Know-How Canada Celebrates Diwali I Diwali Celebration in Canada

Is Diwali celebrated in Canada? The answer is, of course, yes! because Canada is known as mini India and Diwali for India means a lot. Diwali, the celebration of lights, is a significant celebration for people around the globe.  Loved ones social gathering over lights, firecrackers, and flavorful food festivity endures 5 days and is as a rule among October and November. Badi (Big) Diwali falls on a no-moon night, and individuals of South Asian legacy around the globe enliven their homes, wear new garments and cook happy dishes to celebrate. Earthen lights decrease, and series of lights light up homes to invite Lakshmi, the Goddess of karma and thriving. Firecrackers light up the night sky. For some individuals, this celebration symbolizes the triumph of good over fiendishness, the finish of the reaping season and the beginning of another year.  Because of the large Hindu and Sikh population, its impact on the country is evident with the festivities of Diwali in Canada. 

Background of Diwali In Canada

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

Diwali is known as the “Celebration of Lights” and is praised to respect Ramachandra (Lord Rama), the seventh symbol ((incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is accepted that on this day Rama came back to his kin following 14 years of an outcast during which he took on and won a conflict against the evil spirits and the devil ruler, Ravana. Individuals lit their homes to commend his triumph over underhandedness (light over darkness). The goddess of happiness and favorable luck, Lakshmi, additionally considers along with the festival. It is accepted that she meanders the Earth on this day and goes into the house that is unadulterated, clean, and brilliant. Diwali festivities may change in various networks however its essentialness and otherworldly significance is by and large “the consciousness of the inward light”.

Diwali in Canada is celebrated on a cold night and if you there you will figure out too late that the earthen lamps and candles just wouldn’t stay alight outside in the damp Canadian wind. Maple and Marigold People decorate and share plates of Indian sweets – mithai – to gift to their family and friends. One of the favorite things Canadians often do during Diwali they go around the neighborhood with their families, carrying trays of sweets. In Canada, those first few years who dont know many people in neighbors exchange tray of sweets and celebrate Diwali like Indians.

How is Diwali Celebrated in Canada?

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

Some new traditions happened naturally like moving the lights and decorations indoors to cater to typical Canadian weather. Others, like knocking on strangers’ doors to offer them Diwali gifts those took some work. One constant tradition is a big Diwali party. Having friends and family over for a feast is no easy task but with a little bit of help, it can be done. You will find Indian and Hindu communities all over the country but Diwali celebration in Toronto Canada is see of worth.

1. People Buy Mithai (Sweets) from Bengali Sweets and  Restaurant in Scarborough

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

Even the simplest of Diwali celebrations in Canada include a trip to the mithai-walla. This Halvai (confectioner) oozes festivity.  With thousands of brightly colored edible items displayed, there’s plenty for everyone. People of Canada purchase sweets and distribute their relatives and neighbors. 

2. Diwali Mela

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

Every year the capital city of Canada Toronto organizes a Diwali Mela. It is the best way to celebrate Diwali is on the streets among crowds. Mini India will be extra lit and extra loud for this annual community event. India origin people around the world along with Canadians gathered here to witness this festival of light.

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3. Grand Diwali Dinner and Variety Shows

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

The Voice of Dharma Temple in Toronto, the capital of Canada presents a dinner with live music by Sur Sangeet Orchestra and dances by Footsteps Dance School. If you are in Canada on the day of Diwali must visit this place.

4. Diwali Razzamatazz by Indo Canada Arts Council

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

Indo Canada Arts Council organizes this with live Bollywood performances, music, food vendors and a Diwali Bazaar, this festival will be worth the trek to Mississauga.

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5. The Grand Diwali Trunk Show

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

Diwali means light and shopping also. Shopping is central to Diwali but even if you’re not looking to buy, you’ll want to rummage through Pret-È-Ethnic’s selection of couture, prét a porter and jewelry.

6. Attend Diwali Prayer (Pooja) 

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

Sanatan Mandir is a temple for the Gujarati community, but as with all Hindu temples, welcomes everyone. Take some time to be still and quiet while reflecting on what’s passed and what’s to come. Diwali Poojan starts every Diwali night according to Hindu rituals.

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7. Party on Cruise in Punjabi Style

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

On the Diwali nightwear your sparkliest, traditional Indian outfit for this Bollywood Diwali Night. Friends Entertainment presents dance, bhangra, games, and a buffet.

8. Diwaloween

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

Bollywood Social Toronto and Desibeatz combine two holidays in one to bring you a Bollywood-inspired party which is scary and luminous at the same time.

Kid’s Diwali Celebration in Canada

Diwali In Canada, Diwali celebration in Canada

All the visiting of aunties and temples can get boring for the kids. Even the mithai gets too sweet after ten rounds. So why not take them to their own event? Diwali should be fun for everyone.

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So after reading you must be thinking when is Diwali celebrated in Canada. Like every year Canada will celebrate this festival of light with pomp and this festival symbolizes forgiveness, goals, euphoria, love, reflection, learning and light. The lights commend the triumph of light over the murkiness, symbolizing great prevailing upon insidiousness. 

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