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California is known for its Best Beaches. In this article, we will inform you about the Best Beaches in Los Angeles which will help you if you want to take good Sunbathing and enjoy the Beach Outdoor Activities like Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Swimming, and Fishing. These Beaches are well known for its activities, where you will definitely have a good time with your friends and family. Here you can spend your weekends having great fun and capture the enjoyable and priceless moments of life. There are beaches where people-watching is more fun than swimming, like in Santa Monica in Los Angeles or Newport Beach. There are beaches of Los Angeles where families bring kids to frolic in the sand and warm surf and others where rip currents and underwater reefs make powerful waves only surfers can love. Here are the best beaches in Los Angeles:

Best Beaches To Visit In Los Angeles

1.Manhattan County Beach

San Gregorio State Beach

Manhattan Beach

It’s a popular beach in Los Angeles that becomes a madhouse on weekends especially near Manhattan Pier in the summer and during beach events. At other times its vastness makes it an excellent sunbathing spot. This two-mile-long wide sandy flat beach starts at 1st Street in the south and ends at Rosecrans Avenue where it becomes El Porto Beach. Like the neighboring beaches, volleyball is big here. As many as 100 sand volleyball courts are available to be netted up and enjoyed on Manhattan Beach. LA County lifeguard stations are spaced out along the beach. Behind the beach is a busy 22-mile long bike trail that connects to Santa Monica and Torrance. Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium at the end of the pier is free and open to the public daily. To get there, take Manhattan Beach Boulevard west all the way to the pier where there are several small parking lots. Metered street parking is available along Manhattan Avenue which runs north-south a block or so from the sand.

2. El Sol Beach

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles,

El sol country beach

El Sol Beach is a public beach in Malibu that is owned by Los Angeles County. Access to this beach has been a topic of conversation since it was purchased by the county in 1976. Wealthy land owners (especially Michael Eisner of Disney fame) have opposed the construction of a public stairway every time that funds have been allocated to the project. That has earned El Sol Beach the nickname “Disney Overlook” by the Our Malibu Beaches mobile app creators. Currently there is no parking lot and no direct access to this beach which is below a driveway with the address of 33550 Pacific Coast Highway in Western Malibu. You can still get this most popular beach in Los Angeles by walking east from Nicholas Canyon County Beach or west from El Pescador State Beach. Both routes are rocky and best traveled at low tides. It’s worth the effort to get here as you will likely have this sandy beach all to yourself. Let’s hope the state or county finally provides access to this excellent scenic beach soon.

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3. Carbon Beach

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles,

Carbon beach

In front of stunning beachfront homes in Eastern Malibu, Carbon Beach is a long south-facing beach. This mile-long beach is between the Malibu Pier at Surfrider Beach and Carbon Canyon Road. Carbon Beach also reffered as “Billionaire’s Beach in Los Angeles” because of the lavish houses owned by famous celebrities and CEO’s that have been built right at the water’s edge. This eastern access to Carbon Beach has been called the David Geffen Access because it is next to his house and because he fought for years to deny a public easement at this location. The California Coastal Commission publishes a satellite photo map that shows all the beach easements for Carbon Beach, but since this beach is all wet at high tide, the entire beach surface is public. Look for parking spaces along the highway and be careful not to block any garages or driveways. 

4. Will Rogers State Beach

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles,

Will Rogers State Beach

This best beach in Los Angeles sits between Santa Monica Pier and Malibu pro surf spots like Surfrider and Topanga, making it a convenient choice for a beach day that doesn’t take much planning. If you’re feeling adventurous, take the winding bike path along the beach, or follow the locals and park your car near lifeguard Tower 15 where there’s more space. Just up the road is Temescal Gateway Park, where multiple trails will lead you into the Santa Monica Mountains. Completing the Temescal Ridge Trail takes about an hour and a half and is a hearty workout, but the ocean and city views from the top are quite the reward.

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5. Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Malibu

Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Malibu

This one of the top beaches in Los Angeles named Malibu has a lot to offer just north of Los Angeles. The beach city is home to a nature preserve, world-class—albeit crowded waves, great hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, and some staggeringly ostentatious houses (that, yes, you can rent and stay in for the weekend). The Malibu Lagoon sits adjacent to the famous Surfrider Beach and the Malibu Pier, and though it’s not the best for swimming, it’s a low-key spot for a day on the beach. At the edge of the lagoon visit the Adamson House which was built in 1929 and shows what life was like before Malibu’s present-day glitz.Malibu Farm Cafe at the end of the pier is a great spot for lunch, or head to the swanky Nobu Malibu just down the road (you’ll probably want to stick around ’til sunset for the view). Across from the Adamson House is the Malibu Country Mart, which has a mix of designer and local shops, and the soon-to-open Malibu Contemporary Fine Art Gallery.

