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Most Visited Buildings in Amsterdam | 10 Famous Buildings in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s cityscape is painted with ancient treasures that stand side by side to modern, cutting-edge buildings of Amsterdam creating a masterpiece to behold. With a city as aged as Amsterdam, plunge deep into its structural past opens up a metamorphic tale from its time as a small fishing village on the River Amstel to its height as the center of the Dutch Golden Age. Whether you are cruising along the historic Golden Age canals or meandering through the bustling streets of Amsterdam, you are bound to find hidden and world-renowned architectural wonders just waiting to be explored. From the exuberant civic structures of the Dutch Golden Age to sleek contemporary masterpieces by internationally acclaimed architects, Amsterdam has always been a hotbed of architectural gems. Many of the buildings which are peppered around the city hold historical value, capturing the essence and tales of the past while welcoming the future of ingenuity. Here is the list of famous Buildings in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

List of Popular Buildings in Amsterdam 

1. NEMO Science Museum

famous buildings in Amsterdam, famous dutch buildings, modern building in Amsterdam, cinema in Amsterdam

The floors of NEMO Amsterdam is an appealing affair and is a science museum in Amsterdam. Children of various ages have fun with huge soap bubbles and analysis in the chemistry lab. The cutting-edge museum brags Amsterdam’s highest piazza at 22 meters above sea level and the oblique terrace faces the heart of Amsterdam, offering amazing scenic views of the city. Adults, with or without children of their own, relish at NEMO too. It’s hard to hold back when presented with all the gadgets and experiments. It can be accessed via a large staircase on the south side of the building.

Address: 2 Oosterdok, Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1011 VX, The Netherland

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2. Het Schip

 best buildings in Amsterdam, oldest buildings in Amsterdam, famous Buildings in Amsterdam

Museum Het Schip analyzes the Amsterdam School style of structure in its social, political and artistic context. The residential building was constructed by a socialist housing firm in 1919 and is one of the oldest buildings in Amsterdam and welcomed lower-income families for about a century. The museum is located inside Het Schip on the Spaarndammerplantsoen, one of the three monumental Amsterdam School apartment blocks there designed by Michel de Klerk. Het Schip was designed according to Amsterdamse School standards and contains many gorgeous, twisted brick motifs. The Departed estate post office has now been turned into a devoted museum to the movement’s past, with tickets also providing admission to an authentic Amsterdamse School apartment, plus Het Schip’s popular decorative tower designed by the estate’s architect, Michel de Klerk


Address: 45 Oostzaanstraat, Amsterdam-West Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1013 WG, The Netherlands

3. Royal Palace Amsterdam

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The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is located in Dam Square in very the center of Amsterdam and is one of the ancient buildings in Amsterdam. It was basically built as the city hall for the civil officer of Amsterdam. In the 17th century, it was the biggest secular building in Europe. Despite its name, the palace on Dam Square wasn’t always owned by the Dutch aristocratic family. The building was originally made as a city hall during the height of the Dutch Golden Age and at a time when Amsterdam was one of the most dominant cities in the world. Today the Royal Palace on the Dam is one of the three palaces, which the State has placed at the King’s demolition by an Act of Parliament. 

Address:  147 Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1012 RJ, The Netherlands

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4. EYE Filmmuseum

famous buildings in Amsterdam, famous dutch buildings, modern building in Amsterdam, cinema in Amsterdam

The astonishing structure of the Eye Filmmuseum is one of the best buildings in Amsterdam and made it instantly become one of Amsterdam’s contemporary icons. Located on the northern bank of the River IJ, just reversed to Central Station, this cinema, film museum, café/restaurant, and cutting-edge event location is a must-see. Providing some of the amazing views in the city, this monolithic shell is situated on the north side of Amsterdam Central Station and contains several state-of-the-art cinemas and the largest film archives in the Netherlands. There’s an entrance fee for most exhibitions, but the permanent collection is free to visit 

Address: 1 IJpromenade, Amsterdam-Noord Amsterdam, 1031 KT, The Netherlands

5. Rijksmuseum

famous buildings in Amsterdam, famous dutch buildings, modern building in Amsterdam, cinema in Amsterdam

In the late 19th century, many artists across the country suitable for their work around grandeur, leading to the construction of various historically significant buildings that feature much older examples of Dutch anatomical design. The Rijksmuseum means the State Museum and it exists for more than two centuries and now belongs to the most astonishing museums in the world. The Rijksmuseum’s gorgeous symmetrical facade remarks the grandeur of the ancient Dutch Golden Age structure in the city, while the inside is equally dramatic more than 900,000 objects have been collected since it opened. The jewel in the museum’s crown is definitely its collection of works by the Dutch masters. 

