Get ready to visit Jaipur, Rajasthan through prepaid travel cards

Synopsis: Jaipur, the city of royals, is now on the radar of development authorities, as they are planning to issue prepaid travel cards to tourists. This prepaid card will allow tourists to enjoy cashless rides across the state without the hassle of carrying change to buy tickets.

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Those who have been planning to visit the famous monuments in Jaipur will get an additional benefit from mid-December onwards to enjoy cashless travel throughout the city. Jaipur City Transport Service Limited (JCTSL) is going to start issuing prepaid travel cards for travelers. This card will allow tourists to take rides within the city without getting stressed about carrying change. 

With this pre-paid travel card, tourists will be able to move around the city more quickly and easily. Those who use public transportation, like government-operated municipal buses, on a regular basis will now enjoy the convenience of not paying for the tickets in cash. travellers

Soon, passengers will be able to purchase tickets without having to worry about having exact change. 

JCTSL plans to release a mobile app in the middle of December that will let you load money onto your travel cards through any UPI app. Initially, only select Yes Bank branches across the country would have access to the limited supply of pre-paid travel cards. Customers will have to reload their travel card with new funds before using it again.

How do prepaid travel cards work?

This prepaid travel card will work exactly like any other cashless card, and travelers will have to recharge their card in advance to enjoy hassle-free travel across the city. When you get on the bus, instead of purchasing a ticket with cash, you can hand the card to the bus conductor. The conductor will then swipe the card on the Point of Sale (POS) machine that is available, and they will give you the ticket for your selected location. There were no transactions made with cash.

After the launch phase is finished, JCTSL will quickly make these prepaid cards available for purchase at its headquarters as well as all of its depots located throughout the city of Jaipur. This will take place as soon as possible. Whether you are a local or a visitor to the area, you can take advantage of this service to make your travels simpler, more convenient, and more affordable.

Jaipur city is well connected with other cities in Rajasthan through government-operated buses. Jaipur City Transport Services Limited operates on all routes in Jaipur City, Sanganer, Amber, Neendor, and Bassi. So, if you are planning a trip to Jaipur after mid-December, then you can visit all the best places to visit in Jaipur through this cashless card. This card is also operational in the city’s night service buses, which will transport you directly to the nearby station.

The JCTSL also gives tourists access to buses that they can get on and off of at different spots around the city.

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