6. Pirates Cove

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles,

Pirates cove beach

Pirates Cove is a hidden sandy beach in a small cove on the west side of Point Dume in Malibu. It was made famous as the filming location of the final scene in the original 1968 movie Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston on the beach below the ruins of the Statue of Liberty. Access to this top beach in Los Angeles is from the southern end of Westward Beach and it can be tricky at higher tides. Westward Beach ends abruptly at a high rock wall which has large boulders piled up in the surf at the terminus. After visiting Pirates Cove Beach you can explore the natural preserve in Point Dume State Beach that is on the bluff above. A hiking trail ascends from the end of Westward Beach to the bluff top. From those trails you can look down on Pirates Cove and also walk to an observation platform at the top of Point Dume. A stairway descends the east side of the point to Dume Cove for another beach to explore. To get to Pirates Cove, turn off Pacific Coast Highway onto Westward Beach Road and drive to last parking lot (which requires a fee).

7. Hermosa Beach

best beaches in Los Angeles area

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa City Beach occupies the entire waterfront in the city of Hermosa Beach in LA County. It starts at King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach and continues north for nearly two miles to 1st Street, the dividing line with Manhattan Beach. Hermosa Beach is centered on the Hermosa Pier where the highest density of visitors are. The Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail is at the back of Hermosa Beach and connects to Santa Monica and Torrance, a total of 22 miles end to end. Walking the pier and fishing are popular too. Surfers enjoy the milder waves that roll in at Hermosa Beach, one of several cities that are considered the birthplace of surfing in California. Well Pier Avenue heads west toward the beach, then Hermosa Avenue runs north and south. Parking can be found all along Hermosa Ave and some side streets and in a parking structure just north of the pier.

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8. Redondo County Beach

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles,

Redondo beach

Redondo County Beach is spread across 1.5 mile. This long sandy beach in Los Angeles makes up the waterfront of Redondo Beach, CA. The highest concentration of beachgoers is near the pier and Veterans Park where parking and beach access is a little easier. Street parking spots can be found along the Esplanade and numerous ramps and stairways lead down the bluff to South Redondo Beach where many volleyball courts can be found. Lifeguard stations dot the entire shoreline of Redondo Beach and a wide paved bike path called the Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail runs at the back of the beach. Surfing is popular here at Redondo Beach and plaques near the pier stake its claim as the birthplace of the sport in California. The beach in Redondo Beach is commonly referred to as a state beach, county beach, and city beach. It is actually owned and operated by Los Angeles County.

9. Lunada Bay

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles, top Beaches in Los Angeles,

Lunada Bay beach

Lunada Bay is a small bay or large cove, depending on how you look at it, in the Palos Verdes Estates area. It’s probably best known for surfing although the conditions have to be just right and it’s not a novice surfer area. Localism is strong here so it’s best to surf with someone from the area. The access trails to this most popular beach in Los Angeles are steep and exposed. The best routes down the bluff are across Paseo Del Mar from Oakley Road and Avenida Mirola.Around the north point is the rusting shipwreck of the Dominator from the 1960’s that is worth checking out. The dusty blufftop has views of the bay and Catalina Island on a clear day. Street parking is available along the shoulder of Paseo Del Mar.

10. Huntington City Beach

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles, top Beaches in Los Angeles,

Huntington City Beach

This famous beach  in Los Angeles is known as Surf City, USA, for a reason: Huntington City Beach has the most consistent break in the country, making it popular with both first-time and experienced surfers. As a bonus, you’ll also get some five-star people watching all along the Huntington Beach Pier. To avoid the crowds, place your beach blankets down north of the pier. (When you’re officially over the crowds, split for Bolsa Chica Beach, a 10-minute drive away.)The pier is one the longest on the West Coast. At the end you’ll find a Ruby’s Diner, which has the popular Jan & Dean’s tiki lounge on the second floor. Drive 15 minutes to Newport Beach, for a change of scenery and visit the Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve or stroll through the charming Balboa Village.

