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Europe is a well-developed continent with skyscrapers, towers, and a really bustling crowd. This amazing continent is included with numerous countries, small towns, and municipalities that people rarely know about. If you’re interested in knowing some unknown facts about any European country then visit our website. Estonia is one such small country in Europe that is famous for its dense green forests and pristine islands. There are several things that people appreciate about Estonia like lakes and clean air. But there are also a few interesting facts about Estonia that people rarely know about. In this blog, you will know about all such unrevealed facts about Estonia that anyone will not tell you about. 

List of Interesting Facts to Know About Estonia

There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Estonia.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Estonia

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Estonia

Every country has its own Famous monuments that are famous for representing culture and tradition. Some of the famous monuments get listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites while others remain just like a masterpiece in history books. There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Estonia that get listed for their marvelous architecture. The first one is the old historic Town of Tallinn.  Tallinn is also known as the capital of Estonia and it has several beautiful locations across the town that will make you feel delighted. 

The second UNESCO World Heritage Site in Estonia is Struve Geodetic Arc. This marvelous Architecture is built in the memory of German-Russian scientist Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve. Tourists will get to see the achievements of the scientist inside the Struve Geodetic Arc.

Estonia has more than 2,300 islands.

interesting facts about Estonia

Islands of Estonia

As we already know, Estonia in northern Europe is a coastal town. The broad coastline of Estonia is home to numerous wonderful islands and some of them are even uninhabited.  The surprising country with more than 2300 islands can surprise anyone with its beauty. No matter whether the island has residents on it or not, most of these islands are open for tourists and You can board a ferry from the coast to reach any of these islands. On most of these islands, you will get to see the untouched and unexplored ancient history of Europe. So make sure to visit Estonian island on your European trip. Some famous island in Estonia are Kihnu, Hiiumaa, Vormsi, Saaremaa and Naissaar.

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Estonia completes its 100th Independence day a few years back in 2018.

Estonia got independence in 1918 and since then the citizens have followed the democratic rule applied by the Estonian government. Recently in 2018, Estonian celebrated their 100th Independence day. So, these rough statistics are enough to tell you how old this European country is. So, visit Estonia in February and get ready to vibe in with the Estonian people on their Independence Day. 

The Estonian language is a combination of Finnish and German. 

Most countries follow the tradition of a single language but Estonia is slightly different in the following tradition. Breaking all the stereotypes, Estonian speaks a unique language. You will get to hear the Finnish language with some German touch in it. This partial Finnish and partial german language is very difficult to learn and even difficult to speak but the people in Estonia are so habitual of this language and most of them are very fluent in speaking this unique language.

In Estonia, you will get to breathe the cleanest air in the world. 

interesting facts about Estonia

Interesting facts about Estonia

Amid the array of polluted countries, it’s no less than a blessing to find a country where you will get the air in the purest form. Yes, it is true that Estonia has the cleanest air in the world. Estonia came in first place in the list of top 10 countries with fresh air. So, if you want to breathe what the purest air smells like then you should visit Estonia on your next vacation. The strict norms of the Estonian government for environmentally friendly techniques is the main reason why the air in Estonia is so fresh and healthy to breathe.

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50% of Estonian land is occupied by forests. 

interesting facts about Estonia

Estonia Forests

We have already discussed the giant number of islands that Estonia has. Next came the Estonian forests. Apart from the islands, Estonia is also famous for its forest land. 50% of the land in Estonia is covered with greenery and dense forest. We can consider the massive greenery of Estonia as a factor that contributes a lot to keeping the air fresh here. 

The total number of visitors coming to Estonia is far more than its own population.

Interesting facts about Estonia

Interesting facts about Estonia

It’s amazing and surprising both to know that the annual tourists in Estonia are higher than its total population. So, if you are visiting Estonia then consider yourself fortunate enough that you are visiting a country that experiences visitors more than its own population. Estonia is the least populated country in entire Europe. So, visitors or even natives can easily head out to a remorseless island and spend a long vacation there to get rid of the bustling city noise. 

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Estonia is famous for its folk songs collected in the entire world.

Yes, it’s really wonderful that Estonian people appreciate their culture and try to follow the tradition no matter how outdated it is. Once such a tradition that Estonian people got from their ancestors was the hobby of singing songs. You will be surprised to know that Estonia has the largest collections of folk songs in the entire world as they really love to sing songs. There are more than 300,000 patriotic songs of Estonia and such a huge collection is enough to bring revolution in the singing industry. 

Estonia in Europe has rivers, mountains, islands, and historic centers that are highly applauded among visitors. But if you are planning to visit Estonia sometime soon then you must be aware of all the interesting facts about Estonia. I have mentioned all the facts that are associated with Estonia and will be helpful for you to know more about European culture. 

Here we have listed all the interesting facts about Estonia that make this country different from other European countries.

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