Best Cities, Towns to Visit in Nepal | Major Cities in Nepal

Nepal attracts tourists who seek for a lot of things to do and see in one nation. Some are tricked by the call of the mountains and looking to ascend or trek in the Himalayas, others are captivated by the way of life and the popular cities in Nepal like Kathmandu, but then others come planning to discover a type of profound arousing. After the staggering 7.8 size tremor hit in 2015, a lot of Nepal was decreased to rubble, and the loss of life stretched around 10,000. Albeit so much history was lost as sanctuaries and adored structures fell, the nation is still loaded with a dynamic culture as it revamps. It is well-known for holding the most elevated top on the planet inside its borders. Nepal is full of attractions places to visit so in this list we will cover-up the top 10 cities in Nepal which are must to visit.

List of Cities to Visit in Nepal

1. Pokhara

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


Kathmandu is the most advanced city that involves the historical backdrop of Nepal, yet Pokhara is the most loved city, and the reason, obviously, is its beautiful landscapes. It has what individuals need: serenity with perfectly shining lakes and verdant hills and snow-topped mountains all around. Pokhara is one of the best travel destinations for, family, friends companions or family or with yourself too. The spot is known for staggering lakes, baffling caverns and a spot for experience addicts. Truly, you heard it right, Pokhara offers many adventure destination like bungee jumping, zip flyer, trekking, paragliding, a tour of helicopter and some more things. 

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2. Kathmandu

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


Kathmandu is the largest and capital city of Nepal, resembles no other city on the planet. The rotting structures in the core of the city are a difference to the enthusiastic air that saturates the streets. The smell of incense floats from the stores while road merchants push their products, and individuals approach their day by day lives, all against a set of memorable sanctuaries and cut statues and historic temples. For a few hundred years, Kathmandu was one of three adversary regal cities, alongside Patan and Bhaktapur. Situated in closeness to one another, today all of these cities rum together. Kathmandu is one of the best cities in Nepal.

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3. Lumbini

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


Lumbini is one of the most verifiably significant towns in Nepal, as it is home to the origin of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, in 563 BC, just as a portion of the nation’s most significant archeological finds that go back to the third century BC. You can visit Lumbini’s tranquil religious communities in the lush park or invest energy unwinding in the nurseries. Strangely, the zone around Lumbini is dominatingly Muslim, however, the city is a significant spot for Buddhist travelers from around the globe. A recently planned religious park is a long-term work in advancement intended to renew the frequently overlooked city.

4. Bhaktapur

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


Bhaktapur, which was verifiably portrayed as the best-protected city-state in the Kathmandu Valley, was heartbreakingly crushed in the 2015 seismic tremor. Numerous customary structures were totally demolished or harmed hopeless. In spite of the fact that the lanes are as yet harmed and canvassed in rubble in certain territories, many of the town’s religious and historic landmarks are as yet overshadowing the three clamoring squares. This city is more passerby benevolent than Kathmandu or Patan, and here you’ll discover craftsman weaving fabric and laying pots to dry in the sun.

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5. Dharan

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


Dharan is one of the most famous cities in Nepal, and Indian soldiers and ex-British soldiers. It is a wonderful city situated in slopes with beautiful landscape, clean streets, clean lanes, and a ton of cultures. The city delineates a noteworthy custom of Mongolian people groups as the populace essentially comprises of Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Limbu, Rai, and others. 

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6. Nuwakot

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


This town, was once the capital of Nepal, is untainted, loosening up an escape, yet it likewise was gravely harmed in the ongoing quake. Historic monuments and temples were harmed—a few, similar to the Garad Ghar, destroyed—and numerous houses totally have fallen. The town is recouping, notwithstanding, and there are as yet a decent number of sights to see, just as all-encompassing perspectives from the new viewpoint pinnacle at the hilltop Malika Temple or Kalika Temple. Visit the noteworthy Durbar Square with its seven-story fortification from the 1700s, Saat Tale Durbar.

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7. Janakpur

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


Situated in the south-east part of Kathmandu, this city is an inside for cultural and religious tourism. It is for the most part known as the home of Sita, spouse of Ram and who is likewise accepted to the manifestation of Goddess Laxmi. Janaki Mandir is the fundamental fascination of this spot, which gets extra delightful with every single hued light and several explorers communicating their commitment for Sita and Ram. Janakpur is one of the major cities in Nepal.

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8. Ilam

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


Ilam is Nepal’s tea region due to its ideal tea-developing conditions—cool and wet air for a large portion of the year—and the nation’s first tea bequest was built up here in 1864. Tea nurseries spread the edge over the town and drop down along the precarious far side of the mountain. Watch the pickers work among April and November, or simply come to Ilam to taste the trademark tea, take a few climbs in the mountains, or go birdwatching. 

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9. Panauti

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


Situated in a side valley of the Arniko Highway at the holy conjunction of the Pungamati Khola and Roshi Khola waterways, just as a third “undetectable stream,” Panauti is interestingly impervious to tremor harm. Guests generally come to Panauti during the daytime, so early or late in the day is the best time to investigate the city for a supernatural encounter. The city is specked with antiquated and reestablished Rana-time mansions and ornate temples. It is one of the beautiful towns in Nepal.

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10. Chitwan

major cities in Nepal, best cities in Nepal


Chitwan is home to one of Nepal’s most-visited destinations, Chitwan National Park. The famous park is moderately straightforward and modest to visit and was not really harmed in the seismic tremor. The 932 square kilometers of parkland is loaded up with grasslands, forests, marshes, and natural life-like monkeys and rhinos. It is recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is perceived as probably the best park to see Nepal’s nearby wild-life. Watch the 545 types of birds just as uncommon creatures like wild elephants, leopards, sloth bears, and thChitwane rarest animChitwanal of all: the Bengal tiger.

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All of the above-mentioned cities are the top cities in Nepal which are very famous throughout the world. All of these cities are mostly crowded with travelers as they are many things to do and see. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about Nepal.

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