11. Santa Monica State Beach

 best beaches in LA, best beaches in Los Angeles

Santa Monica State Beach

The north part of Santa Monica State Beach is a wide sandy beach that runs north from the Santa Monica Pier to the city border where Will Rogers State Beach begins. Santa Monica State Beach, which is operated by the city of Santa Monica, also continues south of the pier at South Beach where several grass parks complement the sand. At the pier, visitors will find many family-friendly tourist attractions including an amusement park, arcade games, an aquarium, and restaurants and shops. This beautiful beach in Los Angeles has volleyball courts near the various parking lots and a long serpentine paved bike path for bikers and skaters to enjoy. Signs at the Santa Monica Pier mark its claim as the western end of famous Route 66. Annenberg Beach House is an amazing public recreation facility at the north end of Santa Monica State Beach.The main parking lot for North Beach is next to the pier at the west end of Colorado Avenue. Another public beach parking lot can be found a bit farther north on Pacific Coast Highway at an area known as Sorrento Beach.

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12. Seaside Lagoon

sea side lagoon

Seaside Lagoon is a man-made salt water lagoon surrounded by sand in an urban park next to the Redondo Beach Harbor. This facility has been designed with kids and families in mind. Sea water is used to cool the nearby steam generating plant, then is chlorinated and drained into and out of the lagoon (after being de-chlorinated). There are lifeguards on hand to make this a safe swimming spot and wading area for small children. The facility has a sandy beach, grass areas, a snack bar, and playground toys in various locations. Next door is a Ruby’s Diner Restaurant which also provides the snack bar at Seaside Lagoon.Note that Seaside Lagoon is closed after Labor Day and doesn’t open back up until late May every year. Check their website for specific dates and special events held there. When it’s closed, just head over to Redondo County Beach where plenty of sand and salt water can be found. The parking lot for Seaside Lagoon is at the corner of North Harbor Drive and Portofino Way in Redondo Beach, CA.

13. Sand Dollar Beach

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles, top Beaches in Los Angeles,

Sand Dollar Beach

Sand Dollar Beach is our first hidden gem on the list. It’s not really that hidden, but many people driving Highway 1 in Big Sur cruise right on by it. It’s a day-use area, but Plaskett Creek Campground is across the highway if you want to camp. This best beach in Los Angeles is a gorgeous spot with large rocks off-shore in the surf. While you are walking the beach looking for sand dollars, keep your eyes open next to the cliff where green jade stones can be discovered. If you are adventurous, Jade Cove is nearby even though most of the valuable jade stones have been stolen by profit-seeking rockhounders.

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14. McClures Beach

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles, top Beaches in Los Angeles,

McClures Beach

In our list of beaches in Los Angeles this is the most “hidden” beach. It’s a long drive out to the northwestern shoreline of Point Reyes National Seashore to get to the parking lot. Then it’s a mild half-mile walk downhill on a trail to the sand. McClures Beach has a wild and remote feel like its neighboring Point Reyes strands (Kehoe is another one of our favorites). McClures has colorful crumbling bluffs behind the beach and is large enough to explore around.

15. San Gregorio State Beach

 Beaches in Los Angeles, Best Beaches in Los Angeles, Unique Beaches in Los Angeles, top Beaches in Los Angeles,

San Gregorio State Beach

San Mateo County has a gazillion amazing beaches so for this one to stand out as the best is really saying something. Simply put, we love this beach. San Gregorio State Beach has trails to explore on the bluff next to the large picnic area, but make your way down to the beach to start exploring. Behind this unique beach in Los Angeles  is a creek and lagoon where birds show off for the camera lens. This is one of the most walkable beaches on this year’s list. From the creek it’s possible to walk south all the way to Pomponio State Beach and much farther (except at high tide). Don’t go too far north as that is a private clothing-optional beach. Also you should look for unique rocks and fossils in the cliffs around San Gregorio State Beach.

All the Beaches which are mentioned above are the Best Beaches in Los Angeles. You can visit there in your free time to enjoy the magnificent atmosphere with a good crowd. If you want to visit the Top Beaches in Los Angeles you must try them out for sure. Please give us your valuable comments about these Beaches and if you like this post please share it so that  it will help the others also who want to visit the Best Beaches in Los Angeles.

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