The Best but Unusual Places To See in Ireland 

When most people think of Ireland they think of the Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle, and the Guinness Storehouse, but then this beautiful nation has so much more to offer! For those looking for off the beaten path attractions, these unusual places to see in Ireland will make you feel you’ve discovered your own piece of Ireland. The unusual places in Ireland include a look at mummies under a Dublin church, visiting a seal colony on the Aran Islands, or a climb to a fairy fortress in Galway but usually, travelers ignore it. Only the locals tend to know about stops like usual or the occasional traveler who happens to stumble upon them. Here is one of the best unusual places in Ireland often-missed:  

Weird and Unusual Places to See in Ireland

1. Echo Gate

most unusual places in Ireland

Echo Gate

Generations of Trim people recall as youngsters stopping at Trim’s Echo Gate for a shout across the Boyne towards the medieval ruins and their delight to hear their voices bounce back. It’s a tradition that is not as common as it once was as there are many reports that the echo has disappeared. Many people have confirmed that if you stand right in the middle of the two gate posts, there is no echo! An absolutely one of the weirdest places in Ireland to visit but is worthy of being on the top ten.

Address: Echo Gate, Trim, Co. Meath

2. The Donkey Sanctuary

most unusual places in Ireland

The Donkey Sanctuary

Donkeys enjoying their new and better life after being rescued by The Donkey Sanctuary, Ireland. The Donkey Sanctuary just outside the village of Liscarroll in the northwestern part of County Cork is a perfect family outing in Ireland.  Sweet, fuzzy faced donkeys in all colors and sizes roam the fields, approaching fences to get the attention of visitors.  The attention that is often metted out in long, luxurious petting and even hugs around their furry necks. The Ireland sanctuary has rescued over 3600 donkeys and mules since 1987.  Currently, this one of the bizarre places in Ireland has 614 donkeys with another 400 fostered in 200 homes across Ireland.

Address: Knockardbane, Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland.

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3. The Fairy Tree 

most unusual places in Ireland

The Fairy Tree

This tree made world headlines in 1999 when the upgrading of the National route from Limerick to Galway was delayed, rerouted, and eventually opened nearly 10 years after it was supposed to have started. As part of their contract, The Clare County Council had to ensure that access was not permitted to the tree within a minimum of 5m radius and a protective fence has been erected around it. Eddie Lenihan local folklorist and storyteller who was known in Ireland came into the spotlight internationally when he raised an objection because this one of the most unusual places in Ireland is the meeting point for the faeries of Munster when they go into battle with the faeries of Connaught. People magazine and others raised the story along with all the local papers and radio stations.

Address: Commeragh SE, Coummahon, Co. Waterford, Ireland

4. Cork Butter Museum

most unusual places in Ireland

Cork Butter Museum

While a butter museum may not sound like a must-see tourist hotspot, the Cork Butter Museum actually tells a very important story about Ireland’s development. The museum’s website describes butter as ‘Ireland’s most important food export’, and as Cork’s butter market was the world’s largest, what better place could there be to learn about something so vital to Ireland’s history? This weird place in Ireland to visit includes such highlights as a 1,000-year-old keg of butter, a tour of butter making through the ages, and a comprehensive collection of Irish butter labels. This is definitely a weird tourist attraction and worthy of the top ten.

Address: Cork Butter Museum, Cork

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5. Christ Church Cathedral

most unusual places in Ireland

Christ Church Cathedral

Visiting this one of the weirdest places in Ireland is nothing unusual for a trip to Ireland. More often than not, they’re beautiful buildings steeped in history. Where this religious place in Dublin differs, however, is the bizarre contents of its medieval crypt. Open to the public, Christ Church’s crypts contain a mummified cat chasing a mummified rat (mentioned by James Joyce in Finnegan’s Wake) and the heart of Laurence O’Toole (patron saint of Dublin) amongst other oddities.