Address: 1 Museumstraat, Amsterdam-Zuid Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1071 XX, The Netherlands

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6. Pathé Tuschinski

famous buildings in Amsterdam, famous dutch buildings, modern building in Amsterdam, cinema in Amsterdam

Tuschinski is a huge, Art Deco cinema in Amsterdam conveniently situated between the Munt tower and the Rembrandtplein. Built by the migrant from Poland, the cinema opened in 1921. With its Art Deco interior is one of the most admired buildings in Amsterdam. Tuschinski has been carefully modernized and is today one of the release cinemas in the city. The unified cinema is an optical feast, decorated with a dazzling pastiche of Art Deco and Art Nouveau blossomed, constructed by Hijman Louis de Jong. Alongside the wider collection of regular movie screenings, Tuschinski also hosts a number of international film festivals


Address: Theater Tuschinski Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1017 BL, The Netherlands

7. Westerkerk 

famous buildings in Amsterdam, famous dutch buildings, modern building in Amsterdam, cinema in Amsterdam

This enormous church in Amsterdam, the Westerkerk that means The Western Church, is the most significant Protestant church in the city, while its bell tower Westertoren, that remains till today the delight of Amsterdam, witnessed by many, as the city symbol. Westerkerk is the largest protestant cathedral in the country and is one of the must-visit buildings in Amsterdam and was made after the renewal in order to contain Amsterdam’s newly transformed Calvinist population. The church, which is located on the 17th-century canal belt, was completed in 1631 and is among the most famous examples of Dutch Renaissance architecture. Its towering 86-meter steeple contains 51 gigantic bells that can be heard playing throughout the Jordaan district.

Address: Westerkerk Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1016 GW, The Netherlands

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8. Stedelijk Museum

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The Stedelijk Museum is the museum of modern art in Amsterdam and is a modern building in Amsterdam and is situated at Museumplein which makes them neighbors to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. This sleek, ultra-modern area designed by Benthem Crouwel artist has often been compared to a huge bathtub due to its different shape. As the Dutch call it short Stedelijk, animosity to be one of the most contemporary and alluring museums of modern art in the entire world. After many years of renewal and construction of a new building next to the old one, the museum has reopened in 2012. Additionally, the Stedelijk Museum drew controversies for its artistic choice, its policy, and its financial decisions


Address: 10 Museumplein, Amsterdam-Zuid Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1071 DJ, The Netherlands

9. Beurs van Berlage

famous buildings in Amsterdam, famous dutch buildings, modern building in Amsterdam, cinema in Amsterdam

Beurs van Berlage is conceivably the most popular structure ever designed by authoritative city planner Hendrik Petrus Berlage and is the most popular building in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The architectural significance of the Berlage Beurs lays in its authentic volume and the new aesthetics it proposed at the time. But rather establishes its own, new style. Beurs van Berlage is an important monument of modern Dutch architecture. It is the sober brick building, which does not try to imitate gothic or renaissance as many other important city buildings in Amsterdam erected at the end of the 19th century It was built between 1898 and 1903 by the prominent Dutch architect of the 20th century. Berlage made the Beurs on the newly established piece of land accessed by covering the city’s oldest harbor basin situated in the very center of Amsterdam.

Address: 243 Damrak, Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1012 ZJ, The Netherlands

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10. Scheepvaarthuis

 best buildings in Amsterdam, oldest buildings in Amsterdam, famous Buildings in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Popular Buildings in Amsterdam

The Scheepvaarthuis was basically built as a joint office for six Amsterdam shipping companies. Architect JM van der Mey constructed it as a building that mirrored their power. The century-old building was formed to house the shipping companies involved in global trade and its maritime federations are reflected in the intricate carvings and relief sculptures dotted around the exterior. The Scheepvaarthuis was completely completed in 1928. Around the entrance are the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. The windows show images of Neptune with a globe, the and the WIC


Address: 108 Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam-Centrum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1011 AK, The Netherlands

Here I have included the names of all the famous buildings in Amsterdam, Along with their proper address, which will be beneficial for you to reach there easily. I hope you loved reading this article which provides your proper information regarding the famous dutch buildings. Please like, comment and share as per your view. 

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