islands and each of them offers a magical view to the tourists.

List of Most Visited Islands in Greece

1. Santorini (ÎŁÎ±ÎœÏ„ÎżÏÎŻÎœÎ·) 

 top 10 famous islands in Greece


Santorini is the most beautiful island in Greece with a tranquil atmosphere. The climate at Santorini remains moderate throughout the year, which is the only advantage to the adventurer. The rugged landscape of the Santorini island is the result of destructive volcanic eruptions that occurred in the 16th century. But currently, the same rugged structure of Santorini is the best island in Greece with a majestic landscape everywhere. The white-painted building with Pink Bougainvillea on the roof looks not less than a fairyland.

Distance from Greece: 605.0 km

2. Corfu (ΚέρÎșυρα)



Corfu is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece located on the Ionian Sea. This beautiful Greek island is known for its spectacular sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes on the shore. On the shore of Corfu, visitors can book a beachside resort to witness the beautiful shoreline from their window. 

Distance from Greece: 340.5 km

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3. Paros



Sandy beach and the charming village of Paros have the capability to seduce anyone coming here. The Spectacular Scenery of Paros is also a prime spot for water sports lovers. Apart from the coastline, there are several cafes and restaurants on the coast that offer traditional Greek food to visitors. So, if you are in Greece then it is mandatory to visit this amazing island in Greece and to try their authentic food. In summer, Paros features a yearly festival in the central park in the town. So, definitely, you will get so many things to explore in Paros in summer.

Distance from Greece: 495.5 km

4. Mykonos (ΜύÎșÎżÎœÎżÏ‚) 



In case you’re searching for a more populated Greek island then get to the Mykonos. There are several clubs, cafes, and bars from where people can buy drinks and enjoy them sitting on the coastline. This well-known island literally remains occupied with visitors, especially in peak summers. So, it’s completely your lunch whether you will get enough space to stroll on the coast. You will already get the swarms of vacationers in Mykonos island in peak seasons also, you have to pay extra prices for flight and hotel bookings. So, we recommend visitors plan their vacation to Mykonos island in Greece in Offseasons, whether in spring or fall. 

Distance from Greece: 448.9 km

5. Folégandros Island

Folégandros Island

Folégandros Island

Folégandros Island is a remote island in Greece with rare evidence of mass tourism. This quiet and peaceful island is featured with a few cozy bars that provide great entertainment. At night, head to any nearby club to dance your heart out amid wild magnificence and uncrowded seashores. Folégandros Island is a calm and cold, sparsely populated island all encompassed with magical scenes everywhere. Tourists have to deboard at Karavostasis harbor and then arrange their lodgings, and accommodation. We consider Folégandros Island as the best island to visit in Greece.

Distance from Greece: 548.5 km

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6. Crete: Greece’s Largest Island



Crete is the Largest Island in Greece famous for its Striking beautiful scenes all over the island. You will get evidence of the rich culture of Greece on Crete island. So, you can visit Crete island with friends, family or your kids and help them to know about the rich heritage of Greece. Apart from the crate mainland, there are other several places on this island that will leave you stunned with its beautiful scenes. So include this large island of Greece on your list.

Distance from Greece: 685.2 km

7. Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island

Rhodes island is the fourth largest island in Greece that is quite famous among visitors for its astonishing shores and captivating sights. It is located on the coast of Dodecanese with a combination of beautiful natural landscapes. Apart from the charming scenery,  Rhodes Island also depicts the rich heritage and culture of Greece. You can reach Rhodes Island and hire a cab there to visit all the nearby attractions on that island. The eastern coast of this beautiful island is highly developed as compared to other parts of the island. 

Distance from Greece: 895.1 km

8. Cephalonia



The crystal clear water of Cephalonia offers an excellent view to the tourists coming here. The magical coastline of Cephalonia gives the major traveling goals to the globetrotters. Apart from the scenes, the broad shores of Cephalonia are perfect to stroll to with a partner or friends. This amazing island in Greece has played a major role in the blooming of Greece’s travel industry. You can also perform marine activities in the shallow water of Cephalonia island in Greece. Argostoli, Lixouri, Fiscardo, and Sami are some beautiful towns in Cephalonia island that are certainly worth visiting.

Distance from Greece: 324.9 km

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9. Naxos



Naxos is one of the top 10 famous islands in Greece.  Naxos is prospered with wealthy hilly stations, pristine seashores, and super friendly peoples that follow the rich greek culture. The extraordinary mountain range offers the best visit when people hike to the top of these mountains. Moreover, the cafes and restaurants on the coastline with some amazing decor is the perfect go-to place for romantic couples. If you want to visit some amazing islands in Greece then don’t forget to include Naxos in your list. 

Distance from Greece: 489.3 km

10. Hydra Island

Hydra Island

Hydra Island

Hydra island is also known as Hydra or Hydra among natives. It is one of the famous islands in Greece with mesmerizing shores and even more charming people. It lies between the Myrtoan Sea and the Argolic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. The white-washed structures of Hydra Island with no vehicles make this the cleanest island to visit in Greece. From the seashores to the streets, every place in Hydra Island is clean and tidy. You will [probably get any evidence that any living being resides on this charming island. 

Distance from Greece: 241 km

Here is the list of some gorgeous islands in Greece that will prove to be a motivation to start your European trip. There are many other places in Europe that are as charming as wonderland. But if you are serene then why not start your trip with these famous islands in Greece that are a major part of Greek geography. Some of these beautiful islands are perfect for strolling the shore and capturing pictures while on others you can perform thrilling activities like Scuba, Kayaking, Jet Skiing, Boating, and Paddleboarding. So, what you are waiting for, read out the article to acquire knowledge and embark on your Europe trip as soon as possible. 

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