Top 10 Beaches in Kochi, Kerala | Famous Beaches to Visit in Kochi

Kochi is the major port of Kerala hence you will be offered fresh fisheries, seafood, and spectacular beaches here. The most-visited beaches in Kochi, Kerala are the top attractions for peaceful and rejuvenating vacations for the entire world. A lot of family places and small parks are available at these beaches in Kochi along with various energetic sports activities available for a fun ride with friends. Don’t forget to plan the full luggage including sunscreen lotion, food, and clothing before visiting some of the beaches here as they are so isolated that you might not even get basic beach items. But on the bright side, you won’t be disturbed by any vendors when you have a romantic moment building up with your loved one nearby the beach. Filled with luscious greeneries and dazzling brackish lagoons I have articulated a perfect list for you to explore the best beaches in Kochi, Kerala.

List of Beaches in Kochi

1. Kuzhupilly Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

If you desire a calm family vacation or an isolated beach to spend a romantic time with your loved ones, this is among the top beaches in Kochi, Kerala which can provide you that leisure time. The beach is also connected to the scenic backwaters of Kerala having numerous turquoise water lagoons to make your vacations more photogenic. So don’t miss out on this beach when solo time is your first priority. There are paddy fields and pine trees around the beach which can be a memorable experience for your kids to watch the farmers planting the sapling in fields along with lots of fishing boats near the shorelines. Late afternoons are the best time to visit this beach for catching up on the red hues of the sunset in the evening.

2. Cherai Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

This beach in Cochin lies in the northern end of Vypeen Island. It is among the best places in Kochi where you can spot the Dolphins along with your kids and family. You are not allowed to swim in the water here but there are various fishermen communities who catch the fishes from the sea using the oldest traditional methods through famous Chinese fishing nets which are a treat to watch. The main town is also closer to the beach hence don’t bother about your shopping itineraries to be missing at the last moments, as every possible accommodation can be easily accessed from the nearby town of this famous beach in Cochin, India. 

3. Fort Kochi Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

This beach administers the highest number of tourists every year because of its history. Remember to carry a good camera with you because this beach of Fort Kochi offers the best picturesque photos of various famous historic sites in Kochi, Kerala. There are numerous ancient buildings like the colonial-style houses in the town of Fort Kochi, Vasco da Gama square, the remains of the fort Emmanuel, etc. Along with golden coarse sand with crystal clear sea its the best place for history geeks to explore famous landmarks of Kochi. Fort Kochi beach timings are only during the daytime so have your accommodations already checked with respect to the overnight stay near the beach.

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4. Puthenthode Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

There are various beaches in Kochi which are not touched by commercialism or crowds which signifies you have to manage almost every item from food till clothing on your own, so plan your packing precisely while heading towards this beach of Kochi, Kerala. This is a tiny beach but very secluded in terms of vendors and irritating tour guides who are constantly popping at you amidst the beaches for discounts and offering trips. So escape away from all the hustle of the city and plan your next romantic vacations at this isolated beach near Kochi, Kerala. You can visit this beach during the early mornings or late afternoons for a romantic walk or a quiet picnic with your loved ones.

5. Puthuvype Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

Best scenic destinations and insta filters are of no use here as the natural beauty of this top beach in Kochi is in itself a fabulous filter for all your beach selfies. Amazing turquoise waters, golden sand, and a tall lighthouse at the back serve an amazing combination for your beach trip photos. The best time to visit the beach is between 3 pm and 5 pm as you can enter the major highlight of this beach of Kochi, which is a lighthouse providing entry only during those hours. The lighthouse is the best place for all the photographer buddies to catch a spectacular panorama view of the entire beach.

6. Andhakaranazi Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

Well this ‘Andha-Karan’(No hard feeling’s its just a joke South Indians) beach in Cochin, India isn’t disabled when it comes to food availability. There are plenty of eateries around the place which can absolutely make you fall in love with their delicious seafood and traditional side snacks available at very cheap prices. You can indulge yourself in some volleyball matches along with your young buddies at this beach for a sporty energetic vacation. Therefore it is the best place for both family and friends to spend some leisure time near the shorelines which are very clean and the water is also suitable for swimming.

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7. Veeranpuzha Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

You will find the splendid golden sandy shores covered by lush greenery at this famous beach in Kochi, Kerala. There are superb sunsets and sunrise views which are a must-visit destination for all the best photographers in India. This beach soaks in the beauty of every natural tint along with a series of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Malabar coast yielding the best photogenic pictures of traditional Kerala. Numerous small huts located linearly nearby the lagoons seem like an artistic painting precisely placed near the coconut trees but its actually real with generous locals of Kochi which might give you a home tour if you would like to explore more.

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8. Mahatma Gandhi Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

Such a famous national name is given to this beach due to its similar popularity. Mahatama Gandhi beach is the best beach nearby Kochi airport having major highlights for yacht and cruise ships. This beach does not have a long coastline and its not favorable to swim in this beach as the water is deep and is apparent for big vessels and cruise ships. You can enjoy with your family on the ships and later try the popular foods of Kochi port sold at numerous food shacks that are filled with freshly caught fish and other sea animals eaten in the district. Fresh fishes might give you the hint of fishermen nearby the beach who use the Chinese fishing nets to catch which is a mesmerizing event to watch them throw the nets skillfully in the sea at one go. 

9. Munambam Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

This is one of the active and huge fishing harbors in Kochi. It offers the best places for experiencing major natural attractions of Kerala such as the mouth of the river Periyar or Chinese fishing net boats. An important guideline for all the people traveling with their own vehicles, this beach doesn’t allow personal vehicles inside the beach and you have to pay a certain fee for parking inside the beach. But there are various parking spaces outside the beach free of cost and easily available during the early mornings. This beach in Kochi can be your best family vacation as they offer a small park on the beach along with other well-equipped amenities to enjoy. 

10. Njarackal Arattuvazhi Beach

Beaches in Kochi, Best Beaches in Kochi, Famous Beaches in Kochi

This is another spectacular beach in Kochi, Kerala to experience Dolphins gushing up-n-down while sprinkling seawater adorably from their heads. This is a very less crowded beach in Kochi where you can chill out with your loved ones. They have a superb rocky pathway placed nearby the shores for a nice evening walk under the beautiful hues of sunset spread all over the sky. Usually, the weekdays are very quiet and great for a peaceful vacation while on weekends after mid-afternoon the nearby locals fill up the place for their short errands.

Enjoy your summers at these amazing natural beauties of Kochi which serve a soulful experience along with fun water rides in the Arabian Sea. I have mentioned mostly the crowd-less beaches of Kochi Kerala for a calm and hustle free experience. For more guides head towards our other blogs about Kochi and do mention in our comments if you have any queries.  

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