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For a relatively small country, Switzerland cities contain an exceptional amount of natural beauty and cultural diversity, having four official languages and all the variety they represent. Switzerland top cities to visit contains the list of these best towns to visit in Switzerland spread across the country demonstrate the best Switzerland has to offer in terms of glorious mountain scenery, flower-lined nature paths, lakefront beauty, and some picturesque historic centers, Alpine towns, bustling cities, lakeside resorts and clamoring cities, the landlocked nation of Switzerland can be found in the very heart of Europe and is loaded with fascinating things to do and significantly more places to see! Here’s your manual for the best of towns and cities of Switzerland which are must to have a look at these Switzerland cities to visit.

List of Top 10 Cities to Visit in Switzerland

1. Zurich

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The largest city lies on the shores of Lake Zurich. It has the River Limmat and snow-capped mountains lying on the horizon. Along with its charming setting, the city is a vibrant and lively place and great to live in as well as explore as a visitor. Zurich is the best city to visit in Switzerland and the perfect mix of old and new, as its hip cultural and arts scene perfectly blends with the blissful historic center. The trendy city has some great shopping, fashionable cafes, and a happening nightlife. With unmatched beautiful vistas, extraordinary shopping locale, abundant measures of keepsakes, the city is brimming with intriguing things to encounter. Talking about keepsakes, Zurich has various shops all well-supplied to give you a definitive shopping knowledge in Swiss brands. The city has become a contemporary city in the design segment. With every one of these highlights on the table, no big surprise Zurich is definitely the top spot in the 10 most wonderful places in Switzerland.

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2. Lucerne

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This beautiful city is stunning to visit, thanks to the surrounding mountains and the shiny lake that borders it. There are plenty of great views to be had, and, in addition to the picture-perfect scenery, Lucerne has a medieval quarter which adds to the charming feel. The winding lane of the old town weave their way along the banks of the river which runs through the center, and strolling beside the waterfront in the sun is simply heavenly. The 14th century Chapel Bridge is a famous sight to visit and there is a lively music scene too. Lucerne is one of the best cities in Switzerland to live.

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3. Bern

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The capital of Switzerland is a dream of a place, knows as one of the largest cities in Switzerland. Walking around the cobbled streets of the Old Town, you´ll pass the fountains and bell towers spread among the plentiful old buildings. Many palace date back over five hundred years, when Bern was reconstructed following a fire, it’s top city to visit in Switzerland. The coherent design and architecture are in the part which makes the city so impressive. There are over six kilometers of the covered gallery in Bern, giving it a pre-eminent feel, and these houses a number of bars, restaurants, and shops. Dripping with history, the city has many good museums which are worth checking out.

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4. Basel

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Situated on the banks of the Rhine, Basel´s location right on the borders of France and Germany has seen wealth put together in the city as trade and commerce flowed through its streets. Consequently, it has fine old buildings and there is a wealthy vibe about the place. There are some fantastic museums and galleries on offer too. Basel has a lovely old town which is worth visiting and great architecture both old and new located around its confines. To get a feel for the everyday life of its residents, head to Kleinbasel to have some fine dining down on the riverbanks.

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5. Geneva

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The second-largest city is a wealthy, cosmopolitan place that has a luxurious feel and is best cities in Switzerland to visit. Home to international organizations, such as the UN and World Bank, there is overabundance and glitter about its streets. Lying on the shores of Lake Geneva, the city has the numbers of expensive hotels, boutiques, and restaurants for visitors to choose from.  There you´ll find bars with bucket loads of ambiance and energy a world away from the stuffy corridors of the UN. This city isn’t just an popular city in Switzerland, yet for the remainder of the world also. This is the place the United Nations, the International Red Cross, and numerous other universal associations are headquartered. In any case, this present city’s allure goes past just compassion and business. Geneva is otherwise called the “city of parks,” which implies that there is heaps of green space to unwind in the middle of tour stops.

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6. Lausanne

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Buzzing with life, Lausanne´s large student body makes it a fun city to spend some time. There´s a youthful feel about the city, and it´s a great place to hit the town due to the nightlife scene. More than just a university town, Lausanne is situated on the hillsides overlooking Lake Geneva. The city drips down the gentle slopes, with the gothic old town situated at the top. There are museums outspread around, or take some time to relax in cafes and bars that line the warehouses along the waterfront at the bottom of the city. Known as the Lake Geneva Region, the town of Lausanne is maybe most well known for being the base of the International Olympic Committee, who surely can’t avoid its charms, having been housed there since 1914. The old piece of the medieval town includes a transcending Gothic house of prayer that is said to be the best case of its sort in all of Switzerland, and Lausanne likewise has an interesting downtown area for guests to investigate by walking, and all things considered a lively bistro culture where you can unwind and watch the world pass by. It is one of the main cities in Switzerland.

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7. Lugano

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Set in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, is the best cities to visit in Switzerland as Lugano lies on the shores of Lake Lugano and has several mountains throughout the landscape surrounding it. Along with its scenic setting, it is a glitzy place to visit, thanks to its up-market boutiques, restaurants, and bars. Its cobbled streets snake away from the heart of the city at Piazza della Riforma, and there are some promenades along the waterfront that offer fantastic views over the lake.

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8. St. Gallen

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St. Gallen´s ancient streets are perfect for history to revel in. Its picturesque squares and cobbled alleyways weave their way along old part of town until you stumble across the impressive cathedral towering above you. The main attraction is the baroque library situated in the abbey, containing several books dating back to medieval times.

