Most Visited Monuments in Suriname l Famous Monuments in Suriname

Suriname is definitely a novel place to be and a remarkable sight to see. With a trove of deep-rooted traditions and celebrated cultures, a visit to the monuments in  Paramaribo departs from the humdrum sightseeing tours to bring you an enriching experience of scenic colonial buildings. Paramaribo is Suriname’s capital city, the country’s most populous city, and the most important commercial center and continues to flourish more than ever. Surrender yourself to the infectious energy of the locals, coated in the beautiful tongue of the Dutch language, as you embark on this journey. Here is one of the top 10 monuments in Suriname:

List of Monuments in Suriname

1. Independence Square

Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname

A historic site in the center of Suriname’s capital, Independence Square is an area in town commemorating the country’s freedom from the Dutch in 1975. Today, this cultural monument in Suriname is filled with many other attractions including the Presidential Palace and surrounding gardens, many open-air markets, and of course, a vibrant and bustling waterfront area. Most travelers say that it is even more magical at night when it is illuminated by tiny golden lights while the square is great to amble through during the day. 

Address: central Paramaribo, Paramaribo, Suriname

2. Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral (Paramaribo)

Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname

Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral

This Roman Cathedral is the city center of Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. The construction of Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral started in 1882, and in 2014 it was designated as a Minor Basilica of Suriname by Pope Francis. This religious monument in Suriname is said to be the tallest wooden structure in the Caribbean, standing at 48ft. The structure of this monument is an impressive Gothic-Roman architectural design with neo-gothic spires, a huge rose window, and massive windows at the sides. The cathedral is open every day, currently, an active holy place, as well as sightseeing attraction and guided tours are available on demand.

Address: Henck Arron St, Paramaribo, Suriname

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3. Stichting Surinaams Museum

Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname

Stichting Surinaams Museum

Inside Fort Zeelandia, you would love to see one of the best museums in Suriname. This iconic landmark in Suriname boasts a great historical collection of artifacts and relics found from the colonial era which tell the story of Paramaribo and how the country came into being. If you are visiting it you would see many rooms focusing on different parts of the country’s history and visitors are encouraged to take their time while in the museum to really absorb the information being presented. Anyone interested in learning more about this interesting country both the fort and the museum is perfect places to visit. 

Address: Fort Zeelandia, Waterkant, City Center, Paramaribo 

4. Fort Zeelandia (Paramaribo)

Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname

Fort Zeelandia

In 1640, as a fortress to protect themselves against the British invaders the French built a wooden structure on the banks of Suriname River. Though by the Dutch the fort was captured and renamed later. Thanks to an endless supply from the Amazon forest, these most ancient buildings in Suriname were built using these wood. A sightseeing tour of the fort complex will give you an opportunity to go through the two-floor main fort building, a 1790s warehouse, wooden officers’ quarters, and a guardhouse. How Suriname was in colonial times, the fort will give you a feeling of that. Either August-October or February-April or dry season is the most favorable weather for sightseeing.

Address: Waterside St, Paramaribo, Suriname

5. Commewijne River (Paramaribo)

 Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname

Commewijne River (Paramaribo)

Commewijne River originates from Commewijne hills in the northern part of Suriname, hence its name. Sightseeing of this popular landmark in Suriname can be done on boat, bike or you can rent a car to explore the river banks. From the old colonial times of Suriname, the river is surrounded by coffee plantations. You can also spot various bird species while touring the river, and also do not miss out on the open-air museum at Fort Nieuw, which has exhibits from the slave trade period.  The dry season remains the most pleasant weather for sightseeing and although the river may have a higher water level in the rainy season

Address: Commewijne District, Paramaribo, Suriname

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6. Palmentuin (Paramaribo)

 Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname


Palmentuin is a Dutch word meaning palm gardens. If you are traveling you would find the garden is just behind the Suriname Presidential Palace and offers a calm break from the hustle of the city. This beautiful historical site in Suriname has about 1000 royal palms which were planted in the 1600s, as an order of the first Dutch Governor in Suriname. You would also get a kids’ playground with several statues of importance to the history of Suriname and many benches to hang out on. The garden is a perfect place to cool down especially during the hot afternoons, but do not extend your sightseeing stay up too late afternoon since the garden is not well lit.

Address: Central Paramaribo behind Presidential Palace, Paramaribo ADF, Suriname

7. Peperpot Nature Park (Paramaribo)

Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname

Peperpot Nature Park

In the capital of Suriname, Peperpot Nature Park sits on an 800ha piece of land. The famous monument in Suriname is along the river banks of river Suriname in a place which was once a coffee and cocoa plantation known as Pepper Pot. The park is home to more than 400 species of birds that’s why it is a favorite spot for bird watchers. This park is also a natural habitat for cute monkeys, butterflies, and lizards. You will need insect repellant to ward off mosquitos while sightseeing. As the trails are easy and well-marked so sightseeing the park does not necessarily need a guide.

Address:Zinniastraat 16, Peperpot, Paramaribo, Suriname

8. Jodensavanne (Paramaribo)

Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname


Historical sightseers will love this place. An agricultural community established this place by Jews who fled from Spain to Suriname in the 1600s. Jews were the first who constructed the first synagogue in Suriname, which is still present at the site. There are also cemeteries with about 216 tombstones made with stones imported from Europe and beautifully ornamented. At Jodensavanne, the synagogue and the cemeteries are the major monumental sightseeing spots. During the dry months is the best time of the year for sightseeing, as these popular monuments in Suriname and most other parts of Suriname are prone to flooding during the wet period.

Address:Cornelis Jongbawstraat 31, Paramaribo, Suriname

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9. Paramaribo Zoo (Paramaribo)

Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname

Paramaribo Zoo

Paramaribo Zoo is the only zoo in Suriname, so you cannot afford to miss it. The zoo has been In Suriname for more than 40 years and has most of the animals that you can find in the country. Monkeys, cayman, jaguars, the boa constrictor, and anacondas are the notable animals that include this Surinamese zoo. Birds like the red ibis and kingfisher and are a common sight too. There is also a children’s playground with swings, seesaws, and slides. If you need a calm place to take a walk, this beautiful landmark in Suriname would still be an excellent choice as the zoo is quite extensive and not so crowded.  Especially before midday when most of the animals are awake plan for your sightseeing tour in the dry season.

Address:Spathodelaan Sawarienotolaan, Paramaribo, Suriname

1o. Warappa Kreek (Bakkie)

Monuments in Suriname, Famous Monuments in Suriname

Warappa Kreek

Overlooking the ocean, Warappa Kreek is in the Commewijne district of Suriname. There are various historical sightseeing sites in Suriname including a sugar factory still with steam engines, a steam car, and tombs. The creek is in a picturesque site in the middle of a mangrove forest surrounded by tunnels, trees, and lush vegetation. This historical district also offers a spectacular view of North America’s bird species like the scarlet ibis. With a splendid collection of ancient items, a private museum at the Kreek will take you back to the times of Suriname colonization.

Address:Reynsdorp, Bakkie, Suriname

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So far we have discussed the best monuments in Suriname, which contains the proper information regarding all the most visited monuments in Suriname. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Suriname then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about. 

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