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Norway in northern Europe has a rough collection of more than 450,000 lakes among which most of them are freshwater lakes which are helping people to deal with the water scarcity of the country. So, Norwegians can proudly say that Norway is the country with the maximum number of lakes second to Canada. Most lakes in Norway are the result of glacial activity and there are also meteorological activities. So, no matter which lake in Norway you are visiting, every lake has a unique and interesting story behind it. Discussing the famous lakes in Norway would be an exciting task and Globe-trotter would love to know about a few beautiful lakes of Norway. Here we are introducing you to the top 10 famous lakes in Norway that will surprise you.

List of Lakes to Visit in Norway




If we talk about the largest lake in Norway in terms of the area then Mj√łsa would come first on the list. Additionally, this lake is the fourth largest lake in the entire world in terms of area. The giant lake is sprawling in 362 square kilometers of area and features multiple flora and fauna in the surrounding area. If you want to experience ultimate serenity in Norway then visiting Mj√łsa lake would fulfill your goals. It is also one of the deepest lakes in entire Norway.

Location: Innlandet, Viken

Area: 362 km²




R√łssvatnet in Norway is spread over 219 square kilometers of surface area and is said to be the second largest lake in Norway after Mj√łsa. The prospering beauty of R√łssvatnet lake will please your mind. The lake was built a long time ago but later expanded along the dam. The dam contributes a major part to the volume of R√łssvatnet lake and the water can be controlled through the dam. R√łssvatnet lake of Norway is famous for its vast 240 meters depth.

Location: Hemnes and Hattfjelldal, Nordland

Area: 218.6 km²

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3. Femund



How can we miss the beautiful scenes while talking about the breathtaking lakes in Norway? Yes, most of the lakes in Norway are famous for their beautiful surroundings but Femund is unique amongst them. It is the third-largest lake in Norway with an area of 203.5 km². Nearby the lake there are a few scene areas that attract the tourists for their charming views. You can head to Femundsmarka National Park after exploring the lake closely to spend a cozy evening with your friends or family.

Location: Innlandet and Tr√łndelag

Area: 203.5 km²

4. Mosvatnet



Mosvatnet lying on the shed of Skein river is an absolute beauty in the middle of the serried wilderness. The overall lake is slouching in 78 square kilometers area and has a vital role in hydroelectric generation for the country. Apart from its beauty, this lake has a profound commercial value for natives. There are few farming lands near the lake that are said to be the highest farmlands in the country. Mosvatnet is undoubtedly the most amazing lake in Norway. So, we would definitely suggest you visit here on vacation.

Location: Stavanger, Rogaland

Area: 78.31 km²

5. Randsfjorden



zandsfjorden in Innlandet is the fourth largest lake in Norway spread in an area of approx 138 square kilometers 135 meters above sea level. Other than the area, this famous freshwater lake in Norway holds a commendable depth of 120 meters. Being one of the famous lakes in the country, the absolute serenity of Randsfjorden is worth visiting and exploring. If you have planned a vacation to Norway then include a visit to Randsfjorden lake in your itinerary.

Location: Innlandet

Area: 139.2 km²

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6. Hornindalsvatnet



The impressive depth of Hornindalsvatnet lake in Norway is famous throughout Europe. It is  514 m deep in the center and shallow on shores that make this lake suitable for fishing and swimming. Despite its massive depth, the lake is relatively small in area. It is spread approximately 50 km2. Though the area is small, the beauty and opportunity for wildlife photographers are no less. You will get plenty of flora and fauna here to capture in your phone’s memory.

Location: M√łre og Romsdal and Vestland

Area: 51 km²

7. Tyrifjorden



The nickname of Tyrifjorden is ‚ÄėTyri‚Äô and local people often call this lake by its nickname. This 136 km¬≤ enormous lake is located northeast of Oslo. You have to drive 40 km through the highway to reach this implicit beauty in Norway. This lake gets its water from the Begna River and further discharges it in Honefoss and Drammenselva River on the southwest. The depth of Tyrifjorden is 295 meters, which makes this the fifth deepest lake in Norway. You can definitely choose to visit this lake to witness the sprawling greenery and vivid flora.¬†

Location: Viken, Norway

Area: 136 km²

8. Limingen



Limingen is the 8th largest lake of Norway with an area of 93 square kilometers and 418 meters above sea level. It is located in the Royrvik and Lierne municipalities in Trondelag and on the north of Tunnsjoen lake. This beautiful lake in Norway is surrounded by museums and gardens. Visitors can visit these museums after exploring Limingen lake to learn about Norwegian traditions and their famous culture. 

Location: Lierne and R√łyrvik, Tr√łndelag

Area: 93 km²

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9. Snasavatnet



Snasavatnet is Located in Trondelag county in Steinkjer and Sansa municipalities. We count this as the sixth-largest lake in Norway with an area of approx 122 kilometers square. Around the lake, there are few villages and farmland that have been inhabited since the lake was formed. The lake is the major source of water for these local peoples and they use the water for household purposes and irrigation. Apart from its commercial value, the lake is also famous for its alluring beauty. These are colorful flora around the shore that enhance its beauty. 

Location: Steinkjer and Sn√•sa, Tr√łndelag

Area: 122 km²

10. Bandak

Bandak Lake

Bandak Lake

Bandak is the last lake on our list with an area of approx 25 kilometers square. It lies in the municipality of Kviteseid and Tokke in Vestfold country. This lake is relatively smaller than other giant lakes on the list but the beauty of Bandak will definitely surpass them all. If you are searching for a serene location with implicit views then Bandak can be your ideal location to visit in Norway. 

Location: Kviteseid, Tokke

Area: 26.4 km²

There are more than 4 lakh beautiful lakes in Norway and it is absolutely impossible to tell about all of them. Thus we have listed the top 10 largest lakes in Norway that are not only famous for their enormous surface area but also known for their depth. The serene location nearby the lake is perfect for picnic and family outings. So, if you are planning a family outing with your kids for a long time then take them to the amazing lakes in Norway. The view of these lakes will provide ultimate peace and joy to your loved ones. 

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