Top Cities to visit in Belarus | Major Cities in Belarus

Belarus may not sound like the most exciting of destinations, but if you closely look and read about this country there is much to see and do in this beautiful. The major cities in Belarus each have altogether different airs, and it merits heading out around a bit to become acquainted with them all. Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine are its neighbors. Over  40% of the country is a forest, as well as an abundance of local wildlife including rare European bison. Few people know that Belarus has since opened up and is allowing travelers in for 30 days, visa-free, which is unbelievable. The cities to visit in Belarus are home to plenty of fabulous cities that are simply holding on to be explored.

Top 10 list of cities in Belarus

1. Minsk

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There are several beautiful cities to visit in Belarus, but you will love to find yourself in the capital city, Minsk. The capital city of Belarus has a lot to offer travelers. Head to Independence Square which at 7 hectares is one of the largest public squares in all of Europe. It is perfect for an evening stroll to take in the pretty water fountains and dancing lights. Minsk is also known for its beautiful parks and gardens, so you can’t miss a trip to the Gorky Central Children’s Park that features fairground rides and an observation wheel that provides stunning views over the city. If you want to know more about Belarusian history you can visit the National History Museum, or take in the cultural sights at the National Art Museum.

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2. Babruysk

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It is just a three-hour train journey from the Belarussian capital city of Minsk to reach Babruysk. It is an often neglected city located deep in the eastern part of the country. The city itself is a modern train station, some attractive untouched architecture, plus views and relaxation by the Berezina River. Babruysk is the seventh biggest city in Belarus. If you want the best cities in Belarus to visit, you can not miss Babruysk, get the best cities to visit in Bahamas.

While visiting Babruysk, be sure to visit the iconic green library, the famous Lenin Square where a proud statue of the man himself sits, and the magnificent golden-domed St. Nicholas’s Cathedral. The train ride from Babruysk to Minsk is also full of the happiness trip, passing farms, fields, and lakes on the route. This city may be the real treat here is for nature lovers, as the Berezina Preserve on the edge of Babruysk has been listed as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Not only this Babruysk is located near to the Chernobyl Exclusion zone and day tours can be booked.

3. Lida

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Lida is a very easy town to visit from the capital city Minsk. The central attraction of this city is Lida Castle. This is the first stone castle built in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. This was built in 1330, this castle has been destroyed and rebuilt many times and finally restored by Belarus in 2010.

Apart from the Lida castle, there is also a grand museum called Spadchyna that has a traditional puppet theatre and a craft workshop. There is also a brewery and museum of the Lidskae beer company that offers tours for those who visit. You can’t miss Lida’s beauty while traveling to this city.

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4. Grodno

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A city like Grodno is no other city in Belarus. It is located close to the border with both Poland and Lithuania. this city is at a crossroads- being influenced by various cultures and having a troublesome history. Until World War II, Grodno was part of Poland and now there is a big Polish community still living in the city. Grodno might be the prettiest city in Belarus. You can see cobblestone streets, baroque churches, and also few Soviet remnants that don’t overwhelm you.

Not only is this on the other side of the river from the center, but you can also see a completely different face of the city. here life goes by slowly and the area is full of small and colorful wooden houses. In the late spring or in the summertime it is best to visit Grodno when the atmosphere is vibrant and the city is alive until late hours.

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5. Novogrudok

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Novogrudok is a city with a rich history. Novogrudok was the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and King Mindaugas was the ruler of it. The central attraction is the castle ruins on Castle Hill. It offers a great view of the surrounding town. From the hill, you can take a look at Farny Catholic Church of Transfiguration where the Polish King Jagiello was married. Not only these this city is spotted with other old churches built with various ancient architectural styles, including a wooden mosque one of very few in Belarus.

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6. Vitebsk

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If you travel northeast of Belarus, you will find Vitebsk. This is a charming city of Belarus and still, you can’t wrap your head around how it all happened. The people of this city are so friendly despite a very obvious language barrier and the city is rather charming despite being built up in a newer manner.  You will get cool cafes and bars in the city as well as several museums and parks that You would love to be keen to sit in during the warmer months. Vitebsk is the most popular city in Belarus cities to visit.

7. Brest

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The city of Brest is located in southwestern Belarus. It is close to the border of Poland. Over 300,000 residents, the city is known for the Brest Fortress, or ‘Hero Fortress’, this name was given by as the Soviets.  Brest has an interesting history and played a significant part in World War II. At present, it is one of the most popular cities to visit in Belarus. Its historical sights attract a variety of visitors annually.

8. Polotsk

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Polotsk is the oldest city in Belarus. This city is a cultural and spiritual center.  Polotsk also has various samples of architecture and recognition of sacred places, here you can find some of the most unusual museums in the country. You can visit Boris’ Stone that was built in the 12th century. this city has historical importance because of Red Bridge over the river Polota and commemorating the bloody battles of the Napoleonic wars. Museum of Belarusian Typography, Museum of Regional History and Culture, Saint Ephrosinia Convent, Epiphany Monastery, and  Monument to the 23 Guardsmen all are famous museums in Polotsk.

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