Top 6 Beaches in Bonn, Germany | Best Beaches to Visit in Bonn

There aren’t many beaches in Bonn but you can explore some of their lakesides and some nearby Rhine river popular beaches in Bonn that are usually incredible in having a city escape for experiencing the best sunny weather and sandy beach times in vacations. Bonn is a beautiful and calm city where you can relax under the natural ambiance and enjoy the fresh air along with scenic weather that isn’t too hot or too cold. You will be surprised to know that Bonn even after being not so wide in its geographical area in comparison to other cities of Germany owns the title of being the oldest city. The oldest of ruins, monuments, small beaches of Bonn, and other incredible architectures are all packed up in this city. They also maintain a very balanced inhabitation to keep the ecosystem as natural as possible. Therefore the beaches in Bonn are not exploited by human settlement and provide a full natural retreat.  Here I have mentioned the beaches in Bonn that you can enjoy with your family and friends. 

List of Beaches in Bonn

1. Rodenkirchener Strand

Beaches in Bonn, Best Beaches to visit in Bonn

Rodenkirchener Strand

This is one of the most famous beaches in Bonn, which is a very good place to walk and sit beside the Rhine river. You can also enjoy the vegan barbecue on the beachside along with smooth sand grains, constant water flow and bustling waves. This beach also offers perfect shade and sunspots to explore the areas of Bonn. Since this beach is close to the city, therefore, you don’t have to worry about all the essential amenities.

2. Copacabana Bonn Oberkassel

Beaches in Bonn, Best Beaches to visit in Bonn

Copacabana Bonn Oberkassel

This is considered as one of the best beaches in Bonn, Germany. If you want some nice quiet time to spend along with your loved ones you can visit this beach in Bonn where you can enjoy a quiet nice time near water with the fine sand and incredibly beautiful surroundings that are so serene and filled with greenery that you might never desire to leave such place. 

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3. Bleibtreusee – Rundweg

Beaches in Bonn, Best Beaches to visit in Bonn

Bleibtreusee – Rundweg

This is a beach in Bonn which is basically located near a charming forest lake ringed by trails. This beach features clear waters and a very refreshing swimming area where the cold water will make all your senses rejuvenate with freshness and calms your mind. This is one of the Ville lakes, which originated after the lignite mining and has an area of ​​approximately 74 hectares. You can enjoy the bathing pleasure free of cost however the neighboring parking lot in the season costs currently 3.50 € / day for passenger cars.

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4. Sandkästen am Südkai

Beaches in Bonn, Best Beaches to visit in Bonn

Sandkästen am Südkai

This is a city beach where you might not get such quiet surroundings as the other Bonn’s beaches, but you can have a nice time with your family as a small day out to enjoy afternoons near a beach destination. You can even explore the nearby city and the amazing foods available in the nearby zones, which are super classic and tasty.

5. Escher See

 Beaches in Bonn, Best Beaches to visit in Bonn

Escher See

This is another lakeside beach in Bonn, Germany that is loved by the locals due to its scenic views and calm weather. Around the lake, you can treat yourself in good weather with a nice afternoon break on the beach. It is one of the most-visited beaches in Bonn where you can relax on the white sand and dive under the clear turquoise waters of the lake which is exactly like a perfect sunny beach vacation.

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6. Urfelder Bucht

 Beaches in Bonn, Best Beaches to visit in Bonn

Urfelder Bucht

If you want to experience a serene place filled with luscious greenery and city life you can visit this top beach in Bonn where you will find a very nice area for walking along the river-line with your beloved partner especially during the sunsets. You can even have a short boat ride available over the shores and have the best experiences by exploring the riverside life of the whole of Germany.

I hope you enjoyed these top 6 beaches in Bonn, Germany. I know it’s not enough but as soon as we gather more information regarding more fabulous best-known beaches in Bonn we will update the information or perhaps we’ll visit it in person to let you known how is it like.till then hand along and explore other interesting things you can do in Bonn and don’t forget to comment your views in our comment section below. 

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