Address: Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

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6. MV Plassy

most unusual places in Ireland

MV Plassy

This old steam trawler was driven ashore in 1960 and resides rusting away on the shoreline. On the day that it was left ashore, in strong winds of 60 mph, the inhabitants of remote Inis Oírr struggled against blinding sand and slick, seaweed-covered terrain to rescue the men of the distressed MV Plassey. The steam trawler, carrying a puzzling cargo of yarn, stained glass, and whiskey had lost its battle with the storm and ended up becoming intimately acquainted with Finnis Rock. Today, the shell of the wreck remains as a rusty tourist attraction and questionable play structure for island youngsters. Fans of the TV Comedy “Father Ted” will recognize the Plassey from the program’s opening credits sequence. This is definitely one of the top unusual places to visit in Ireland and worthy to be explored.

Address: MV Plassy, Inis Oírr, Co. Galway

7. Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park

most unusual places in Ireland

Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park

Victor’s Way in County Wicklow is home to ’33 black granite stone sculptures and three bronzes, ranging in size from 5ft 6ins to about 15ft’. The creation of a wealthy German with a love of the Far East is behind the Indian Sculpture Park, this weird place in Ireland contains a number of stunning pieces of art. Please note that the park closes during the winter and is meant for adults seeking a contemplative experience (children and one dog per group also welcome). Check the website for more details.

Address: Sallygap Road, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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8. St. Michan’s Mummies

most unusual places in Ireland

St. Michan’s Mummies

This unusual attraction in Ireland is located deep down beneath St. Michan’s church and holds the mummified remains of some of Ireland’s most influential families of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Some of the remains lie in incredibly ornate coffins, and all are in remarkable condition due to the dry air beneath the church. While you’re in Ireland if you’re going to visit one large collection of mummies, make it this one. This weird tourist place in Ireland is definitely worthy of the top ten.

Address: St. Michan’s Mummies, Dublin

9. Kyteler’s Inn

most unusual places in Ireland

Kyteler’s Inn

Kyteler’s Inn is the oldest hotel in Kilkenny and was established by the first convicted witch of Ireland. The lady who established it, Dame Alice Kyteler, was a very powerful woman in 14th century Ireland, but with that power came both devotion and bitter jealousy, the latter leading to the first witch trial in all of the country. Today Kyteler’s is a really cool pub and is a weird tourist attraction of Ireland worthy to visit. 

Address:  Kyteler’s Inn, Kilkenny

10. Knockma Woods

most unusual places in Ireland

Knockma Woods

It is said the legendary Maeve Queen of Connacht is buried in the cairns at the top of Knockma Hill. Legend suggests that the 1846-47 potato famine was caused by people disturbing the stones. After a gentle walk from the car park past the ruins of Castlehackett, the well-maintained gravel trail ascends to the top of Knockma Hill. Much of the path is uphill, but benches and flat areas are interspersed to make it more manageable. At the top, mysterious fairy forts are built among the trees and stone walls; there are also several stone structures around this strange place in Ireland.

Address: Knockma Firgrove Gardens, Bishopstown, Co. Cork, T12 XP6W, Ireland

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11. Irish Sky Garden

most unusual places in Ireland

Irish Sky Garden

Located near Skibbereen, West Cork, the Irish Sky Garden is the creation of artist James Turrell. This most unusual place to visit in Ireland is a massive conceptual garden built around a huge crater that contains a central plinth. Lie on the plinth and look upwards and you’ll see the sky framed perfectly by the rim of the crater. Just keep your mouth closed if it’s raining. This is definitely a strange tourist attraction and worthy of the top ten.

Address: Irish Sky Garden, Skibbereen, Co.Cork

12. Queen Maeve’s Grave

most unusual places in Ireland

Queen Maeve’s Grave

This 30-foot pile of rocks is actually the grave of a mythological Irish queen. Perched on top of the monolithic Irish hill, Knocknarea, Medb’s Cairn is a 5,000-year-old burial mound, although no one is quite sure whose it is. The fiery Irish queen Medb was felled by a piece of cheese flung from an expert’s sling as the story goes. After her death, she was rumored to have been buried atop Knocknarea. While the story of Medb’s burial is strictly legend, the massive cairn on the top of the hill is very real.

Unfortunately, while researchers have found a nearby depression from which most of the cairn-stones were likely quarried, no one has ever excavated the rock pile itself, so in this one of the unusual places to vacation in Ireland identity of anybody has ever been discovered.

Address: Queen Maeve’s Grave, Knocknarea, Co. Sligo

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