Famous Monuments in Algeria I Most Visited Monuments in Algeria 

The North African country of Algeria is a melting pot of influences, from French to Spanish to Berber and Roman. This blending of cultures and famous monuments in Algeria has given way to a fantastic architectural scene, much of which still exists today. Algeria is a wildly underrated tourist destination due to recent political unrest and its proximity to war-torn Libya. To dismiss a visit to Algeria though would be a mistake. There is much beauty to be seen in this lovely country starting with the architecture and Monuments Algeria.

In this article, we are going to explore the popular monuments in Algeria and also tell you top historical monuments in Algeria:

Monuments List in Algeria

1. Roman Baths

Historical monuments in Algeria, Algeria monuments

Roman Baths, Khenchela is world-famous monuments in Algeria. We begin our exploration of Algerian monuments and architecture with the well-preserved Roman Baths of Khenchela, known also as Hassam Essalihine. Don’t expect to observe these baths in peace because as you’re looking in awe at the half-ruined walls and the tall columns, the chances are there’ll be a bunch of locals taking a bath in front of you. Originally constructed in the first century AD, the brickwork is an Ottoman addition and the changing room doors are likely not originals either.

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2. Jedars 

Historical monuments in Algeria, Algeria monuments

Jedars, monuments of Algeria are thirteen Berber mausoleums located south of Tiaret city in Algeria. The name is derived from the Arabic language which is used locally to refer to ancient monumental ruins. These pre-Islamic tombs date from Late Antiquity. The monuments were erected with very shallow excavation or straight onto the substratum. Some stone was quarried from local sandstone and limestone, some were recycled from nearby settlements and necropolis of earlier times. The materials dressed stone blocks 1 to 1.5 m. long. 

3. Arch of Caracalla

Historical monuments in Algeria, Algeria monuments

The Arch of Caracalla is a Roman triumphal arch situated at Djemila in Algeria. It was built during the early 3rd century and well known top historical monuments in Algeria. With a single span, the arch was placed on the road leading to Sitifis. It constituted the entrance to the city’s Severan forum. The arch, with a single span, reaches a height of 12.5 m, a width of 11.6 m and a depth of 3.9 m. On both sides of the span on the pylons are niches, each framed by a pair of Corinthian columns on pedestals, with smooth drums, detached from the wall. Each pair of columns supports an entablature, which is surmounted in turn by a small aedicula, with a pediment, reaching to the top of the Attic. 3 bases remain, which originally supported statues of the members of the imperial family on top of the Attic.

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4. Ahmad Bey Palace

Historical monuments in Algeria, Algeria monuments

Bey’s Palace also known as Ahmad Bey Palace is a historic palace in Constantine, Algeria and most famous historical places in Algeria. The palace was one of the main sights during the selection of Constantine as the Arab Capital of Culture in 2015,  read about the Famous Monuments in Indonesia. Groundbreaking was in 1825, and completion was in 1835, two years before the fall of Constantine into the French occupation. Ahmad Bay summoned a Genovese engineer Chiavino, and two well-known artists Al-Jabari and Al-Khatabi for the architectural design. Ahmed Bey inhabited the palace as he became the ruler when the inauguration commenced in 1835-36. Ahmed’s enjoyment of this wonderful place was short-lived. Two years after he moved in, the French chased him out and turned the palace into their headquarters and with independence, the Algerian military moved in and set up camp.

5. Monument aux Morts

Historical monuments in Algeria, Algeria monuments

It is a landmark raised to celebrate and respect officers and the individuals who passed on in light of the Great War. It is the most visited monuments in Algeria. The landmark is developed on a precipice in Constantine. You see here names of more than 800 officers, Christians, Muslims and Jews from Constantine are engraved on bronze plaques of the landmark. Development of Monument aux Morts started in 1918. It disregards Sidi M’Cid Bridge and gives beautiful perspectives of the scaffold and encompassing territory. At the edge of the bluff, there is a semi-roundabout patio that empowers a climber to see the valley of the Rumel legend. The statue of Victory, which is a copy of the Roman statue called La Victoire de Constantine, lies at the highest point of the landmark’s curve.

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6. The Great Mosque

Historical monuments in Algeria, Algeria monuments

The Great Mosque is also known as Djama’a al-Kebir. It is the most famous historical places in Algeria. This beautiful mosque also considered in one of North Africa’s most important Islamic buildings, Standing at 300m tall, it’s an imposing structure and claims to be the oldest mosque in Algiers. It’s alleged that the beautiful minaret was a 14th-century alteration made by the Sultan of Tlemcen. Either way, it is one of the few remaining examples of Almoravid architecture and is well worth stopping by to marvel.

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