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Lavasa is a privately planned city being built near Pune, a major city in the Maharashtra state of India. It is elaborately founded on the Italian town Portofino, with a road and a few structures bearing the name of that town. 25,000 acres of land or 8,000 acres of the land venture being created by HCC, this so far deficient Lavasa city has been questionable for numerous reasons including obtainment of land, mischief to the earth, and loans acquired through political corruption. 


Authorized as India‚Äôs first private city since Independence is being built by a unit of Ajit Gulabchand Unit. The architectural group accountable for the structure of the town needs it to be an imitation of an Italian slope town. The territory separated for Lavasa is situated close to Pune in the Mulshi valley of the Western Ghats. The development of two out of the five arranged towns is continuous, and various living arrangements have been finished starting in 2013.¬† By 2011 four hotels and a city center were completed. A primary, middle, and high school, Le Mont High, has been constructed as well. The city additionally flaunts a hospitality management college, √Čcole h√īteli√®re Lavasa.

Lavasa: A Hill Station

Lavasa city, Lavasa Planned City, Lavasa Hill station 

Known as India’s first private city, the Lavasa city in Pune is developing this private city. The city is a wonderful venture, elaborately dependent on the Italian town Portofino. Spreading crosswise over 7 hills, covering a region of 25000 acres of land, Lavasa is an ideal mix of magnificence and framework. Lavasa is a secretly arranged hill city situated close Pune in Maharashtra. This cutting edge hill station is a pleasant retreat for every one of its guests and has a ton to offer to its travelers from beautiful landscapes to a very well-created foundation including lodgings, resorts, instructive establishments, shopping centers, private property, IT firms, and so forth. If anyone asks where is Lavasa city, tell them its in India.  Lavasa is turning out to be a home for people searching for a little excursion away from the hurrying around of hectic city life. It is totally a recreation occasion goal situated in lavish green slopes. Lavasa city is situated in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and figures out how to beguile one with its entrancing perspectives. It is arranged in Mose Valley close Pune a good ways off of 65 Km, about an hour drive, and from Mumbai, it is around 200 Km away. Spread more than 25,000 sections of land, it covers 65Km  of lakefront that gives the whole city a mesmerizing look.

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Lavasa: India’s First Planned City and Hill station 

Lavasa city, Lavasa Planned City, Lavasa Hill station 

Information about Lavasa city, It is a planned hill station located on the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. It is situated on the banks of Baji Pasalkar Reservoir behind the Varasgaon Dam. Although the climate in Lavasa stays great all as the year progressed, it is particularly alleviating for the worn-out city nerves during the storm. The excellent green environment, downpour doused trees, lakeside climate and superb lodging for visitors make it a perfect monsoon destination in Maharashtra. 

Where to live in Lavasa? 

Lavasa city, Lavasa Planned City, Lavasa Hill station 

Probably the best lodging is Ekaant ‚Äď The Retreat, Fortune Select Dasve, The Waterfront Shaw and numerous others. Be that as it may, generally speaking, prepare and book ahead of time before you visit. A couple of hotels also give bikes on rent to their experience adoring visitors for investigating the mountains and valleys,¬†¬†tour¬†major cities in India.

Things to do in Lavasa?

Lavasa city, Lavasa Planned City, Lavasa Hill station 

If you have a query about what to see in Lavasa city, just go through our article. Small trips can be wanted to close by towns. The neighborhood Adivasis are very friendly and interactive with the travelers. There is also a herb estate in Lavasa that merits visiting. During the storms, time in Lavasa is best spent in going for strolls in the open regions and getting a charge out of Chai-Pakoda or an extravagant dinner while enjoying the lovely views on the ghats. 

How to reach Lavasa? 

Lavasa city, Lavasa Planned City, Lavasa Hill station 

In a perfect world, plan to reach Lavasa by early evening so you could spend the last 50% of the day absorbing the calm daylight and settle down in the town. By street, Lavasa is closest to Pune, and henceforth, it is extraordinary compared to another end of the week escapes close Pune. From Pune, it very well may become to via vehicle or state-claimed transport transports. The separation among Mumbai and Lavasa is 181 km and takes around 4 hours to reach by roads.

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When to Visit Lavasa 

Being situated at an altitude of about 2000 ‚Äď 3000 sq ft above sea level, Lavasa enjoys calm and pleasant weather all through the year. However, the best time to come and explore Lavasa is from September March. The monsoon in the city witnesses heavy rainfall with the cool breeze blowing, making the atmosphere extremely pleasant. Thus monsoons and winters are ideally the best time to visit Lavasa.

Future of Lavasa

Lavasa city, Lavasa Planned City, Lavasa Hill station 

Lavasa city Pune has set up an example of promoting planned partnerships with esteemed, abroad establishments that don’t, eventually, see realization. Oxford University had at one time appended itself to the undertaking, however other, name-brand plans including future sports facilities have yet to be officially canceled.

  • Arranged sports facilities a Nick Faldo-planned green and a Manchester City-marked football academy. In any case, the Nick Faldo site never again touts the golf course, and a 2010 official statement is the bottom correspondence Manchester City has made in reference to a football institute.¬†
  • An amusement park of more than 65 sections of land (0.26 km) in size is also planned.¬†
  • Lavasa city in Pune may proceed to have one college. At first collaborating with Oxford University, by 2010 this British organization had expelled itself from the undertaking. As of 2010, Symbiosis International University is intending to set up a new liberal arts college campus at the township.
  • A 200-acre land health and wellness center and an herb plantation are also planned.

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In late 2010, the Indian Environment and Forests Ministry requested that development stop in light of the fact that the task disregarded ecological laws. Starting in late 2011, this order has been repealed. The task‚Äôs scale may have been diminished, be that as it may, and the first sale of stock may not happen. The leader of the organization fabricating the task said in 2013 that because of the Environment and Forests Ministry the undertaking had ‚Äúlost three years‚ÄĚ.

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