8 Fun Facts about Paris

Everyone knows well about the Paris that it is a city of light, but did it so called because of illuminated lights and the fine lightning of Eiffel Towerask yourself what do you know about its interesting facts? You might be knowing well about the city of love, ie  Paris, but please have a look at these amazing facts about Paris.

Some Interesting Facts About Paris

1. Jim Hayes, Anyone’s Guest in Paris

There is a man in Paris, commonly known as Jim Hayes who invites strangers to his house every Sunday on dinner. He is doing this thirty years ago, he also organizes the exhibition to his galleries.

If you also wanted to have dinner you can go for the reservation on his website and simply send him a message that you wanted to have dinner and wait until Sunday afternoon to get his reply and enjoy your dinner.

2. Paris during the occupation of France

France was occupied by the Nazi army in 1940, but a lot of French and Persian people take a step against the occupying forces.

French rebels had cut down the rope of the elevator of the Eiffel Tower to keep Hitler away from the visit to  Eiffel Tower during his visit to Paris, which became the successful plan for them because when he faced the climbing of 1500 stairs he decided not to go on top of the tower.

3. Statue of Liberty in Paris

The replica of the statue of liberty in Paris is not secret. The united states and France have a long history together due to the statue of liberty which represents the freedom for the people. Which is a belief held strongly by both the counties?

4. Secret Repair’s Group

There is a group in Paris which are known as Secret Repair’s Group, they stand for  URBAN EXPERIMENT. Most of the time they secretly use to repair the historical buildings and monuments.

This organization works to improve the corners of Paris in a secret way. They keep their work secret among themselves, they don’t tell anyone about their work. They have also created the bars and restaurants under the Trocadero. The membership of this group is kept secret. 

5. Paris is not the largest French-speaking city

It might be odd to know that the partisan did not speak French commonly. But the French are commonly used in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

6. Tom Cruise was prohibited to become an honored citizen of Paris by the municipal citizens of Paris

As you all aware of  Tom Cruise, so you might not be known about him that he is a member of Scientology and the France people oppose this Scientology organization.  In 2005, when he was trying to become the honorary citizens of Paris then municipal government passed an official resolution which prohibited Tom Cruise becoming the honorary citizen because of his involvement in the Scientology.

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7. Why Paris Called the city of light

It’s not because of the illuminated lights in Paris and the fine lightning of Eiffel Tower tends the city to be known as the city of light. In this case, the city of light represents the intellectual. Whereas intellectual refers to the high concentration of writers, actors, artists and academics that are available in Paris.

8. Shakespeare and Company is the famous bookshop

People from all over the world came to Shakespeare and Company to buy books, but they are mere interested in sleep thereIf you wanted to stay there then you will get a free bed by working there for 2 hours a day. Obviously, there would be a lack of space but who cares!  You are getting free space in this famous bookshop to sleep in this cost-effective city.

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