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Facing the vast blue pacific ocean this narrow South American country packs a lot more punch than you can expect. The palm-lined beaches of Plaza de Armas are no wonder the biggest tourist attractions of Chile. But ever wondered what happens when the sunsets with a blast of radiant hues in the ocean-laden skies of this country?

How about you take a look by yourself! The nightlife in Chile brings up whole new energy to the young crowd of the cities. All seem highly excited to party & quench their thirst for adventures. The dazzling lanes of the famous nightlife cities in Chile are certainly unforgettable once you capture them in your mind & canon. Apart from wild nightclubs & bars, there’s more to it which you can discover through the following travelogue. Let’s head right away to this insightful list of the 8 best nightlife cities in Chile to explore.

List of 8 Amazing Cities For Enjoying Nightlife in Chile

1. Arica



Arica is a popular port city in Chile boasting some of the finest surfing beaches. Travelers adore this hub of nightlife in Chile with utmost pleasure. Not only the beach town parties but the main streets of this northern town are stacked with incredible clubs, bars, and restaurants.

You can easily find good nightclubs with spacious dance floors, fun crowds, a soothing atmosphere, and hi-tech screen projections nearby its beaches. Though, many regular visitors suggest pubs in the main city areas are far cheaper & exotic to enjoy.

Nightclubs to Visit: DiscothequeSOHO, Sohonightlife Arica, El Crucero del Amor

Avg Cost Per Person:  Min $2,500 for a week

Best Time to Visit: May to September

2. Coquimbo



It would be highly unfair to you guys if I don’t include this fabulous Pan-American city of Chile. Coquimbo is one of the top cities for enjoying, nightlife in Chile. Right after the evening, you can view the entire city light up like a bedazzling queen. Tourists flock into the streets, all ready to party & explore the Chilean night adventures. 

Barrio Inglés, La Serena, Ovalle, and La Herradura are some of its major towns to find the best crowd & clubs for parting. Ranging from loud nightclubs, and wildest pubs to live rock music epicenters. You’ll find the best night out in Chile at this spectacular destination.

Nightclubs to Visit: Bluemoon, Avenida del Mar, Club Coquimbo

Avg Cost Per Person: Min $1650 for a week

Best Time to Visit: September to December

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3. Concepción



Being one of the most extensive industrial regions of Chile with numerous colleges, Concepcion is the cheapest nightlife city in Chile to enjoy with your buddies. There are plenty of pubs, bars, lounges, and nightclubs to immerse yourself in the Chilean nights of the town. 

Whereas, a golden combo of good servicing & low prices makes it even more tempting for young travelers to enjoy a budget-friendly vacation. Nearby Plaza España, you can find some high-end restaurants offering refined cuisines as well.

Nightclubs to Visit: Altaglio Pizza Pub, Bar Clandestino, Maldita Sea

Avg Cost Per Person: Min $1,234 for a week

Best Time to Visit: January to March

4. Iquique



Nestled in, west of the famous Atacama desert, Iquique is a spectacular coastal city in Chile. It is one of the top holiday destinations when it comes to pacific beaches and lots of seafront casino epicenters. People even call it the “Miami of Chile”!

There is an abundance of things to do to enjoy the best nightlife in Iquique, Chile.  You can have fun at Playa Brava on Avenida Arturo Prat or head towards the nearby nightclubs that offer harmonic live music, happy hours, and incredible promotions. Bars & restaurants at the Cavanch Peninsula also feature local dishes from the region to make your night deliciously memorable.

Nightclubs to Visit:   Pub Britanía, Spacious, Sunrise

Avg Cost Per Person: Min $2,500 for a week

Best Time to Visit: Jan to Mar; Nov to Dec

5. Antofagasta



Another gem emerging from Atacama’s desert is Antofagasta. This northern port city is a major copper producer for the Chilean economy. But it also features several astonishing natural arches. Just like the famous Monumento Natural La Portada. You can wave ‘Hi’ to the gorgeous gulls & pelicans lurking throughout its shorelines. Or head towards the main city where you can find pubs & nightclubs to fit every taste.

Whether you seek casual pubs to sit & relax with your friends or a wild crowd to shake your body like a dirty…dirty dancer. Antofagasta has got you covered! It is one of the must-visit cities for nightlife in Chile.

Nightclubs to Visit: Divinus, Ovo nightclub, Passion Club

Avg Cost Per Person: Min $3,546 for a week

Best Time to Visit: December to February

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6. Pucón



Pucon is a wonderful city settled nearby a spectacular Lake Villarrica in Chile. It is one of the major hubs for night-out bars and dance clubs. You’ll certainly get some of the most friendly atmospheres at the Pucon nightclubs. Though, it is known for hiking trails, water sports  & other adventurous activities among travel enthusiasts. 

But the high quality of nightlife in Chile can certainly be enjoyed in Pucon without any doubt. Either dance your way out at the exotic dance clubs east of downtown or chill out at the adult night out parties in Villarica’s retro bars till sunrise.

Nightclubs to Visit:  Fire, Traveller’s Restrobar, Blues Bar Pucon

Avg Cost Per Person: Min $14,30 for a week

Best Time to Visit: January to March

7. Valparaíso



Valparaiso is a famous bohemian port city in Chile that is always stacked with young crowds in the evenings. Known for its scenic landscapes adorned with colorful hilltops & radiant funiculars. After the sunset, all of this glory transforms into an ethereal wonder.

In fact, it has also been a former residence of the famous poet Pablo Neruda. Now you know where he gets his inspiration from!

You can easily find numerous multi-room discotheque bars & pubs that cater generously to all your needs here. An insightful list of famous nightlife cities in Chile could not have been complete without this wonder for sure!

Nightclubs to Visit: El Huevo, Hamburgo, Cinzano, Carpe Diem and SaborColor

Avg Cost Per Person: Min $3,780 for a week

Best Time to Visit: September to October

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8. Santiago



You really thought I was gonna miss the capital- Santiago de Chile? If you are seeking nightlife that remains active until the sunrises on your boozed-up faces. Then you’ve landed at the perfect hotspot. Santiago de Chile’s nightlife has been a landmark for many tourists all across the world. From sports bars, to casual & cozy pubs you could find everything stacked up to the top in this city.

For all the hard-core nightclub fans out there, cheer up your bellies well! As the nightclubs of Santiago are super wild & fun. They offer all sets of relaxing joints whether it’s booze, good company, delicious food, vibe, or even some adult adventures(you know what I mean!).

Nightclubs to Visit: Passapoga, Night and Day, Lido Night Club

Avg Cost Per Person: Min $4,880 for a week

Best Time to Visit: Sep to Nov; Mar to May

Hope you liked the aforementioned list of the 8 best nightlife cities to visit in Chile that curate some of the thriller hubs of nightclubs & parties to explore. I’ve also made some insightful suggestions regarding the best nightclubs, average costs & best time to visit these bedazzling hubs of fun & glory.  Share the exciting stories of your Chilean adventures in nightlife with our tags. We’d love to hear from you!

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