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9. Bellinzona

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With three medieval fortresses lying around this city, it is somewhat surprising that Bellinzona´s wealth of attractions receive relatively few visitors and is Switzerland’s top cities to visit. The Old Town is a gaiety to wander around, and its twisting lanes are home to renaissance churches, homely cafes and bell-towers all of which gives a charming feel. Once it was ruled by the Italians, Swiss and Italian culture mix together in this blissful hidden gem.

10. Thun

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Lying along the banks of the Aare River, Thun is ringed by mountains and looks like archetypal Swiss town. With a chateau overlooking the city, old buildings along the riverside, and cafes along the waterfront, Thun is a charming place to wander around. There´s an energy about the city and unique artisanal shops dotted about its streets.

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11. Poschiavo

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Loaded up with treat hued houses and with little by method for attractions, the pretty town of Poschiavo is arranged along the course of the Bernina Express. Settled in the Valposchiavo and encompassed by outlandishly high mountains, Poschiavo is the capital of this territory. Home to a gallery, a few restaurants, and described by its three church towers, meandering through this town feels likened to venturing back in time. Poschiavo is one of the large cities in Switzerland.

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12. Guarda

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Set above 1,660 meters of ocean level in the Lower Engadine piles of the Graubünden canton, Guarda is a small remote town whose perfectly painted seventeenth-century houses have been painstakingly remodeled, acquiring it the Wakker Prize for protection of its building legacy. The setting of the popular kids’ book Schellen-Ursli (1945) by Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet, Guarda has additionally saved customary traditions like the Chalandamarz occasion in March. Most of the town’s populace still speak Romansch—Switzerland’s fourth official language after French, Italian, and German. Guarda is one of the prettiest cities in Switzerland.

13. Montreux

large cities in Switzerland

Montreux is a flawless retreat arranged on a long territory of Lake Geneva in the French-talking south-west piece of the nation. The quays of Montreux offer miles of lakeside walking, encompassed by colorful blooms and trees and confined by lovely vistas on the Alps out of sight. The town additionally flaunts a thirteenth-century palace—Château de Chillon—that watches out onto the lake. The mansion, which was initially worked by the House of Savoy, has motivated artistic works by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Lord Byron. The social occasions are similarly great, as the town has the Montreux Jazz Festival toward the beginning of July—the second-biggest yearly jazz celebration on the planet.

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16. Chur

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The beginning stage for the world-popular UNESCO train ride, the Bernina Express, Chur has substantially more to offer than a basic voyage start point. All things considered, Chur is formally the most established city in Switzerland and dates right back to the Pfyn Culture, a Neolithic Culture going back to between 3900 BCE and 3500 BCE. The city previously procured its present name from the Roman word for the settlement, Curia. Despite the fact that you may believe that the word is anything but difficult to articulate, ‘Chur’ is really one of the hardest spot names in Switzerland to articulate. As my companion put it, ‘the word seems like a feline murmuring’.

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17. Zermatt

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The car-free town of Zermatt is the most noteworthy in Europe, ensuring a long ski season, including all year skiing on Zermatt’s icy mass. The town lies at the base of the popular Matterhorn, where lifts climb 3,883 meters to uncover extensive Alpine Vistas. Notwithstanding a beguiling town focus, Zermatt is additionally a remarkable hot culinary goal, with two eateries being granted Michelin stars in 2015—Ristorante Capri in the Mont Cervin Palace kept running by gourmet expert Salvatore Elefante, and cook Ivo Adam’s After Seven at the Backstage Hotel. In 2015, the Matterhorn commended the 150-year commemoration of the principal climb to the summit in 1865, with the town facilitating various exceptional occasions.

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18. Interlaken

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Interlaken, in the Bernese Oberland Region, used to be celebrated as the inside for watchmaking in Switzerland, albeit these days it is best known as a nature resort or a sort of amusement park that happens in the characteristic world. On the off chance that you like everything identified with nature, at that point Interlaken won’t disillusion with unspoiled mountain railroads, link vehicles, ski inclines, and climbing trails for the individuals who need to visit in the hotter late spring. In the event that you don’t extravagant skiing or climbing, at that point, there are loads of different exercises to browse like paragliding or even woodcutting classes accessible. In the event that you are feeling hungry following a day of investigating outside, at that point you can attempt the neighborhood delicacy of raclette, which highlights loads of softened cheddar.

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19. Arosa

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Notwithstanding Zermatt, Arosa is another incredible spot to ski in Switzerland. Arosa is known as all the more a well-stayed discreet than Zermatt however, as this town is in an increasingly remote region of the nation yet at the same time offers epic runs and view. This is likewise a pleasant spot to want a snow-capped spa get-away at a neighborhood spa-like Tschuggen Bergoase. Notwithstanding the Arosa Ski Resort, make a point to look at the Eichhornchenweg and Wandern climbing trails, have a delightful lunch at Tschuggenhuttte, see the beautiful church called Bergkirchli, and appreciate a night drink with a view at Kursaal. Winter climbing, the late spring great vehicle race, the yearly melodic celebration in March, and viewing the neighborhood hockey group take the ice are on the whole prevalent activities in Arosa. Arosa is one of the best cities in Switzerland to visit.

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So far we have discussed all the best cities to visit in Switzerland, it contains the proper information regarding the best towns to visit in Switzerland about some Switzerland cities to visit if you are planning your trip to vacation then head to our other articles as well which we have provided as per the visitors concept and I must tell you don’t miss to share your views in the comment section.


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