Top 10 Things to Buy in Maldives | What Souvenirs to Buy in Maldives

The Maldives is best known for its beautiful beaches all around the world. Maldives islands sustain vacation vibes in every notion of its offerings. Therefore, you can find the best things to buy in Maldives derived from sea products which are famous just like their beaches. With white sand and sunny shores, you can expect a great luxury of soothing winds that make it even more amazing while shopping for some of the best handicrafts made of very simple and local items found in the Maldives. But the whole country is an island so it’s easy to be baffled by numerous products and pathways. Hence, I mention, the list of 10 top souvenirs to buy in the Maldives that you might not get anywhere in the world plus it’s very cheap and you might also help their local traditional art to make their living by providing just chunks of money for their spectacular skills. 

List of Must-Buy Things in Maldives

1. Traditional Jewellery

 What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives

Traditional Jewellery

The beauty products you get in Maldivian jewellery are the best local fresh feel that you might not get in any other accessory! That’s right, ladies! Among other things to explore in Male, you follow up any flea market or street bazaar in Male and you can pick a variety of accessories ranging from quirky trinkets like handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made out of natural items like seashells, coconut fiber, stones, ceramic, tree raisin, and seeds that you might not have imagined. These famous things to buy in Maldives are exclusive to this country as such rock bottom rates hence don’t leave the chance to miss out such nice deals with adorable products on sale.

2. Thundu Kunaa

 What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives

Thundu Kunaa

These are basically traditional Maldivian mats that are made out of natural fibres coming from organic sources. These mats are handwoven by the Islander women to give a perfect finished product where you might be amazed to see their skills of turning wild grasses into mats. Especially don’t forget to buy the ones with golden laces that were used by the royalties in old times. You can get these royal items at a very reasonable price therefore, you must not think twice while thinking about what to buy in Maldives? That can be used and also serve a perfect souvenir for the trips in the house. They were used as sleeping mats and praying mats by Maldivian locals in the past. You can use them as you like too.

3. Coconut Items

What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives

Coconut Items

Since the Male people are very equipped with every quality of coconut for being living on the island for their entire lives. Therefore you must not miss out on these top things to buy in the Maldives which are just structured from the used coconut shells to create tonnes of different beautiful handicrafts and bizarre utility items. The products range from statues, vases, wall hangings, baskets, bowls, spatulas, lampshades, coir ropes, mats, bags, and a lot of other things made out of coconut palm wood, shells, and leaves at different stores and souvenir shops in the Maldives.

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4. Maldivian Sarongs

What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives

Maldivian Sarongs

These are one of the most authentic things to buy in Maldives that is basically the clothes of Male women in this country. These colorful Maldivian sarongs off the markets and bazaars here offer some of the cheapest deals to get this beautifully comfortable fabric. There are many places in this serene beach destination where you can purchase stylish sarongs in pretty floral prints and vibrant colors. These fabrics come in pleasing colours referring to the fresh vibes of the island and trendiest styles so that they can also be worn on different occasions like beach parties and beach barbecues.

5. Lacquer Products

 What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives

Lacquer Products

These are rooted among the deepest traditions of the Maldives where you get some the major form of cultural Maldivian handicrafts and one of the best-known things to buy from Maldives ranging from vases, boxes, plates, baskets, toys, and even pens, all of which are carved to perfection and made to stand out from each other. You might be shocked to know that even the paints used are durable and are specially derived from the juice of certain Maldivian trees.

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6. Dhonis

 What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives


They are some of the best products you must take back from Male. You might have even seen the miniature versions of ships intricately carved; these are boats or dhonis also that are mimicked into a different form by the splendid workers of Maldives to create these extraordinary things to buy from Maldives, that are miniature versions of incredible ships that you use to sail here. You can find plenty of adorable and detailed miniatures in many souvenir and art shops across the Maldives. These are usually made out of wood with sails, having even traditional fishing boats that are generally in high demand by tourists every year in this country.

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7. Organic Cosmetics

What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives

Organic Cosmetics

You might find it a Lil bit surprising but the Maldivians have mastered the art of using the beach products. You can get some of the best souvenirs to buy in Maldives, including a myriad of body care products like hair oils, body oils, moisturizers, and even cooking oils. In fact, Maldives is among the leading tropical nations to have harnessed the power of coconut oil in such incredible ways. These are the best deals where you get a promising superior quality at reasonable rates from famous Maldivian brands like Kaashi Theyo, Frella and Faan.

8. Wicker Mats

What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives

Wicker Mats

There are lots of popular things to buy in Maldives that are made from very simple things available on this island city. These mats are the result of such items that are handmade and then sold extensively in the market. These items not only give you a perfect beachy feel but act as one of the excellent souvenirs from your tropical island holiday. You might not be able to resist yourself from buying these pretty items that are low in price but very comfortable in its function for your home.

9. Fridge Magnets

What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives

Fridge Magnets

Who will not find these cliche gifts? As these are now the top trends to show off your travel list by pasting it over your home fridge in the form of these artistic magnets. You can find your version as well. These are some of the most well-known things to buy in Maldives that are frequently bought by lots of travelers. These quirky fridge magnets are easily available at all shops and markets in the Maldives. These magnets not only bring exciting memories but the tropical vibes of the romantic climate on this island back home. Every time you head to the fridge for a can of beer or water you can enjoy these nostalgic funs.

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10. Packaged Fish Products

What to Buy in Maldives, Things to Buy in Maldives

Packaged Fish Products

How can you expect that you will leave without even trying the best items on this island? Fishes are really their gold which not only brings this country lots of foodie travelers every year but makes them sparkle with some of the famous things to buy in Maldives that are usually marketed in the vacuum-packed and canned versions. These versions of fish ranging from some of the most exotic breeds like fillets are some of the best things to take back home without any worry of being damaged or rotten. As the smoked fish, chopped dried fish, and fish pickle can be purchased here and taken home for enjoying them for months with your friends and family

All the above-mentioned items are best in their art and culture. They even keep on perfecting their skills more to enhance their tourism traffic every year. You might not be dwelling yourself under the long preachings of different bragging guys instead refer to our list of best souvenirs to buy in Maldives which you can get at a very reasonable price. You will be easily guided with the as par list of top things to buy in Maldives that not only saves your taste in buying items but also saves your money over those expensive and useless products that people post over their accounts having nothing to do with the vibes of Maldives.

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